Devil with the Angel's Eyes (16+)

(Based on Khaled Hosseini's The Kite Runner)

Saria Ahmed is Assef's twelve year old sister, a charming young girl with bright blue eyes, and curly blonde hair. With her girly dresses and sweet demeanour, she comes across as the perfect child. But there is evil lying just beneath the innocent facade, a darkness that is sometimes beyond her control...

Any characters, words or plot devices taken from the Kite Runner are copyrighted by Khaled Hosseini and Dreamworks studios. I do not own them, and no copyright is intended. Saria Ahmed, and any other characters not owned by Hosseini are owned by me.

Please note that this story does contain strong violence, language and mature themes, but it is meant to reflect the violent and sociopathic natures of both Saria and Assef, and is told from Saria's unique first person perspective. If you are under the age, or maturity level of 16, or are in any way squeamish about violence, please do not read this story. Any feedback/ideas are welcomed.


20. Amir's Secret

In the last chapter, Fahrsan violently struck Saria in the face. As an act of vengeance, she pushed him down a full flight of stairs, causing him to become paralysed from the neck down. Now we find she's returning to school but it won't be long before a meeting with Amir reveals a shocking secret...

The last remnants of winter seemed to finally be disappearing as the last bit of snow melted outside our front lawn. I sat at my vanity desk in my bedroom, calmly brushing my hair. ''I can't fucking believe I have to go back to school today. Fucking shit. Why can't I just stay home?'' I grumbled to myself at the unfairness of it all. I wanted nothing more than to curl up back in my bed and sleep again. I knew I would be in for more than my fair share of teasing from the other girls, especially that cunt Ahtrai. There was no doubt in my mind that the little cow would have thought long and hard about ways to make my life hell today.

She just didn't seem to understand the dangers of messing with someone as violent and psychotic as myself. There was no question about it, sooner or later she would find herself in much the same position as do most other people who get on my nerves. I reached across the desk and grabbed a large pink headband. As I fixed it into my hair, I thought of Fahrsan and what had happened to him.

The very same night that we had returned home from our ''holiday,'' Mama received a telephone call from her younger sister, informing her that the young man had died a few hours earlier in hospital. Apparently, he suffered a fatal heart attack and even though doctors tried desperately to save him, he ended up flatlining and passed away in the early hours of the morning.

I didn't know what exact time it was he'd passed away and of course I couldn't ask without seeming rude. I knew now that I was completely in the clear with regards to what had happened to Fahrsan. Nobody would ever suspect that sweet little Saria had anything to do with her cousin's demise. As long as I feigned sadness and pretended to grieve for my cousin, then I knew I would fly right under the radar. It was very obvious from the way Mama reacted during and after that phone call that Stella still blamed her for her son's death.

Not that she would be any the wiser. Mama had dropped her book on the stairs after all, and as far as they were aware, that was why Fahrsan had tripped. I could give two flying fucks whether my mother took the blame for my actions or not, so long as the blame was shifted off my brother and myself. Isn't that what a parent is for, anyway? To take the blame when their child does something wrong or bad. That was honestly how I saw the situation. I could care less about the sisterly relationship that I had seemingly destroyed, or about the boy who's life had been cut so tragically short.

He fucked with me and he payed the price. If Fahrsan hadn't smacked me then none of this would have happened. It was his own careless, reckless decision that had been his downfall. His anger had gotten the better of him, and he ended up suffering greatly because of it. Yes, I know both Assef and I can be accused of allowing our anger get the better of us, but that's really beside the point. I hoped that wherever that little retard was, he was suffering and in immense pain.

Hell had swallowed him up along with Zainab and that dumb dog Mr. Cuddles. Thinking of Mr. Cuddles made me wonder how young Rashid had reacted to the death of his best friend. Surely he must be feeling incredibly guilty for how their relationship had ended. I giggled to myself as I thought of all the pain and misery that I had caused. 'Sorry Fahrsan, but it was your own fault,' I thought to myself. I felt no remorse for any of the things that I had done. Nobody had the right to raise a hand against me the way he had, and if he had to die for me to prove that point, then that was the way it had to be.

