Devil with the Angel's Eyes (16+)

(Based on Khaled Hosseini's The Kite Runner)

Saria Ahmed is Assef's twelve year old sister, a charming young girl with bright blue eyes, and curly blonde hair. With her girly dresses and sweet demeanour, she comes across as the perfect child. But there is evil lying just beneath the innocent facade, a darkness that is sometimes beyond her control...

Any characters, words or plot devices taken from the Kite Runner are copyrighted by Khaled Hosseini and Dreamworks studios. I do not own them, and no copyright is intended. Saria Ahmed, and any other characters not owned by Hosseini are owned by me.

Please note that this story does contain strong violence, language and mature themes, but it is meant to reflect the violent and sociopathic natures of both Saria and Assef, and is told from Saria's unique first person perspective. If you are under the age, or maturity level of 16, or are in any way squeamish about violence, please do not read this story. Any feedback/ideas are welcomed.


24. Aarash's Cruelty

In the last chapter, the perfect day came to pass when Saria learned that her actions had caused Hassan and Ali to leave Kabul. She was delighted to learn that now there was one less Hazara for her to deal with. Now we find that Wali and Kamal have a surprise for the Ahmeds...

What happened today will stick with me for the rest of my life. Grey hair and sagging skin will never dull my memories of what transpired. Even now I can hardly bring myself to write about it, but I will do so anyway. It was about a month or so after Hassan's departure. Mother and Father were away for the week on a business trip. I honestly don't fucking know. This meant of course that with the exception of Hamilra, Assef and I were alone in the house. It was mid morning on Saturday and I of course had no school. I didn't have to think about that bitch Ahtrai and her gang for two full days. Now I could just relax.

Though things were not as joyous as I am making them out to be. The sky was a dark grey in colour, and though the sun shone quite brightly, there was less of a heat then I would have liked. I had not yet gotten dressed and was sitting at the table with my brother, absent mindedly picking at the breakfast that our slave had set out for us. I didn't really want to eat anything.

Between school and Ahtrai, there was just way too much on my mind I guess. Too much to think about and to process. One thing that really annoyed me was that Amir was now ignoring me completely. Ever since Hassan had left the boy had wanted nothing to do with me or with my brother. He had begun to avoid me like one does a fellow with leprosy. Every time I would pass him in the street he would almost break into a run to try and avoid me. He would always leave any shops I entered and made it abundantly fucking clear that he didn't want to talk to me. I know that I shouldn't care about this but honestly I did.

I felt so hurt that he would treat me in such a way. Maybe it's just that I hate being rejected, especially rejected by someone who I did care about! Okay, yes my brother raped his friend. Yes, I had been there and watched, laughed my ass off in fact but that didn't mean I didn't care about Amir. I had so many feelings for that boy. I wanted to be his wife, his lover, the mother perhaps to some of his children. I had next to no ill will for him. He just needed to learn to respect me and Assef and I think everything would have been fine. This is what I truly do believe. That if Amir had just learned to obey me and my brother then he could have had a happy life with us. With me.

I truly did care about him and I don't say that about many people, as I'm sure you're well aware by now. Wouldn't you feel privelleged to be a person I care for? I know I would and do why didn't Amir? It was almost like my very presence, the very fact that I existed, disgusted him. Like he wanted me to disappear off the face of the Earth. I felt so fucking depressed just thinking about it.

All I had wanted was to have his respect and love, and for him to have mine. For him to be mine and to obey me the way that other people do. Is that so much to ask? Really? I wouldn't have hurt him the way that I hurt Adia. He would have been safe. He would have been happy. We would have been happy! No, that would never be. Not now. Not ever. He seemed to be absolutely terrified of both me and Assef.

We apparently scared the shit out of him. I felt really downtrodden today. I picked absent-mindedly at the food on my plate. Assef took notice of this. ''Kiddo, are you okay? You haven't touched your food,'' he said. I looked up at him and smiled sadly. I managed to swallow down a forkful of food and looked pointedly at my brother.

''No, nothing's wrong. I'm fine thank you. Honestly,'' I tried lying. But Assef was the one person who knew me better than anyone and he knew when something was bothering me. There was nothing that I could hide from him.

It was certainly tough to try in any case. He patted his knee and beckoned me over with one finger. I grudgingly got out of my chair and went over to my brother. I sat down, perched at the edge of his knee. He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me in close. He brushed a lock of hair back from my face. ''Now, I know that something's wrong, kiddo. You've been like this all morning. Are you sick or something? Do you want me to call a doctor for you?'' he asked in concern.

I bit my lip and shook my head. ''No. No honestly I'm fine. I-I'm just sad that Amir's been ignoring me. I guess you could say that I miss him.'' Assef rolled his eyes.

''Sweetheart, you deserve better than that little kunis. Okay? Nobody should treat you the way that he did and one day he will pay for that. I won't let anyone hurt my baby sister,'' he said with conviction.

''It just hurts,'' I said.

Assef nodded. ''I know it does, kiddo. I know it does. But you just forget about him now. Don't even think about it anymore.'' Easier said than done, I guess. I rested my head against Assef's chest. ''Wali and Kamal told me that they have a surprise for us today. Up at the barracks. Would you like to go?''

I shook my head. ''No.'' I honestly didn't feel like doing anything today. Maybe I had fucking depression or something. I just wanted to sit around and mope.

''Please. For me. I bet it'll cheer you up. Do it for your big brother at least, can't you?''

I pulled back from Assef's lap. ''Alright. For you I'll go.''

''Good girl. I'm sure it'll make you smile again. Wali says that you'll like it.'' He kissed the top of my head. ''Go on upstairs and get yourself dressed. I'm sure you can find a pretty dress to wear. You have plenty of those after all,'' he teased. I punched him playfully on the arm.

''Well, you know I do.'' I rolled my eyes at this statement.

''In any case, kiddo, I'm sure you'll cheer up once you see what they have for you.''

''Do you know what it is?'' I asked.

''I haven't got a clue, kiddo. I just know that when Wali phoned me yesterday he said that he knew this would really make you happy.'' Assef beamed at me. ''And that's what I want. For my baby sister to be happy.'' He took my hand in his. ''Go up and get dressed now. Okay?'' I nodded. ''I'm going to make sure you cheer up today.''

