Devil with the Angel's Eyes (16+)

(Based on Khaled Hosseini's The Kite Runner)

Saria Ahmed is Assef's twelve year old sister, a charming young girl with bright blue eyes, and curly blonde hair. With her girly dresses and sweet demeanour, she comes across as the perfect child. But there is evil lying just beneath the innocent facade, a darkness that is sometimes beyond her control...

Any characters, words or plot devices taken from the Kite Runner are copyrighted by Khaled Hosseini and Dreamworks studios. I do not own them, and no copyright is intended. Saria Ahmed, and any other characters not owned by Hosseini are owned by me.

Please note that this story does contain strong violence, language and mature themes, but it is meant to reflect the violent and sociopathic natures of both Saria and Assef, and is told from Saria's unique first person perspective. If you are under the age, or maturity level of 16, or are in any way squeamish about violence, please do not read this story. Any feedback/ideas are welcomed.


3. Assef Goshkor

In the last chapter, Saria was forced to humble herself and give an in depth apology to Adia for her behaviour. Now, two weeks have passed and we find her delighted over the control she now holds over Adia. But, as always, trouble has a way of finding Saria Ahmed...

It had now been two whole weeks since the event with Adia. I now had full control over the bitch. She did what I said without fail, and didn't complain about it either. I had really made an impact with my threat, ha ha! I noticed that she now wore long dresses and would not allow anybody to touch her stomach. I must have bruised her up good. I smiled to myself. Good. The bitch deserved it. It was her punishment for letting me get into trouble. I didn't even want to be friends with the little cunt, my parents were making me! Well, now I was making her be my friend.

See, everything would be on my terms. I was not going to let anybody boss me around. I would never be "Friend" to Adia, only "Nightmare". No matter what she said, what lie we conceived together, I would not allow myself to care for her. She was a bitch and I didn't need her. I would let my brother have his way with her once her novelty wore out. My brother. The only person I love in this world! Frankly, I don't care about anybody else. What have they done for me? It brought me great joy to think of the pain I had caused little Adia such a short time ago. It was great. I smiled to myself as I recalled my handiwork.

'Well, Saria, you've still got it, girl,' I thought to myself. She was frightened beyond belief and of me! Not of Assef, of me! I had someone to control. I had a lap-dog the way Assef had Wali and Kamal. I smirked inwardly. "She's my bitch now," I said aloud. It felt good to hear the words coming out of my mouth.

I was sitting by the pool with my bare feet in the water, waiting for Assef to come out with the lemonade. I wondered what was taking him so long. But I didn't care. I loved spending summer with my older brother. The best days were when it was just the two of us. Just Assef and I. We lived for times like that. I was now deep in thought, I didn't notice Assef come back over to me and hand me a lemonade.

"You thinking, kiddo?" he asked.

I nodded. "Thanks," I said when I saw the glass at my side. I took a huge gulp. "I was thinking about my bitch." I always referred to Adia as "my bitch" in Assef's presence. It gave him a good laugh to hear me say it every time! Assef dipped his feet into the water.

"What about her, Saria jan?" he asked. I looked around me. No parents. Thank God. I exhaled.

"Do you think she'll tell on me for what I did to her two weeks ago?" It was the first time I had voiced this concern. What if Adia did tell on me? I would get into trouble. No matter what Assef did, I would still be in big trouble for doing this to her.

"I won't let that happen to you, kiddo." It was funny how Assef could read my mind sometimes. "I promise you. She won't tell. If she thinks about telling, I'll make her sorry. I'll cut that bitch's throat if she even dreams of getting you into trouble!" He said this with such conviction that I just had to hug him and give him a kiss on the cheek.

"You're the best big brother ever," I told him.

He put his arm around my shoulder. "I try my best, kiddo." We sat there for a while, arms around each other. This was so great! The sun was shining and I got to spend the day with my favorite person in the world. Life couldn't get any better than this! "Where is your bitch, anyway?" Assef asked, breaking the peaceful silence.

"She's gone to some "family occasion." I let her go this time because I wanted to spend the day with you." He smiled and ruffled my hair. Assef was the only person I allowed to do that without throwing a hissy fit. Assef was, in fact, the only person I allowed to do lots of things, without throwing a hissy fit. I kicked my feet back and forth in the water, flexed my toes. Where was Adia now? I wondered. Was she thinking about me, even in the presence of her family? Was she wondering whether she should confide in them about how dangerous her new "friend" really was?