Just the thought of his grieving family made me almost piss myself with laughter. The mental image of his mother's reaction to his death, the look upon her face (which I would love to have seen) was enough to send me into hysterics. I doubled over on my knees, howling with hysteria. The pain I caused to others was as funny to me as a clown in the circus would be to another child. I slammed my hand against the carpeted floor as I joyfully reminisced. A knock on the door suddenly startled me. I sprung to my feet and began smoothing out the sides of my dress.

I breathed in deeply, my eyes squeezed shut. My heart was still racing from my laughing fit. I could see the door knob turning. The door creaked open as my brother made his way into the room. I skipped over to him and wrapped my arms around his waist, burying my face in the fabric of his shirt. ''Good morning, Assef,'' I said, as he gently stroked the back of my hair. I pulled away from him and grinned widely.

''And good morning to you too, kiddo,'' was his reply. I embraced him again and giggled softly. I pinched the sides of my pink plaid dress.

''What do you think? Nice dress for school?'' I asked, running my hands down the front.

Assef put his hands on his hips and cocked his head to the side, scrutinizing me. ''You know what, Saria? That dress Stella and Shareem got you would look beautiful, don't you think?'' he teased.

I pulled a face and took said dress out of my wardrobe. It was literally all seven colors of the rainbow, with a large bow at the back and massive puffball sleeves. It would have looked pretty on a two year old. I, however, hated the blasted thing. Assef covered his mouth and chortled as I held the disaster up to myself, swaying from side to side, admiring myself in the mirror.

''Fuck it, this needs to be burned. You know, Assef, if I could set my lighter on this thing, I'd do it gladly,'' I said as I placed the piece of shit dress back in my wardrobe. Assef laughed and playfully poked me in the ribs, making me shriek. ''Haha, stop!'' I giggled, doubling over as he caught me round the waist and pulled me closer to him, tickling my ribs. Who wouldn't adore this relationship we shared?

I pulled away as Assef gently placed a hand on my shoulder. ''We need to get going, kiddo. You got all your books?''

I nodded hurriedly. I lowered my eyes and scuffed my shoe against the carpeted floor. ''I don't wanna go back to school,'' I admitted truthfully.

''Oh, don't you want to see Adia again?'' he asked. I thought of all the ways I could torment my bitch, how I could make her suffer. We had a lot to do to make up for these past few weeks. I smiled up at my brother.

''Hmm, when you put it like that.'' I pulled my long over coat out of the wardrobe and slid it over my lean frame. My brother watched with his arms folded across his chest. Once I had finished buttoning up my coat, I took Assef's hand. My stomach was almost sick with nerves as we left the house.

Assef locked the door behind him then placed the key back in his pocket. The sun peeked through the clouds in the sky above us. I lowered my eyes and trudged along sadly by my brother's side. Assef took notice of my somber mood and turned my chin to face him. ''Now kiddo, you know I'd let you stay off today if I could. Mother and Father would have a fit though, and the more we stay out of Mother's way right now, the better. Besides, just think of all your little friends. I bet they've missed you so much.''

This elicited a laugh from me. I bit my lower lip and giggled as I imagined all the things that I could do to my schoolmates. ''I wonder if Ara is back,'' I said, more to myself than to Assef.

''You tell her I said hello, if you see her, won't you?'' he asked.

I nodded. ''Of course.'' We continued to walk in silence as I became lost in thought and worry about the day ahead. No matter what my brother said, there was always going to be that part of me that dreaded going back to school.

That part that would be feeling like a scared little girl, terrified of the taunts and jeers I would undoubtedly be facing at the hands of Ahtrai and her friends.

I had a serious question for my older brother. ''Assef, does Mama have depression? Because of what happened to Fahrsan?'' I asked rather bluntly.