He let me get down from his lap and set me down on the floor. ''You're going to love this. Trust me.'' I nodded.

''I believe you, Assef. I do. I'm going to get ready now.'' I forced a smile for my brother.

He nodded. ''Okay. Go on.'' With that having been said, I turned and left the kitchen. I trudged upstairs, the grin on my face soon being replaced with a sad frown. I honestly didn't want to go out to the barracks today. I wanted to just stay at home and mope around. That was how down I felt.

I just wanted to hide myself from civilization. I didn't know whether the surprise would cheer me up or not, though I highly fucking doubted it. Still, if it made Assef happy then I would do it. For him I would do anything. ''This had better be a good surprise,'' I muttered angrily to myself. I entered my room and loudly shut the door. I made my annoyance known. 'Stop drifting into the fucking negative Saria. Your brother promised that this will make you happy. You trust Assef don't you?' I thought to myself.

Walking over to my wardrobe, I opened the doors and mused to myself about what dress I would wear. Something practical yet pretty at the same time. It would be fucking difficult for me to choose, but when was it ever easy? The clothes are quite the subject with me. I moved the hangers back and forth, making quite the ruckus as I did so. ''What the hell? I hate all these fucking things!'' I swore loudly. Maybe it was just how I was today but I honestly felt that every little thing was pissing me off. That was what Amir had done to me. He had broken my spirit and I just wanted to forget about him. I rolled my eyes at the sight of the clothes that I had to wear.

They were each as disgusting as the other. I finally selected a green and red plaid pinafore and laid it out on the bed. I took out a dark blue shirt and matched it up to the dress. Yes, it still looked ridiculous but it was the only thing I had that looked remotely nice compared to the other pieces of shit that I had. I slipped out of my nightgown and placed it in the clothes hamper in my room. I unbuttoned the front of the shirt as I changed into fresh clean panties. I wasn't going to wear any tights today. Too warm for it. I pulled on the shirt. It was very fucking tight but what could I do?

As I buttoned it up, I began wondering about the surprise that Assef said Wali and Kamal had. Would it really cheer me up? It seemed to me like nothing could do this now. I was so mad and hurt about the way that fucking cunt Amir was treating me. I wanted to abuse or hurt him in some way. To make him feel the same pain he had put me through. To gut him like a fish, to have Assef rape him or something like that. To have him bleed to death under my feet. Rejection hurts like hell even for a person as violent as myself. It stings the heart, soul and mind.

I treated Amir with respect. I cared for him and now he had the audacity to ignore me. To treat me like I was nothing less than the dirt under his shoe. No, that just didn't sit well with either me or Assef. Amir had to pay the price for this. He had to learn that nobody disrespects the Ahmed siblings. I don't care how much I may have cared for Amir. How much love I felt for him. He had hurt me once too much and he needed to pay for it. I was so furious at him. I pulled the dress over my head. I could only imagine the fucking state that I looked like right now. Here I go again bitching about what I have to wear!

I buttoned up the dress and brushed out the tangles in my hair. What surprise did Wali and Kamal have for me? It had better be fucking good! I was in no mood for any shit today. Perhaps they had found a new victim for us to torture. I certainly missed beating and humiliating people. I hadn't done it in such a long time. I picked up a black headband and placed it in my hair. I admired myself in the mirror. God I looked like a right fool. I had to lose that attitude.

''You'll cheer up soon, Saria. Once you see what's waiting.'' I promised myself. I decided I would no longer worry myself about Amir. He would pay for what he did one day. Of this I was certain. I was in control and I would remain that way. I left the room and closed the door behind me. ''Chin up now, Saria,'' I said.

I walked down the stairs to meet my brother. He smiled when he saw me coming towards him. ''You look lovely kiddo,'' he complimented me. I bowed my knees, smiling at him.

''Thank you,'' I said, running my hands down the front of my dress. ''It was the only fucking thing that I had that wasn't so hideous,'' I told him.

Assef laughed. ''You look pretty no matter what you'd wear,'' he said. I blushed demurely. Assef leaned against the bannister. ''Have you cheered up, sweetheart?'' he asked. I nodded.

''I guess so. I'm sorry that I was on such a short fuse with you, Assef. I've just got a lot on my mind lately I guess.''

My brother nodded. He smiled at me. ''Don't worry about it. I know how much you cared for Amir. The love you had for that boy. I understand how you'd feel sad.''

''It just... It's stressful because of how much I did care. I wanted to be his bride. I had so many dreams of the life we could have lived. I was so sure that it would work. Maybe that's stupid because I'm only twelve after all.''

Assef shook his head. ''No, that's not stupid at all, kiddo. Just because you're twelve doesn't mean that your feelings are any less important. You did care about Amir and I know how it hurts to have him ignore you. But he's going to pay for it.''

''I know that he will. I've thought about it for a long time now. I just want to make him suffer. To make him pay for hurting me. All one day, brother. All in due time.'' Assef nodded in agreement with my words. I jumped down from the last three steps and wobbled, swaying on my feet.

Assef laughed and caught me by the arm. ''Don't fall, Saria!'' he said, chuckling at me. He kissed the top of my head. ''I have to go and get a jacket for myself, okay? Go and wait in the living room.'' I did so as my brother went back upstairs to fetch his jacket. I swung my legs back and forth childishly.

Patience has never been one of my strong points and now I had become genuinely excited about the surprise that Wali and Kamal had in store for me. I could hardly wait to get out of the house. Staying in I knew would cause my temper to explode. It was just the way that my attitude was today. I had to stop myself from becoming negative. I had to be positive. This was going to be a good surprise.

My brother had promised me so and I trusted Wali and Kamal the same way that I trusted Assef. After about ten minutes, Assef came back downstairs, wearing the dark blue jacket that he had worn while raping Hassan. He took me by the hand. ''All set, kiddo?'' he asked, smiling at me.


''Well let's go then.'' We left the house and began our journey up to the barracks. I could feel my feet start to sweat in their black flat shoes. My mind was drawn to Adia. I hadn't seen my bitch in about a month or so. She had not turned up to school in so long. I wondered whether she was sick or something.