I knew she would keep quiet. I had the upper hand here, not her. She wasn't the one with the older brother who would happily beat her unconcious, to death even, if she ever betrayed me! That got me to thinking. Would I ever kill Adia? I was almost certain the answer was no, but I couldn't be certain! If she did tell on me, Assef and I would be ready to go to any lengths to make sure my secret stayed hidden. If that meant murder, well, did I really want to go down that road?

No, I wouldn't think about that! Adia was way too scared of me to ever do anything like that! I had full control over that cunt, and I knew it too! I looked up at the radiant sun, closed my eyes and lay back with my hands behind my head. "Ahhh," I sighed. It was a good day to be me. As I watched the clouds, my thoughts drifted away from Adia for a while. I began to wonder about the other girls in my class. Were any of them worthy of being my "friend?" Not the same friend Adia was, no, but an on-the-side bitch? My parents were always saying that I had no friends. And this worried them, for some reason. Ha!

If they knew the real me, they would be worried! I had allowed them to get a glimpse of my true self three months ago. But all that had done was gotten me grounded! I think because I was young and small, they were not afraid of me like they were of Assef! I didn't care though! It was better that way. As long as I played my cards right, nobody would suspect me of anything. After all, who could suspect sweet, kind, beautiful Saria of doing anything wrong? Nobody, that's who! My thoughts brought me back to the girls in my class. Nobody in that class seemed to want anything to do with me! They would all avoid me on the playground, or leave me behind. They would gang up on me, and call me horrid names!

This went on for two months, until one day we went to the cinema on a school tour, and I locked the meanest of them inside a storage cupboard. It took them hours to find her and she'd almost had a panic attack due to being claustrophobic. But she didn't tell on me, I made sure of that. I remembered that day well. It was the first time I got revenge on somebody for hurting me. I learned a valuable life lesson that day. Never allow anybody to make you feel inferior. No, I was in control in that school and those bitches knew it! I could never allow anybody bar Adia to get close to me. She was so fortunate to be my friend. I had her back against bullies and tormentors. And yet, to her, I was the greatest tormentor. I had to stay in control in order to be safe.

Assef was saying something. I felt him nudge me in the ribs. "What?" I asked, looking up at him with a sheepish look on my face. "I'm sorry, I wasn't listening."

"I said, I'm going to the market today with Wali and Kamal? You wanna come with?"

I nodded. "Sure. I'd like that. I haven't been to market in ages. What time do you want to go?"

"Wali is coming over at twelve and we're meeting Kamal at his house." Assef smiled at me. "You have money left over from your grounding, nay?"

I nodded. "Caa, a small amount."

"Good, you can spend it if you want."

I smiled. "I'll buy us lunch," I told him.

"Oh, kiddo. I'll buy us lunch. That's your money, you can spend it on whatever you want." I got up out of the water and dried my feet on a nearby towel.

"I'll go and change my clothes. I'll meet you and Wali outside the compound at twelve," I told my brother. I went upstairs. It was now half past eleven. What was I going to wear today?

I usually dressed up pretty nicely when I went out to market. I perused through my choice of dresses. Hmm. I wanted to look the way I always did. Sweet and innocent. Who knew whether we would run into Adia or a member of her family today? She had confided in me once that they all loved going to market together. I smirked to myself as I put on a blue check dress and ribbons in my hair. I wanted to keep up the false pretense.

"Sweet innocent Saria jan," I told the girl in the mirror. I suddenly spoke out in Pashtu. "I'll show that bitch sweet and innocent. I'll control her!" I laughed loudly to myself. Thinking bad thoughts about little Adia always gave me a good laugh! I wondered what else I could do to her. She was my punching bag, something to kick if I was bored. And kick her I had! I wondered whether I would perhaps one day break a bone of hers!

I grinned at the thought. "As long as you play my game my way, little one, there needn't be any pain. No fear, no tears," I said aloud.