Assef looked down at me, a blank look in his eyes. ''I don't know, sis. I'd bet money that she does. She certainly blames herself for what happened to him. As does her sister, I assume.''

Again, I could care less about this fact. Assef gently placed his hand on my back. ''I wish we could have gone to the funeral. Just to see how Stella and Mama would have behaved around each other,'' I admitted.

Assef looked at me. ''Wouldn't you react the same way if that was your child?'' he asked.

I shook my head vigorously. ''There isn't a person in this world that I could ever love and care for more than you. Nothing in this world that would ever make me fall out with you the way that Stella fell out with Mama. Nothing,'' I told him truthfully. My brother grinned at me and pulled me close.

''Such a sweet thing for you to say, kiddo. You know I feel the same way. I loved you from the moment you were born and Father placed you in my arms.'' We both smiled at each other. I could see the gates of the school getting closer.

The other girls ran past us, giggling and laughing like the retards they were. My grip on Assef's hand immediately tightened as my jaw set in anticipation and nervousness. 'What the fuck is wrong with you, Saria? You blinded one of these bitches. You don't have to be afraid of anyone!' I scolded myself. Still, maybe it was just the feeling of knowing one day one of these girls would push me too far and I would lose my temper with disastrous consequences. The fear that I held of losing control and implicating either myself or worse my older brother.

Gulping, I took another few tentative steps toward the large iron gates. I was the only girl who wasn't running around or shouting. Assef stopped right outside the gate. ''Well, I'll leave you here, kiddo. Have a good day. I'll wait right here for you when you get out.'' I'll admit there was a part of me that desperately wanted to throw my arms around my brother's waist, cry and beg to be taken home. I steeled myself and began to walk away.

''Goodbye!'' Assef called after me. I turned and waved at him. I set my shoulders straight ahead and continued in my journey. Adia trotted up to my side like the obedient dog she is.

''Hello, Saria. How are you? I've missed you,'' she rattled off the words that she knew were expected of her.

''How are you, my dear?'' I asked.

She bit her lower lip. ''Um, I'm fine, Saria,'' she stuttered. Ah, yes, I was in total control here. With this new-found confidence I strutted through the playground with my bitch at my side. She kept her eyes down as if afraid that I would strike.

''How has school been?'' I asked. ''Nobody has been giving you any trouble, have they?''

She shook her head. ''No. No t-trouble. Everybody has been super nice to me,'' she stuttered. Just as I was about to answer, something slammed into me and knocked me right into the ground. I tumbled forward into my knees.

''Well, well, look who's finally come back,'' came the familiar voice of Ahtrai. What did I say? I knew she would be like this. Adia immediately tensed beside me as I lat there, cornered like a wild animal in a zoo.

Ahtrai bent forward, her hands on her knees. ''There now, Saria. Stay lying on the ground like the filthy dog that you are!'' she said maliciously. I grabbed Adia's arm and pulled myself to my feet.

''You're really pushing me, Ahtrai,'' I snarled at her. She looked at me like a wild bull about to charge. I faced her head on.

''You don't scare me, Saria. You think you're so tough but you're not.'' How many times did I have to put this girl in her place before she learned? I knew that I couldn't lose control here, or I could possibly be seriously implicated.

''If you know what's good for you, Ahtrai, you'll stay the fuck out of my way from now on.'' A few of Ahtrai's friends had now joined us. One of them tugged the girl's arm.

''Come on, Ahtrai. She's not worth it. Please. I don't want to g-get in trouble.'' The ugly cow nodded and passed by me without another word. I had to bite my tongue to keep from screaming obscenities at her. I really wanted the last word. Without another word from either Ahtrai or myself, we entered the school for lessons to begin. No also we had I entered the classroom then Mullah Fahsir Khan beckoned me over with his finger. I stood in front of him with my eyes downcast. The obedient child.

''Yes? I'm not in trouble or anything like that, am I?'' I asked timidly.