Not that I cared any less whether she was or not. I just wanted her to suffer as much as fucking possible. To torment her. Just for shits and giggles. I also wanted to make Delbar my bitch one day. She seemed to be the type of person who would be easy to control. The type of girl who would easily do my bidding without question. ''What you thinking of?'' Assef asked.

''I'm just wondering where Adia's been for the past month. I mean, she's been out of school a lot. Maybe she's sick or something.''

''Maybe she's died!'' Assef exclaimed.

I laughed loudly. ''Well, we can only hope so!'' I replied. My mood seemed to be lifting immensely. I knew that this was from spending time with my brother. If only we knew what was to happen. The pain that we would soon face. That is for me to write about soon though. Not now.

The sun was now central in the sky. It provided quite a lot of this heat on this 14th June 1974. I clutched my brother's hand as we trekked up the steep hill to where the barracks were. How innocent I must have seemed to anyone watching me. How pure and sweet. I giggled to myself at the thought. They say that one of the traits of a sociopath is that they can charm people easily.

I guess that I fit the bill. That innocence that I can fool so many people with. The barracks were right up at the top of a steep hill. Assef lifted me up over the fence and then swung his legs over and crossed it himself. A light breeze had begun to blow, causing my hair to flop down into my eyes. Swearing, I moved it backwards, tucking it behind my ear. I was filled with anticipation and who wouldn't be? I had to know what this surprise was. I just HAD to! I wondered whether there would be another victim for me to torment and abuse. Another person to beat up.

We crossed the little creek by where the barracks were. I felt a little nervous as I slipped and slided over the tiny rocks and pebbles. The water flowed quickly under us. I latched onto Assef's hand and wobbled. ''I've got you. Don't you worry.''

I nodded. ''Okay.'' Assef gently guided me across the creek. He seemed quite happy today. He was in good spirits, anticipating the surprise just as I was. I was on tenterhooks as we neared the barracks. There were some old tanks, and everything was in total silence. I had a huge grin on my face and so did my brother.

''What do you think it's going to be, kiddo?'' Assef asked.

''Um, I don't know but I bet it'll be good. I can't wait to see it.''

''It's quiet here, Assef. Where is everyone?'' I asked.

''I don't know, kiddo.'' He glanced every which way. ''Maybe we're early or something. In any case, I'm sure that they'll be here in a minute.''

''I just don't wanna wait too long,'' I said childishly.

''Oh, me either, ki-'' Before Assef could even finish his sentence, a group of about four or so boys came up behind us. I recognised them as being the same boys who had taunted me when I had those cigarettes that I burned Adia with. I was quite shocked to see them again.

They grabbed my brother's arms and kicked him in the back of the legs. He fell forward slightly. ''ASSEF!'' I screamed. Assef began twisting and trying to get away from the boys holding him down. He managed to elbow one of them in the face.

''Fuck, you little cunt. You just knocked a tooth out,'' the boy swore. He twisted my brother's arm right behind his back. Assef continued to struggle.

''And I'll do far worse than that if you don't LET ME GO!'' he yelled, kicking at the ground as they pinned both his arms and violently shoved him forward. One boy, with green eyes and an oval shaped face, backhanded my brother right in across the jaw.

''Enough of this shit. You're going to sit here and fucking co-operate if you know what's good for you,'' he snarled. I hissed up at the boy like a feral cat. This caught his attention. He began to laugh at me, doubled over, his palms on his knees. ''I see this little vixen still hasn't been tamed yet. No matter. Grab her.'' He ordered his friends.

Another group of about five boys came from behind the barracks and caught me round the waist. I recognised one of them as Aarash, Farsef's brother who Assef had told me skipped school a lot. I had tried to put him out of my mind. Aarash came up and picked me up, bridal-style. I began to kick and punch with every bit of strength that I had, even attempting to bite him once. ''LET GO OF ME!'' I screamed, wriggling like a fish caught at the end of a fish hook. ''LET ME GO!'' Aarash continued to hold me tightly.

''You're a feisty one, aren't you?'' he asked teasingly. He stroked the side of my face. ''This is going to make this a lot more fun.''

''AARASH!'' Assef screamed. ''YOU LEAVE MY SISTER ALONE, DO YOU HEAR ME? DO YOU HEAR ME YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE?!'' He was being held down in a kneeling position by three boys. One of them had placed a knee into the small of his back. Pure unbridled rage was the only way that I could describe the look on his face.

''Now now. Language, Assef,'' Aarash teased. He placed me down on the ground, still gripping my arms tightly. I continued to struggle like there was no tomorrow. ''Where's the rope?'' Aarash asked impatiently. I was surprised to see Wali and Kamal slink out of the shadows, two long pieces of rope in their hands.

They handed them to Aarash. ''Help me tie her,'' he demanded. They nodded obediently. Wali grabbed my wrists and yanked them forcefully behind my back. He wound a good lengthy sized rope around my wrists and pulled it taut. I snarled up at him.


Wali just scoffed. ''I don't think you're calling the shots, are you, Assef?'' he retorted. Kamal and Aarash bent down to secure my feet, binding rope around my ankles. I kept struggling. They flipped me onto my stomach and Aarash placed a foot on my chest to hold me in place.

''Looks like the hunter has become the hunted.'' He teased my brother. ''Do you remember how last year it was Fahrsan at your mercy? Do you know how it feels to see your baby brother in a hospital bed with no ear? To know that he's now half deaf for the rest of his life? DO YOU?'' he screamed. ''Everyone here has been hurt by you in some way, Assef. Every single person. You probably don't recognise them all, huh?''

At this, he gestured to the boys holding Assef. Assef turned around to glare at them. ''They've all suffered because of you and this little bitch here.''

Assef spat on the ground. ''You don't talk about my sister that way, Aarash. Do you understand me?'' Aarash laughed loudly. He looked down into my eyes. I showed him no fear. The other boys looked at me like lions wanting to eat a zebra or something.

I twisted like a salmon out of the water, a look of total rage on my face. I wanted to slit every one of their throats in turn. Aarash grinned at me. ''Am I making the little baby mad?'' he asked. I flecked my lips up at him.

''Let me up or I SWEAR I'LL...''