Yes, she had to know who was boss. Everybody in school had to know that I was in charge! Me, Saria Ahmed, master of my swarm of slaves, and nobody else! I smirked again. I actually missed school now. What chaos could I cause when I returned? I thought about how much pain I could make those little cunts feel as I brushed my teeth once more and placed my shoes on my feet! I was just waiting for one of them to push my buttons. I smiled to myself. Would I punch her? Beat her? I just couldn't wait to get the chance to wreak havoc on my school mates.

This was all I could think of as I made my way down the stairs. I got my duffle coat and wrapped up warm. Even though it was summer, it still wasn't all that warm. I walked out into the compound. It was now exactly twelve o'clock. I am a very good time-keeper. I walked over to where Wali and Assef were waiting for me by the front gates. "All ready to go, kid?" Assef asked me.

I nodded. "I brought all my money." I patted my pocket.

"And you remembered to lock up?"

I nodded. "Caa."

"Good girl. Alright then, let's go." I ran ahead of Assef and Wali as the three of us made our way to Kamal's house. He lived just a bit down the road from us. His father was quite rich and he owned a cinema. Kamal could always get me in to free movies. I bet he could even get me into R rated horror movies if he wanted to! You know, the kind with lots of gore in them, where people are randomly tortured for no reason! I loved those types of movies! They did not scare me at all the way they would another girl of my age! I could easily put myself in the shoes of the villain. Would I be so bold as to skin my enemies? To stone them? To decapitate them?

I wondered about all of this as I walked with my brother and his friend. As I said, Kamal was the best for getting me in to see those gory horrors that I so loved! Don't tell anyone, but I actually had a bit of a crush on Kamal. I wondered what it would be like to be his girlfriend. It was unfortunate that I was way too young for us to ever be together in that way. It would be great if he did like me in the same way I liked him! He was even more afraid of Assef than Wali was! He was so cute when he got scared. I smirked at the thought.

After about twenty minutes, we reached Kamal's home. I stood outside the gate while Assef knocked on the door. A few seconds later and counting, Kamal came out. He smiled and waved when he saw me. I smiled and waved back! 'You're so hot!' I thought to myself gleefully. Was I blushing? I hoped not. "Hey, Kamal!" I said shyly. I wrapped my arm around my brother's leg. I always got a little shy when I was around Kamal. I was so fucking in love with him! Assef ruffled my hair.

"You alright, kiddo?" I nodded my head like it was on a spring. We all started walking together to market. I once again ran on ahead. As usual, my thoughts were nothing but dark and sinister. I looked about me. All around, children my age played and laughed without a care in the world. I was nothing like them! I knew for a fact that I wasn't entirely sane in the brain! Ha! Did you enjoy my little rhyme?

I was so engrossed in my thoughts that I didn't even notice a boy run straight into my path and almost knock me to the ground! I looked about. Assef was deep in conversation with Wali and Kamal and hadn't seen anything. I caught the boy by the arm. He looked about twelve years old and he was a Hazara cunt. "Watch where you're going, you little bastard!" I hissed. He rubbed his arm where I had grabbed him. He was lucky I was in a good mood or I would have broken his fucking bones to pieces! "You want to apologize for almost knocking me down, faggot." It wasn't a question.

"I-I-I'm sorry, agha," he muttered sadly, looking at his feet. "I didn't mean to."

"I know," I said simply. "It's fortunate for you that I'm in a good mood, kunis."

Then, a Pashtan boy came along, put his hand on the filthy Hazara. "Come on, Hassan," he said, putting a hand on the disgusting thing's shoulder. "Let's go."

"C-caa, Amir agha," Hassan said, shaking a little. His fear brought great joy to my heart!

I smirked. "Goodbye, Hassan, Amir. It was nice to talk to you." I gave Amir a little wave. 'Wow! He's kind of hot!' I thought to myself. I was feeling flushed at the sight of this cute boy. We just needed to get away from this disgusting Hazara.

"G-Goodbye, khanom," Hassan mumbled, more to his feet than to me. Khanom. Such a polite, respectful use of address. 'That's right,' I thought, watching his retreating form get smaller and smaller. 'You know you're beneath me.' I felt good now. I had just met a cute boy and I had bullied a pathetic Hazara cunt. How exciting!

"Saria!" my brother called. "Come here, kiddo. I don't want you wandering through this section of market by yourself."