He shook his head. ''No, nothing like that Saria, I just wanted to talk to you. How about you and I step out into the hall?''

'How about you piss off before I shove my foot up your fat ass?' I thought to myself but of course was unable to say this. I grudgingly followed the Mullah outside to the long yet deserted hallway. He shot straight to the point. ''I heard about what happened to your cousin. I am so sorry, Saria. It must be hard for you to handle.''

I nodded, sniffling slightly. ''Yes, it's been tough. I still can't believe that he's gone. But I'm okay, really. I've got my family. We're all helping each other through it.'' I made my voice crack a bit as I said this.

Mullah Fahsir Khan placed a gentle hand upon my shoulder. ''Your father told me what happened to him. How he fell down the stairs. Such a terrible tragedy.''

''Fahrsan's not suffering anymore,'' I spoke innocently. ''He's gone to heaven and he's an angel now. That's what I like to believe.'' Fuck it, I should win an award for my acting.

''As I said, your father mentioned it to me. You just take it easy today, Saria. Don't even worry about paying attention. And you know that my door is always open should you need to talk. About anything.''

Of course, the only person I ever wanted to confide in was Assef, but I nodded solemnly and thanked him anyway. ''You're a sweet kid, Saria.'' These were his final words to me before we both stepped back into the classroom. I took my seat next to Adia as the little cow stared at me in confusion.

''What was that about?'' she asked. I whipped around to glare at her.

''None of your fucking business, that's what. Now shut your mouth before I shut it for you,'' I hissed. She immediately obeyed and scooted away from me in her seat. I turned my head to face the Mullah's desk and smirked slightly.

Ahtrai glared at me as I looked in her general direction. I leaned in and whispered in my bitch's ear. ''Where's Ara?'' I asked her.

Adia looked at me sadly. ''She's been moved to another class,'' she told me. ''A special class for girls with disabilities.''

She looked at me with confusion. ''Why?''

I smiled at her. ''No reason.'' There was no doubt in my mind that she knew who was responsible for Ara's blinding. Not that she could ever say it. The lessons began swiftly. My thoughts were drawn away from what the Mullah was saying as I fantasised about the things that I could do to Ahtrai.

I lay my head down on the desk and had quite a nice fantasy about slicing Ahtrai open and using her rib bones as a fucking xylophone or something. Mullah Fahsir Khan didn't even seem to notice that I wasn't paying him any mind, but that didn't seem to matter either way, seeing as how he'd already told me to take it easy today.

I eventually dozed off. A while later, I was suddenly startled awake as the bell rang for lunch. I groggily sat up and made my way out into the playground, tailed of course by Adia. No sooner had I settled down and began eating my lunch then who walked over but that cunt Ahtrai.

She tossed my sandwich onto the ground and stamped on it. Rather a childish thing to do if you ask me. She sneered at me as she did so. A crowd seemed to have gathered around us as she waited for me to retaliate. I knew that she just wanted to get a reaction from me. Adia immediately came to my aid like a good slave should.

''Why can't you just leave Saria alone, Ahtrai? She's my friend and I don't like you being mean to her.'' Ahtrai made to slap Adia, which caused her to shrink back in on herself.

''Made you flinch!'' Ahtrai teased. Her little friends laughed.

''If you're looking for a fight then go somewhere else,'' I informed her. ''I have better things to do.'' She hissed at me like a cat. I just sat there and looked blankly at her. It took all of my inner strength to not retaliate.

Trust me, every bone in my body ached to put her in her place. All one day though. All in due time. It took a few minutes but eventually the girl turned on her heel and left me alone. Wise move. I angrily kicked Adia in the shin and she whimpered in pain. I needed a human punching bag to take my frustrations out on. The little bitch cowered away from me and squeezed her eyes shut as though afraid that I would strike her. I closed my eyes and sighed deeply.