''You'll what, Saria? What can you do? I don't think you're in a position to do anything, are you?'' Aarash mocked. He sneered over at my brother. ''Consider this punishment, Assef. We've been planning for months. You're going to pay for what you've done to every person here. Your little Saria is going to pay the piper on your behalf,'' he said.

''FUCK YOU AARASH! FUCK ALL OF YOU! UNTIE MY SISTER RIGHT NOWWW!'' Assef roared at the top of his lungs. Aarash began to pace around behind me. I flipped about, trying to loosen the rope. They were pulled very fucking tight and I could barely move. I wanted to kill these people. To make them suffer. They were now high on the list of people that I wanted to torment violently. Why were they doing this? What was the purpose of it?

''You're going to feel what I felt. What we all felt.''

He clicked his fingers, gesturing at the other boys. ''You boys have some fun with the tiny bitch,'' he said, smiling at them. The warm smile on his face didn't belong on the face of someone with eyes so cold. The other boys approached me, a furious, wild look in their eyes. Aarash snapped his fingers at the boys holding Assef. ''Make sure he watches,'' he ordered them.

One of them grabbed my brother's chin and forced it in my direction. They bent down so that they were on a level with me. I snarled. ''Awww, she's trying to fight back,'' one teased. I spat right in his mouth as he was speaking. I didn't even know who the fuck he was to be honest.

This seemed to make him quite pissed off. He drew back his hand and slapped me right in the face. My head reeled. I hissed in pain. ''Saria!'' Assef exclaimed. He growled at the boy. ''Leave her alone!'' the boy just laughed and slapped me again. I bit down on my lip, causing it to bleed. The boy grabbed my hair and pulled. Hard.

''Ahh!'' I yelped in surprise and pain. This got a great laugh out of all of them. They began to kick and punch every fucking inch of me they could find. I don't think there are words to adequately describe what I was feeling. I alternated between absolute rage and absolute terror.

''SARIA! SARIAAAA!'' Assef would scream every time that they hit me. ''NO! STOP! LEAVE HER ALONE YOU BASTARDS!'' He began viciously fighting against the boys holding him down. Once again they backhanded him.

''Stop fucking RESISTING!'' one screamed. This one certainly had a temper on him. It rivalled mine and even my brother's. The boys began to each take turns punching me in the stomach, knocking the wind out of me. I doubled over, wincing in pain. Assef screamed again.

''SARIA! SARIA!'' he yelled in concern for my well being. Aarash began laughing.

''Isn't this fun to watch, Assef? Such a brave little girl your sister's being after all,'' he sneered down at me. ''You're so brave, kiddo,'' he spoke sarcastically.

''DON'T YOU CALL HER THAT!'' Assef screamed in his direction. ''YOU HEAR ME? DON'T YOU DARE CALL HER THAT!'' he yelled. Aarash just laughed at my brother's rage.

''Aww, am I using your precious nickname? Aww!'' he mocked in a babyish tone of voice. ''Does it hurt, kiddo? Huh? Huh, kiddo?'' he kept saying repeatedly.

This was getting on my nerves! The boys continued to slap and kick me. One tore the headband from my hair and broke it in half. The sound made me jump. ''LET ME GO! LET ME GO! YOU'RE HURTING ME!'' I screamed at them but to no avail.

It seemed that they were just going to keep abusing me no matter what I said or did. Assef screamed at the boy who was now repeatedly punching the side of my head. ''YOU'RE GOING TO PAY FOR THIS! DO YOU HEAR ME?'' The boy just laughed and slammed my head down on the hard ground.

''And what exactly can you do to me?'' he asked my brother. ''Oh, that's right. Nothing. Not a fucking thing. So you just sit tight and enjoy the show.'' He laughed in my brother's face. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Wali take something out of his pocket. He approached me, his eyes bright.

''Your big brother has told us so much about you, Saria. He even mentioned a little phobia you have.'' At this, he waved the thing at me. I screamed loudly, turning my face away from it.

Ever since I can remember, I have been afraid of Agama lizards. I think that you would call them Alligator Lizards. I didn't know where this fear had come from. It seemed so stupid that I of all people would be scared of this tiny lizard, but I was. Maybe it was just how razor sharp its teeth were. Maybe. I don't really know.

Wali and Kamal both laughed as they waved the thing in my face. I began to breathe heavily, my face turning red. ''ASSEF!'' I screamed for my brother. ''ASSEF PLEASE! MAKE IT GO AWAY!''

''I'M SORRY, KIDDO!'' he called back as I begun hyperventilating. ''I should never have told them! I'm so sorry!'' I didn't blame my brother. He had trusted Wali and Kamal and they were now betraying that trust in the worst way possible. They stroked my face with the little thing.

I cowered back, away from it. What could I do? I was tied up! There was nowhere for me to run. My big brother knelt only five or six feet away and yet I couldn't run into his arms for comfort. I truly did feel like a scared little girl at this point. ''PLEASE GET IT AWAY FROM ME! PLEASE!'' I begged my tormentors.

They just laughed. ''But it likes you, Saria! See?'' I turned and found myself nose to nose with the thing.

''AAHHHH!'' I yelled, closing my eyes. ''TAKE IT AWAY!'' I kept on yelling at them. I felt so stupid, freaking out over a tiny lizard. I should be stamping on the thing. Matter of fact, I wished I could stamp on them! To split their skulls right open. ''PLEASE!'' I screamed. Kamal laughed and let the thing crawl down my face.

''JUST STOP! LEAVE HER ALONE!'' Assef roared.

His so-called friends laughed. ''How many times have we asked you to leave us alone? To leave some poor kid alone? It's not so funny when it's your sister, is it?'' Wali asked. I continued to scream. Pure terror was the only way to describe my feelings. Aarash laughed loudly at me, sadistically. His eyes wide with glee at my pain.

I could tell he was just as psychotic as even me and Assef. This prospect sent a chill down my spine. Aarash clicked his fingers again. ''Okay boys. Drop the lizard. I think that she's had enough of that, don't you?'' he asked. Nodding, Wali set the hideous Aligator Lizard back down. It passed a hairs breath from my face as it crawled away into the distance. Its tiny form getting smaller and smaller.