"Coming, Assef." I bounded over and we walked side by side.

"There are a lot of dirty Hazara slaves here. They could hurt a girl like you. Stay by my side, sweetheart."

I nodded my head. "Alright," I said.

"We won't stop for anything until we get further up. I don't want to buy anything those filthy cunts have touched." I laughed at this statement. It was so true. I decided not to bother telling my brother I had touched a Hazara. I would wash twice to get Hassan's filth off of me. I looked about the people going about their daily business in the market. To them, I just looked like a sweet young child going about her daily life with her big brother. If only they knew the darkness that lies in the recesses of my heart. I smirked to myself and decided to play a game. I picked random people in the crowd and imagined ways to torture them. It was such a fun game. My God, if only I could make my fantasies become reality. We made our way into the upper market.

"Alright, kiddo. You go and pick something out for yourself and meet us in the café in ten." Assef ruffled my hair and kissed my head. I beamed at him and ran off. I perused through the stalls for a few moments. What was I going to buy myself? I wasn't entirely sure. Maybe a nice doll? Or a dress? Not that I needed another one. Then I saw a striped kite.

I smiled. "I'd like this kite, please." I remembered to speak politely to the sales man. I handed him the money.

"Wow! You have a lot of money, little girl."

"I helped my Mama out at home a lot," I told him. This was true. He just didn't need to know why.

"Well, here, one kite for the lovely young lady." He tipped his hat politely to me as I passed. I clung to my new kite, smiling to myself as I met my brother and friends for lunch.

"Nice kite," Kamal commented.

"Thanks," I said. We all sat and ate lunch in the sunshine outside the café. "I'm going to fly this for a while outside. I'll be over there." I pointed to the distance.

"Stay where I can see you, kiddo," Assef said. I nodded. I unwound my new kite and began flying it. I loved kite flying! It was like the kite was flying away with all my worries and concerns! I smirked to myself. I would have to take Adia flying with me. Then I imagined what it would feel like if I tied Adia to the kite and released her to the wind. I knew all of her phobia of heights, she would be begging me to let her down. Well, they always say you have to face your fears. I wanted to be her worst fear. Soon people all over town would have "Sariaphobia." I laughed to myself at my little joke. My thoughts drifted to Amir. He was damn cute! Why did he have to be friends with that Hazara faggot? Why? It was so unfair.

"I could be your friend, Amir," I said aloud in German. "Your girlfriend even. But you'd have to choose between me and that fag." I sighed. I could only wonder, what would he choose? "You'd make the right choice." I said. "I know it." I was so engrossed that I didn't notice Farsef come up behind me. Farsef was this annoying boy in my class that always picked on me. If he wasn't trying it on, I mean. That boy seriously needed to make up his mind.

"Hello, beautiful girl." He snaked his arms around my waist.

I immediately pushed him off me. "Farsef! Stay away from me! I'm not in the mood."

"I see. I love your feisty nature, sweet thing," he said, trying to kiss me on the lips.

OH NO! NOT HAPPENING! NO WAY IN HELL! I knocked his hand away. "I said I'm not in the mood for your shit! Go away or I'll make your life hell when I see you in school again after the winter holidays," I told him angrily.

You're so cute when you're mad." He really wasn't getting the hint, was he? He grabbed the kite string from my hand and reeled it in. "I'll just take this, shall I? You can have it back when you decide to be a good girl and be nice to me."

He leant in to kiss me again but I side-stepped him. "Fuck off," I gritted through my teeth. Farsef raised his hand high above his head and brought it down upon my cheek. I let out a little gasp of pain and shock as my head jerked to one side. "Son of a fucking bitch!" I cried out in anger.

I held my hand to my cheek and felt hot tears sting it. Farsef had now run off with my kite. I whimpered and ran back to Assef. "Assef! Assef!" I cried. I was now sobbing. Damn, that slap had hurt. I felt helpless against Farsef and helplessness was not a feeling I particularly enjoyed having.

"What is it, Saria?" Assef asked, immediately concerned. His hands were on my shoulders, looking into my face.

"It was Farsef. He stole my k-k-kite from me!" I whimpered pathetically.