''Just leave me the fuck alone, you little bitch. Go away.'' She obediently took her leave as I buried my head in my palms. Students whizzed past me laughing. The little cunts were really getting on my nerves now. It was so hard to keep my cool and stop from lashing out at one of them. I could only remind myself of the repercussions that I was going to face. The rest of the day passed by without much fuss. I was fucking elated to be going home. I packed my bag hurriedly and raced out into the hall.

I didn't want to keep my older brother waiting. The other girls seemed as delighted as I was to be leaving. I slung my bag over my shoulder and trekked outside. The sun was blinding this afternoon as I walked past the other girls. They paid me no mind as I trudged along. I didn't know where Adia was but I couldn't give a fuck either. I spotted Assef waiting up ahead and broke into a run. He smiled at me as I flung my arms around his waist.

''ASSEF!'' I shrieked in joy, clinging to him, not wanting to let go. He laughed and stroked my hair.

''And good afternoon to you, kiddo. Did you have a good day today?'' He held me tightly and stroked my hair.

''As good a day as I could ever have,'' I admitted. I took Assef's hand and we began to walk away. He seemed happy about something though I didn't know what. ''What's up, Assef?'' I asked, bouncing up and down.

Assef smiled and held my hand tight. ''I think Mother and Father have a surprise for you. They were talking about it all this morning.''

''Oh? And what could it be?'' I asked.

''I know, sport, but I'm not saying. You'll like it though. I promise.'' Now my interest was peaked. I practically begged my older brother to tell me about my surprise, but to no avail. He was keeping his mouth shut. Nothing I said or did could change that. I was hanging on his every word.

What was it he was hiding from me? Why was he being so secretive? My brother and I were so close that I know it killed him to keep this from me. ''Tell me! Tell me!'' I begged.

Assef shook his head. ''No. Not telling.'' He reached out and tickled my stomach. ''Now stop asking.'' I giggled in delight. He squeezed my shoulder and we continued homeward. Mama and Papa stood waiting for us at the gate. They were both in on this as well. Papa picked me up in his arms and I wrapped my legs around his waist.

''Hey, there's my baby girl!'' he said. ''Your big brother tell you about your surprise?''

I nodded. ''Yes, but he kept his mouth shut. What is it? Please tell me, the suspense is killing me!'' I looked at each of them in turn.

''Oh.. Okay then,'' Papa resigned himself. ''You know your little friend, Amir?'' I nodded, already liking where this is going.

I smiled. ''Yes?''

''Well, Yusef offered to take you and Amir on an overnight trip to Jalalabad.'' I screamed in delight and bounced up and down like someone on drugs. This was real and genuine. My emotions were haywire.

''Yes! Thank you! I would love to!'' The thought of seeing my beloved Amir again was euphoric. A sudden, terrible thought entered my mind.

''Is Hassan coming too?'' I asked.

''No, Yusef says he's sick at the moment. He's staying home.''

I nodded sadly. ''That's sad. I hope he gets better soon.'' I smiled at my brother and hugged both my parents around the waists. I made sure they knew I was elated.

''They're going to collect you at four this afternoon. Go on upstairs and pack some clothes, little one,'' Mama said, placing a hand on my head. I ran upstairs, shrieking in joy. I had to put on the show of the delighted, grateful child. I reached my room and began dancing around with pure, unbridled joy. Finally I was going to spend time with my beloved Amir again. Get the chance to see him after so long. And that cunt Hassan wouldn't be around either. Brilliant!

I hurriedly packed one of my long nightgowns (this covered my ass, didn't want a repeat of Adia's house) and a change of clothes and panties. Assef entered the room, grinning at my enthusiasm.

''Didn't I tell you you'd be happy, kiddo?'' I hugged him around the waist and let the tears fall. Tears both of joy from seeing my Amir again, and a deep regret of having to leave my brother behind to do so.

''I'm going to miss you, though.''