Finally I could breathe a small sigh of relief that the monster was gone. But the real monsters still remained. Aarash began to pace around me like a hyena pacing around a corpse. He surveyed my injuries for a few minutes. I'm sure that they must have been severe. Aarash bent down and tugged at my bonds, making sure they were still secure. He tightened them slightly. They were now digging into my wrists. I knew that I was certainly going to have rope burns once these things were off. They fucking hurt. I don't think I need to mention the pain this beating had given me.

Every fucking place hurt. Do I even need to say this? I was feeling the brunt of their rage. Their hatred for me was real and unbridled. I could see it in their eyes. Aarash bent down to face me. ''Poor little thing,'' he said in a voice dripping with false sympathy. He ran a hand through my hair, pulling out a strand or two. He slapped me again.

''FUCK YOU, AARASH! LEAVE HER ALONE!'' Assef yelled again. Aarash began to cackle.

''You're like a fucking broken record, aren't you, Assef?'' he asked. ''Fuck you, Aarash, leave my sister alone, Aarash!'' he teased in a mocking, high pitched voice. He stroked the sure of my face gently with his index finger. I cowered away from him. ''Awww, your little face has gone all red, Saria. How sweet.'' He spat right in my eye. I gagged in disgust, feeling bile rise up in my throat.

Aarash twisted my arms until I felt certain they would break. ''STOP!'' my brother screamed. His captors just laughed at his attempts to get away.

''Enjoying the show, Assef jan?'' Wali asked. His eyes sharp with pure hatred. My brother just glared at his former friend. Now certainly one of his worst enemies and mine too. Aarash kicked me in the side.

''AHH!'' I yelped. The older boy grabbed me and forced me into a kneeling potion. He gently fingered my neck. ''Such pretty skin,'' he teased. ''Almost like a little porcelain doll. Hmm, almost too perfect,'' he said. ''We need to add a little blemish. Now wouldn't you agree with that, Saria my dear?''

He reached into his back pocket. What he pulled out scared the shit out of me. And no, it wasn't another lizard thank God! This time it was a small, cerated knife. The blade was stained with dried blood.

''NO!'' Assef screamed upon seeing it. ''NO! DON'T YOU DARE!'' Aarash tentatively pressed the blade against my skin. He forced my chin up and made me look into my brother's eyes. They were full of emotion. ''DON'T YOU HURT HER!'' Assef yelled.

''Oh, I don't intend to. Just give her a little scar. Something to remember me by,'' Aarash said flirtatiously. ''I did use this on another girl once. Only, she wasn't so lucky.'' For a fleeting moment, he pressed the knife against my jugular vein, then moved it further down the edge of my neck.

''Are you scared, kiddo?'' he teased, his breath hot on my face. I kept looking at Assef. The pain on his face was indescribable. ''Don't move now, Saria. I don't want this knife to slip and hit somewhere it shouldn't.'' I could only sit there. What fucking choice did I have? If I did anything I could well end up having my fucking throat slit. I closed my eyes in anticipation. I could feel Aarash's breath. Hear every move he made. Hear Assef's struggling. I whimpered, fear coursing through my veins. Aarash traced the knife just barely touching my skin.

''I want to get this just right,'' he said mockingly. ''You'll think of me whenever you see it.''

''WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?'' I heard Assef hollering. Aarash scoffed. ''Me? I'm not the one who bites off children's ears over kites. The one who torments children for no reason other than boredom!'' he snarled viciously.

He pressed the knife against me. ''You just consider yourself lucky I'm not doing worse with this.'' He pressed it into my skin. A few drops of blood trickled down my neck and onto my dress. I winced in pain and squeezed my eyes shut even tighter. ''Such a brave little one,'' the sadistic Aarash teased. He pulled my head back by the hair. ''Is it hurting you, sweetie? Is it?'' he asked.

More blood fell from the wound. A few tears fell from my eyes and mingled in with the blood. ''STOPPPPP!'' Assef screamed, thrashing. ''JUST STOP! DON'T HURT HER ANYMORE!'' Aarash just laughed off this plea.

''But doesn't she look better with this little cut on her neck?'' he asked. He pressed the blade in slightly deeper. My eyes rolled back slightly.

''Please! IT HURTS!'' I cried. Aarash laughed cruelly. My pain and misery was his pleasure. He was delighted at what he was doing to me.

''STOP! STOP THIS PLEASE! STOPPPP!'' Assef screamed at the top of his lungs. Aarash could only laugh at my brother's screams. I lowered my head as the knife made its mark. I knew that I would have this fucking scar for as long as I lived. Aarash pocketed the knife again. He traced the wound, a smile of the Devil on his lips. He sent chills up my spine. He truly did. Aarash shoved me down again. I landed with a thud on my side. 'Fuck that hurts' I thought to myself. I felt so scared. Like a cornered animal. Aarash was a psychopath, there was no denying it.

The violent older boy kicked me in the stomach. He flipped me over onto my back and straddled me. He was stroking my head in much the same way that you would stroke a puppy. I whimpered, tears of pure terror filling my blue eyes. He gently rubbed my cheeks. ''So beautiful. Isn't she?'' he asked the boys behind him. ''She's a stunner. So cute,'' one of them replied. Aarash had a hungry look in his eyes. The look of a dog in heat. It was scary. Aarash leaned down and gently kissed my forehead.

His hand travelled down my dress. He lifted it up and grabbed the sides of my pink lace panties. He gently touched the edges of my thighs. ''Tight. Hmm. So tight you are, Saria. Tell me, has your big brother ever given you a taste of the shaft?'' he asked in a whisper, yet still loud enough for my brother to hear.

''NO! I NEVER FUCKING TOUCHED HER! I WOULD NEVER DO THAT!'' Assef shouted in total rage. Aarash continued to touch the insides of my thighs. He stroked the back of my head with his free hand. I could feel the tears sliding down my face. This was as scared as I had ever been in my life. I was just wanted to run to Assef.

To have him hold me and make this all disappear. Part of me wanted to die. For this pain to end. I felt more like a hamster in a laboratory than a human being. I was so dirty and violated. So humiliated and hurt. I started to sob slightly. Aarash wiped a tear from my eye.