Assef put his hand into his pocket and pulled out the brass knuckles. "Don't worry. I'm going to get it back to you, kiddo." We both ran off in the direction of where Farsef had run off. Soon, Assef, Wali and Kamal had him cornered. "Hello," Assef said politely, holding out his hand for the kite. I noticed it was the one with the brass knuckles. He was going to learn not to fuck around with the Ahmed family soon enough. "I'll thank you not to steal things from my sister."

"Yeah, it's mean to steal from young ladies," Wali said, glancing at my brother, a hint of a tremor in his voice.

"So, you're Saria's brother?" Farsef scoffed. "You should be thanking me. I slapped some sense into her. Maybe now she won't disrespect me."

'Oh! You just sealed your fate, cunt!' I thought to myself. Assef stepped closer so he was right in Farsef's face.

"You slapped my sister?" he asked, his voice dangerously low. "You slapped my sister?" I knew shit was going to go down now. I smiled to myself. 'You're going to get in, kunis!'

I thought to myself, looking at Farsef. Farsef didn't see the first punch coming. Assef was a skilled fighter, and I knew he would have the upper hand. I also knew that nothing made Assef angrier than seeing me get hurt. I watched with reverence as he pounded his fist into Farsef's face again and again. It only took three blows for Farsef to be on his knees.

"P-please," he choked, coughing up blood and teeth, staining his shirt. "Please, no more. I'm s-so sorry!" He was crying now and he bowed his head to avoid more slaps, but Assef knew what he was doing and yanked on his hair so he could get in more punches.

"Nobody hits my sister!" Assef was roaring. "I'M GOING TO MAKE SURE YOU PAY IN BLOOD FOR WHAT YOU DID TO HER! DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME? IF YOU HURT HER, YOU HURT ME! YOU ARE DEAD, KUNIS!" I watched in absolute awe, enthralled! Farsef was getting exactly what he deserved! I wouldn't want to be him now, I can tell you! Assef brought his knee up and slammed it hard into Farsef's face. I'm not sure at which point he fell down, but that didn't deter my brother. He kept pounding into him hard!

I was delighted! Assef made a grab for the kite but Farsef moved it away. "Stupid," I muttered in Pasthu. Assef lunged for the kite, and then it happened. Farsef somehow managed to grab Assef's hand and pin it down. In retaliation, Assef bit down hard on Farsef's head. They tugged at each other for a few moments, before Farsef let out a horrid shriek. There was a disgusting ripping noise, and Assef tore his mouth away from the side of Farsef's head.

There was something in my brother's mouth but I couldn't see what it was. Farsef was screaming something rotten now, more so than he had originally been. Assef spat whatever he had in his mouth onto the gutter. Farsef turned his head to face me. I caught a glimpse of him, then was almost sick on the spot! His right ear had been bitten clean off! There was nothing but a gaping hole and blood. I could even see his skull. I covered my mouth with my hands in shock. This was something else! 'My brother did that!' I thought to myself.

It was absolutely enthralling. I was sickened but I was turned on at the same time! I had never witnessed anything like this before! Farsef was now on his knees trying to fish his right ear from the muddy gutter. Assef dropped down beside him and opened up the grate.

"Here, let me help you," he said, and slammed Farsef's face inside. He leant across him and snatched up the bloodied kite. "Thanks," he said to the sobbing, earless boy. He walked back over to me and held out the kite. "It's ripped," he said. "It must have gotten damaged during the fight. I'm so sorry, Saria. Tell you what, show me where you got it from and I'll buy you a new one. My treat, kiddo."

I nodded my head, delighted. "Thank you, Assef. I love you."

"I love you too, kiddo." Assef smiled and held out his hand for mine. We walked away. I turned my head to look back at Farsef. He was still struggling inside the gutter, his face squashed, his ear missing! I smirked inwardly. It was his own fault! He fucked with me and he paid the price! Now, at least, he would learn to stay far, far away from me on the playground!

Yes, it was clear who was in control now. As I walked with my brother to buy a new kite, I could only wonder... 'can I stay on top?'

Coming up, Saria marks Adia as her own, as she gets more and more violent. But can she keep up the innocent pretenses or will her temper crack and crumble? Please leave feedback via PM or review. Any feedback, either positive or negative, is really helpful to me as a writer. :D


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