Assef was understanding.''It's only for one night, kiddo. You'll have a great time.'' He kissed me on the cheek and pulled away from me. ''Mother's making lentil soup for us. Come on.'' I followed him out of the room and downstairs into the kitchen. We sat down at the table where our mother placed two piping hot bowls of lentil soup out in front of us.

''Thank you,'' I chimed. She brushed it off and left the room. Probably to cry over her nephew's death. I looked at the clock. 3:45 PM. This was going to be the best Friday! I hurriedly ate my soup and placed the bowl in the sink.

''I can't wait!'' I shouted in excitement, clasping my hands in anticipation. Assef laughed at my enthusiasm, ruffling my hair. About fifteen minutes later, I heard a knock on the door and hollered with delight. I ran to answer it.

''AMIR JAN!'' I shrieked, hugging the older boy. ''I've missed you!'' This was no denying the raw, passionate emotions that I felt for this very cute boy in front of me.

''I, um, I missed you too, Saria,'' he said. I looked over his shoulder and spotted his father waiting for us in a rather large truck. I cocked my head to the side.

''That's a big car for just us two,'' I said.

My Amir nodded sheepishly. ''Well, uh, there's some... other people coming too,'' he told me. "The truck's kind of.. full." He wasn't fucking kidding! Dozens of fucking people sat in those trucks... And yes, there was three of the damn things. I rode with my Amir, his father Yusef, some man named Homayoun, with his two wives and twin girls, and Rahim Khan, an old friend of Yusef's.

I noticed that my Amir was oddly quiet, but thought nothing more of it. Perhaps he just had something on his mind. What that was would shock me, but I'll get to it later. He sat sandwiched between those twins and I sat opposite him, my eyes downcast. Now more than ever I had to pull off the roll of sweet and innocent Saria. I couldn't let myself do anything they would see as suspicious. The journey to Jalalabad was a two hour trek across rough terrain. About half way there, I heard Amir ask one of the twins, Karima, I think, if he could sit by the window.

''No,'' she responded rather rudely. Amir sighed and placed a hand on his temple.

''Okay but don't blame me when I get sick on your dress,'' he told the little girl. She didn't have a response for this. I missed my older brother. Much as I ,was happy to spend time with Amir, I still wanted Assef to be here too. Did Hassan tell Amir about the rape? I wondered. The memory of it made me giggle. Yusef attempted to get his son's attention by clicking his fingers.

Amir's head snapped up. ''What is it, Baba?'' he asked.

Yusef grinned at his son. ''I was just telling everyone about the tournament,'' he said. Everyone looked in Amir's general direction, grinning. ''There must have been about a hundred kites in the sky that day, wasn't there?'' Amir shifted uncomfortably.

''I guess so,'' he mumbled.

Yusef chortled and smacked his hand on the steering wheel. ''A hundred kites, Homayoun jan. No laaf. And the last kite in the sky was Amir's. He has it at home, a beautiful blue kite. Hassan and Amir ran it together.''

''Congratulations, Amir jan!'' I exclaimed, clapping my hands together in an endearing gesture. The smile on my face was real. It was the memory of what Assef had done to Hassan. I bounced up and down on my seat, putting on the show of a little girl who was delighted at her friend's accomplishments.

The van was suddenly filled with loud, overexcited chatter as everyone congratulated young Amir on his winning the kite tournament. Amir's face turned an unpleasant shade of yellow. He leaned his head against one of the twin's shoulders. ''Please pull over, Baba,'' he begged. Yusef looked back in the rear view mirror.

''What?'' he asked.

''Getting sick,'' Amir replied, then clamped his mouth shut.

I felt sympathy for who I hoped would one day become my future husband. That seven year old cow Fazilal shoved Amir away from her, cringing in disgust. ''Please pull over, Kaka,'' she squealed. ''His face is yellow. I don't want him throwing up on my new dress.''

Yusef sighed and began to pull over. Amir retched a number of times, and finally, he vomited quite a bit all over Fazilal's new dress. She yelped in disgust and began to sob. Yusef took charge of the situation. God knows somebody fucking had to. ''Right. Everyone out so we can air out the van.'' We all soon found ourselves sitting at the side of the road.