''Sweetheart, don't cry. This is going to be FUN!'' I began to shiver at the tone of his voice. It was lustful or something. He cupped my chin. ''My, my. What a cute little girl.''

He knelt down at my feet and spread my ankles slightly. ''Not going to go far with the rope around them. Oh well. This is going to hurt a bit more then. I'm sorry, Saria,'' he said in a tone that conveyed that he was in no way sorry at all. ''Hold her legs,'' he ordered Wali.

The boy gladly obeyed. I was too scared to even try to struggle now. I just wanted to die. Aarash fingered the buckle of his jeans. ''Me and your sister are going to have some fun,'' he said. ''Have fun watching us, Assef.''

''Please,'' I heard Assef beg. When I looked over I could see that tears were sliding down his face.

Aarash took notice and mocked this. ''Aww, look everyone. Assef Ahmed is crying,'' he teased.

''Please, Aarash. I'm begging you. Don't do this to her. Please. Do it to me if you want.'' My eyes widened.

''NO ASSEF! NOOOOO!'' I screamed. I didn't want to see my beloved brother get hurt. I would take whatever Aarash gave to make sure he stayed safe.

''Please,'' Assef cried again. ''Rape me, Aarash. Do whatever you want to me. Slit my throat right here and right now.'' With this, my brother lifted his chin up, exposing his neck. I shook my head frantically.


Assef ignored me. ''Do whatever you please with me but I beg of you don't do this to her. Please. Not my sister. Not my Saria,'' he whispered. Aarash looked from me to Assef. Then back to me again. He got up and wandered to where Assef knelt. He cupped his chin and forced him to look into his eyes.

''Torture you instead of her?'' he asked. ''Such a tempting offer, Assef,'' he mused.

''ASSEFFFFFF! ASSEF NO!'' I screamed. I wished someone could come and save us.

''Hmm. No thank you. This, watching me rape her, it will hurt you more than me doing this to you would. Sorry, Assef but I just cannot take you up on this offer. Besides, I've never fucked a half German girl before.'' I could hear my brother start to sob desperately.

''No.. No... Saria...'' he cried. Aarash wiped a tear from Assef's eye the way he had done with me.

''Don't cry. I'll give you a turn with her if you want,'' he mocked. Then he made his way back over to me. He straddled me once again. ''Let's you and I have some fun. Huh?'' He asked teasingly. He began to unbuckle his jeans. I was now filled with total dread. I didn't know what it would feel like to get raped and I didn't want to know.

I honestly had never been more terrified. Aarash stroked my face again. ''No.'' I heard a voice say. I was surprised to see that it was Kamal that had spoken. He pushed Aarash away from me. Everyone looked at him in total surprise and shock. Kamal held a firm hand on Aarash's shoulder.

His eyes sharp with a strangely protective look in them. ''No,'' he said again. ''Don't rape her, Aarash. Don't do that to her. She's just a little girl.'' Aarash scoffed at his words.

''She's a monster, Kamal jan. Do you not see that or have the dresses and curls fooled you too?'' He hoisted up my dress. I could hear Assef breathing heavily from where he knelt only a few feet away. I turned my head away. 'Don't look. Don't look and it'll all be over soon,' I promised myself. Kamal, it seemed, still wanted to have the final say.

''She's just a kid, Aarash. She's only a year or so older than your brother.'' Aarash looked from me to Kamal.

''She's a little whore who needs to pay,'' he hissed.

''And she will. Just, not this way. Please.'' I felt shocked. Why was Kamal now suddenly attempting to protect me? Why now? Why after he had already tormented me with that Aligator Lizard?

Was there some glimmer of hope that perhaps he did care for me after all? Then I saw the look that he was giving Assef. It was the kind of look that a disobedient child gives a parent. He didn't care about me at all. He was just afraid of what Assef would do to him. Aarash gently touched the hem of my dress. Would Kamal's words have any effect on him? To be honest, I didn't feel that they would. I know what psychopaths are like, you see, being that I am one myself. I felt sick to my stomach. Genuinely sick to my stomach. I could see no way out of this terrifying situation.

I was going to get raped, Assef was going to watch and there was nothing, nothing that either of us could do to stop it. Now, I know what you're going to say. You, Saria Ahmed, murdered two people. Assef raped countless victims. You deserve this. No, no we don't. The people we hurt deserved everything that they got and then some. We however do not deserve this. No way.

The minutes ticked by. They felt like hours. I hoped I would just be able to curl up and die. To have this all end! I couldn't even bring myself to open my eyes. I could feel Aarash gently stroking my face. My brother's cries echoed in the somber silence. 'Nobody will ever love you after this.' I thought to myself, tears sliding down my face. 'No man will ever want a girl who's been raped. You filthy slut.'

A strange thing for me to think at the time, but it was how I felt. If only Amir wasn't ignoring me. Then I wouldn't have needed cheering up and this never would have happened. ''Don't do this.'' I heard Kamal say again. Would Aarash listen to him? Or would I get raped?

Aarash sighed deeply. ''Fine,'' he said, exasperated. ''I won't rape her. I have another idea. This one is even better.'' He smiled smugly to himself. I tensed up. What was he going to do? Aarash snapped his fingers at my brother. ''Hand over your brass knuckles,'' he ordered.

Assef shook his head frantically. ''No! No way!''

''Hand them over now,'' Aarash snapped. He grabbed me by the hair and pulled my head back. He materialised that horrid blade and pressed it against the jugular vein of my throat. I whimpered in terror. ''Hand them over or watch as I slit your sisters throat ear to ear. Right here and right now.''

I heard Assef sobbing as one of the boys reached back into his pocket. He pulled out the knuckles and extended them out to Aarash. ''I'm sorry, kiddo. I'm sorry.'' He choked out. Aarash took the knuckles from my brother and slid them onto his hands. He smiled to himself as he approached me again. I bit my lip in anticipation of what would happen to me. Aarash knelt down and smiled sadistically.

WHAM! He acted and I was met by a fist nailing me in the side. I realised that breathing itself was agony as my ribs snapped like twigs under his feet. He cracked me across the jaw. I screamed in agony. Tears were spilling down my face. ''NO! SARIA!'' Assef screamed desperately. He could do nothing to help. The threat of my death loomed over him. Aarash began to tease me as he pummelled me viciously.

''I bet your big brother would love to be doing this to you right now. He doesn't love you at all. Would he have brought you up here if he did?''

''THAT'S NOT TRUE!'' Assef yelled at me. ''I love you, Saria! I love you! I didn't know about this! I didn't know!'' he cried. I believed him. Of course I did. Why would I have done any different?

''Has he ever hit you?'' Aarash asked, gesturing to Assef. We both tensed up, remembering that one time Assef had slapped me. The day I found out about Abdul. Our silence was enough of an answer.

''Oh so he has! I knew it!'' Aarash gloated triumphantly. He leaned down to whisper in my ear. ''You're worthless, Saria Ahmed. You're disgusting. You know something? Assef never cared about you. He's only pretending that he does so that he can use you. You just can't see this because you want to believe that at least one person cares. That you're not the unloveable piece of shit we all know you to be.''

'My brother loves me,' I thought to myself with strong conviction. 'He loves me and I love him. More than anything.' I didn't believe Aarash's words for a second. Not one of them. Not one. Assef and I had been close since day one. I knew when my brother was lying and never has he ever about his love for me. I was sobbing from the agony in my body. The pain coursing through my very bones. ''Look at me. Look at me, kiddo,'' Assef implored me. I hesitantly turned my aching face to see him. ''He's lying, kiddo. He's lying. I love you so much, kiddo. Okay?'' I tried to nod but moving my head was too painful.

I felt the tears sliding down my face. Aarash continued to brutally pummel me. ''Stay strong, please, sister. I love you! I love you!'' Assef kept repeating over and over. He was looking at me with such desperation on his face, his eyes pooling over with tears. ''Enjoying the show everyone?'' Aarash asked again.

The boys surrounding him laughed. One of them kicked me in the side of the head. I screamed in agony. ''BASTARDS! ALL OF YOU! FUCKING BASTARDS!'' Assef screamed. Aarash scoffed at him.

''You're enjoying this too. Don't deny it,'' he said. He punched me in the stomach repeatedly. It was total agony. Do I even need to say this? Aarash punched and hit every bit of me that he could find. He grabbed my arms and twisted my wrists around.

''It hurts, stop, no, no!'' I cried desperately, hoping to hit a spot of sympathy within my tormentors. There appeared to be none. I could feel the total agony overwhelming my body. So this is what it felt like to be assaulted with brass knuckles.

It was total and utter agony. Now I knew why they were Assef's favourite weapon. They could certainly cause some damage. I wondered if Aarash had ever used brass knuckles before. The expert and torturous way that he wielded them on me told me he had to at least have come across them. Aarash gestured to one of the boys holding my brother.

''How's the German cunt doing?'' he asked.

''Crying pretty bad here, agha,'' one answered. ''Like a little baby.'' Assef flecked his lips and hissed at the boy. He was met by another sharp slap in the face. I screamed. Aarash waved a hand in their direction, laughing.

''I feel bad now you boys can't have your fun with it this one here.'' He gestured in my direction. ''You having fun with the little bitch?'' one asked. Aarash nodded, his eyes glowing with hatred. I wanted to die. For this whole horrid business to end. Aarash clicked his fingers again. The sound of it was getting on my nerves.

''Ha! I have an idea!'' he exclaimed. ''Do you know what I'm thinking, Dehqan?'' he asked the boy who had lost a tooth to my brother earlier. 'How much time has passed?' I wondered. Dehqan smiled widely.

''I think there's a little someone here who hasn't had fun with Saria yet. Someone who's suffered too much at her hands.'' Aarash nodded his head. He walked back to my brother and slid the brass knuckles into his pocket. Assef began breathing heavily.

''There's a certain little girl that deserves her due payback for what your sister did to her, now wouldn't you agree with that, Assef dear?'' he asked coldly.

''Saria..'' Assef choked out. Aarash walked to someone hiding behind one of the empty tanks. He took this person's hand.

''Come on out and have some fun sweetie?'' he asked kindly. He led her out to face me. Who I saw next shocked me! No! No way! Approaching me with an evil grin on her face was Adia. The little bitch, my little bitch who I had claimed as my property last November. She had to have been in cahoots with Aarash.

Now it all made sense. Why she had been missing from school these past few months. She has been with him, plotting this. She wore a knee length blue pinafore with a white shirt underneath it. Her black hair was tied in two plaits. The way Aarash held her hand was almost brotherly. Like he cared for her in some way. Perhaps they had formed a bond.

The hatred they had for me and Assef binding them together like glue. Aarash tucked a lock of hair behind Adia's ear, grinning sweetly at her. ''There she is, Adi. Just like I promised. Your best friend.'' Adia began to circle around me.

A grin on her face. ''I promised myself, the day that Masood died. I would pay you back for everything you did. All I ever wanted was to be your friend, Saria. To share secrets with you. Like sisters.''

Her voice cracked. ''I never had a sister, you know. Never. And I.. Always wished that I had. Mama can't have any more kids. I thought that maybe... Just maybe, you could be that person for me. That you would care for me and I would finally have that one thing I always dreamed of. But no. You just see me as your plaything. Something to use and abuse.''

She bent down so she was right in my face. ''That ends here and now. No more will I be your victim! Not now, not ever!'' she screamed loudly in total rage. She reached into the top pocket of her dark navy pinafore and pulled out a small lighter. Not unlike the one that Assef had bought me.

It was silver in colour with the letter A carved twice on the front and back. 'Adia and Aarash,' I thought. 'How sweet.' Adia slapped me hard across the face. If I had a coin for every time someone's done that today... She began kicking me repeatedly. I couldn't speak for screaming.

''NO!'' Assef yelled desperately as Adia flicked on the lighter. Bright orange flame sanded and glowed a mere three inches from my face. My eyes widened in fear and terror. 'I'm going to be burned,' I thought. 'Like Fahrsan.' My bitch leaned down so we were nose to nose. The flame still inches from my left eye.

''I'm going to burn you with this.,'' she mocked me. ''So you can get a little taste of Hell fire. It's where you'll end up, in any case.'' That was when something truly snapped inside me. My bitch. My bitch. This girl was my property. I owned her. I always have and always will. I saw past the rage in Asia's eyes to the absolute fear that she still held for me. The terror reflected in the pools of her black eyes.