Fazilal continued to sob like a little bitch. ''My dress. My dress!'' she wailed.

''We'll buy you another one in Jalalabad,'' her father tried reassuring her. I was sure I was going to deck the girl if I stayed any longer. I found my way over to Amir.

''You okay?'' I asked in genuine concern. He nodded.

''Just... Car sickness,'' he said. I wrapped my arm around his shoulder and lay my head against his. You see, I'm not a total monster. I am capable of caring for someone besides my older brother. Although the love I held for Amir still paled in comparison to the love that I had for Assef.

I gently kissed him on the forehead, drawing him in close to me. ''We're nearly there anyway, Saria. I'll be alright.'' Something was seriously up with him. But what? Amir pulled back from me and started making his way back to the van. If I didn't know why better, I'd say that he was avoiding me. Why?

Homayoun's house was almost as big as mine. There was a row of hedges that apparently the gardener could cut to look like animals. I sat on a nearby chair, watching the younger girls play hide and seek. My Amir dangled his legs into the empty pool. Every time that I tried to get near him he would avoid me like the fucking plague. This was beginning to piss me off. Saria Ahmed is not someone who can just be ignored. I turned on my heel and skipped back inside the house. I found my way over to the couch, sat down, picked up a book and began reading.

I lost myself in my own thoughts as the smells of dinner from the kitchen wafted through and into my nostrils. 'What the fuck is your problem, Amir?' I thought to myself. I hoped the boy would see sense and show me more respect. Either that or I'd have to get my brother to deal with him. I didn't want this.

Karima found her way over to me. 'Great. Just great,' I thought. ''Hi! Sara?'' she asked.

''It's Saria,'' I corrected her. God, this cow was annoying.

''Are you coming to play hide and seek?'' she asked me. I had no intention of partaking in such a childish and idiotic game. I shook my head.

''No. I'm just going to read.'' The child nodded and seen herself out. I resumed my reading. Nobody else bothered me and that was how I liked it. Alone with my thoughts. Us girls served the men their dinner later that evening then retreated back to the kitchen. I soon found myself preened over by a group of irritating bitches who kept cooing to me about how sweet I was.

It was as if no child more adorable on the Earth existed to them. It honestly makes me laugh the way people can love me. If only they knew better. I continued to effortlessly soak up their praise. To bask in their affections. It was all just a show for these fools. It was about nine o clock when we women were sent up to bed. I didn't really mind this, however. The sooner I got to sleep the sooner that I could go home and see my brother again.

I changed into my nightgown and settled down for the night in the bed I was to inhabit. I tossed and turned for hours while the twins laughed and slapped at each other. 'God shut up! I should put a pillow over both their ugly faces. That'd make them be quiet,' I thought in glee. It was with this satisfying thought in my mind that I eventually drifted into slumber...

I woke a few hours later to the sound of thunder. I sat up in bed. My eyes darted every which way. ''Assef?'' I said. I must have been thinking of him. 'Assef's not here,' I reminded myself. 'Fuck this, I need a drink.' I swung myself up out of bed and tiptoed out into the hall, making sure not to make a sound. The first stair creaked as I placed my foot on it.

'Shit! Please don't let anyone have heard that,' I thought desperately. I didn't want anyone making a fuss of why I was up so late. I continued to sneak down the stairs. About half way down, I noticed my Amir stirring in his sleep.

I crouched down and peered through the bars on the banister. He sat up suddenly, looking all around him. I continued to sit quietly, waiting, watching. Amir looked at his sleeping father. The next words out of his mouth nearly floored me.

''I watched Hassan get raped.''

In the next chapter, we continue with the same night as Saria reacts to Amir's revalation. She decides to use her manipulative streak to turn Amir from Hassan, in the hopes that he will somehow agree with her Nazi doctrines. Please comment, PM and subscribe. :)

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