The way her fingers trembled around the lighter. She was still scared of me. I could read her like an open book. I owned her like an animal. She was mine and I would not allow her of all people to do this to me. I could feel the total rage in my mind. I gritted my teeth and stared defiantly at Adia. The flame flickered in her hand, symbolising the flames of the total hatred that coursed through my veins. I flecked my upper lip. ''No. NO,'' I hissed, defiant. A look of shock passed Adia's face.

''No, Adia. You will not harm me. Get that thing out of my face or I... swear... I'll...'' I hissed vehemently. She backed up a little. Breathing heavily. Her eyes darted every which way.

''Come on, Adia! Burn the bitch! Burn the bitch!'' The other boys chanted, clapping their hands together in anticipation.

She shook her head. Terrified. She looked up at Aarash in total and utter shame. ''No. No,'' she said. She looked at me. I was the monster under her bed, darkness incarnate. She was scared of me. Angry though she was, she was terrified of me. ''I-I can't.. No..'' She was so ashamed of having shown weakness like that.

''I can't do it,'' she admitted. She switched off the lighter, hanging her shoulders in total defeat. She couldn't even bring herself to look in my eyes. 'You own her, Saria. You own her,' I thought to myself, like a mantra. Adia was shaking like an autumn leaf.

If I wasn't tied down, I would kill her right here and right now. I glared at her in total defiance. ''I can't do it,'' she cried again.

She bowed her heard and I saw a few tears fall down her dress and plop onto the ground. She trembled with shame. Aarash hoisted her to her feet. He put his hands on her shoulders. ''It's okay if you can't. We don't think any less of you,'' he told her sweetly. ''You gave her quite a good slap.'' Adia looked at me, and I saw the real reason she couldn't burn me. A reason that ran deeper than fear. Something she had that I never could. A conscience. She felt guilty for hurting me. For having the urge to do so in the first place.

She was in essence what one would call a 'good' person. I wanted to slit her throat ear to fucking ear. She was now shaking in fear from me. ''Again, Adi,'' Aarash said. 'Does he call her that like Assef calls me kiddo?' I wondered. ''Again, it's okay that you can't do this. I understand that you can't. I do.''

He pulled her into his arms. ''Shh. Don't cry now. You did really well. Would you like to go home now?'' At these words, she began nodding frantically. She looked at me again. ''Alright then. Okay. Go on.''

He curled her little fingers around the lighter. He pushed it towards her body. ''Go home.'' At his words, she left us. The look she got from Assef when she passed him was nothing short of pure evil. My brother had the eyes of a killer, even if he couldn't kill just yet. She let out a sharp squeal of terror as she broke into a run away from him.

Aarash began to taunt me again. ''Adia might be afraid of you, but that doesn't mean I am,'' he said. I could feel the hot, wet tears sliding down my face. I could feel nothing but pain and terror.

''No,'' I choked out in total desperation. All I wanted was to die. To run and never come back. I wanted to be held by my brother. The one person who loved me. Who understood and felt this same pain I was feeling.

Tears filled my eyes and kept pooling over. My face was saturated. I wanted to be safe again. Aarash pulled my hair and leaned into my face. ''You're a dirty whore,'' he snarled. ''You worthless German bitch. You don't belong here. Go crawl back to Germany where you belong and die, die like the scum you are. You're so stupid. So stupid.''

He growled. He took another swing at my face, hitting me again in the jaw. He kicked my side. I screamed in agony. Every move aching.

''NO! STOPPPP!'' Assef yelled at the top of his lungs. Aarash just laughed as he continued to violently beat me. ''STOP! ENOUGH! IT'S ENOUGH! SHE'S GONE THROUGH ENOUGH! PLEASE!'' he kept screaming at Aarash, his voice broken between tearful sobs. I felt total agony in my very bones and soul. I wanted to die and for all of this to end.

How many times have I said this now? The other boys began laughing loudly at my suffering. Yes, even Kamal who had protected me earlier. I was as scared as I had ever been. Aarash slammed my head again and again into the ground. SLAM! SLAM! SLAM! ''DON'T! NOOOOO! STOPPPPPPP!'' Assef screamed, twisting desperately. I looked at him. He was crying harder than I had ever seen him cry before. ''SARIA!'' I heard him screaming.

''Saria!'' Aarash mocked. ''Ha! What an enthusiastic audience member we have here,'' he teased. He punched me in the stomach. ''What did you think of that, Assef? Come now, you seem to know all about beating little kids. Am I doing this right? Should I hold my fist at a specific angle?'' he asked.

He stomped on my chest. I screamed again. 'Please just let me die. Let this end,' I desperately thought over and over. 'I don't want to hurt any more. I don't want Assef to see this.' I wanted to end this. 'Please let it fucking end.' Aarash spat on me repeatedly.

''Filthy dog! FILTHY DOG! DIRTY LITTLE CUNT!'' he screamed again and again. He kept on hitting and hitting me. I began to drift in and out it consciousnesses. I could barely see anything any more. I just felt the total pain and agony that Aarash put me through every moment.

''SARIAAAAAA!'' my brother screamed. Tears were sliding down his face and his voice was choked with sobs. ''STOP HURTING HER PLEASE! PLEASE!'' he begged. Aarash began to laughs like a person who has truly lost his mind. ''SISTER!'' Assef cried out again. His voice was beginning to fade.

I knew that the end was coming. Such a somber thought for a girl of twelve. I felt dizzy, hazy. Aarash laughed as he punched over and overs I was in agony but strangely enough, somehow I felt almost at peace with this pain now. ''SARIAAAAA!'' Assef yelled.

I turned to smile at him. ''I love you. I'll be with Abdul now,'' I mouthed. He crumpled and began screaming my name. Again and again.

''SARIA! SARIA!'' 'So this is how everything ends,' I thought to myself. ''SARIAAAA!'' Assef screamed again. The last sounds I heard were those of Assef screaming and Aarash laughing before everything went black.

Will Saria live or die? And if she lives, what will the extent of her injuries be? Please leave PMs, comments and subscribe. Thank you to everyone who has read thus far. :)

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