Devil with the Angel's Eyes (16+)

(Based on Khaled Hosseini's The Kite Runner)

Saria Ahmed is Assef's twelve year old sister, a charming young girl with bright blue eyes, and curly blonde hair. With her girly dresses and sweet demeanour, she comes across as the perfect child. But there is evil lying just beneath the innocent facade, a darkness that is sometimes beyond her control...

Any characters, words or plot devices taken from the Kite Runner are copyrighted by Khaled Hosseini and Dreamworks studios. I do not own them, and no copyright is intended. Saria Ahmed, and any other characters not owned by Hosseini are owned by me.

Please note that this story does contain strong violence, language and mature themes, but it is meant to reflect the violent and sociopathic natures of both Saria and Assef, and is told from Saria's unique first person perspective. If you are under the age, or maturity level of 16, or are in any way squeamish about violence, please do not read this story. Any feedback/ideas are welcomed.


1. Meeting Saria

This fan story is based on Khaled Hosseini's best-selling novel, and centres around my Original Character, Saria Adelah Ahmed, the younger sister of the novel's antagonist Assef. The following story was only meant to be a mere 2-3 chapters in length, but it has grown to over 31 chapters since then, with more and more being planned and written. I want to thank my friend Christany for her help and support throughout the writing of this story. She's been great at helping plan and write later chapters. This is an OC centric story with the canon characters explored being ones that didn't have much, if any screen time in the original work.

Please note that this story has strong language, racism, and violent/mature themes, as it is meant to reflect Saria and Assef's violent and sociopathic natures, and is told in Saria's perspective. I look forward to hearing all feedback, and all comments/criticisms are welcomed.

"Can't wear this, or this, or this!" I moaned to myself as I threw an assortment of clothes on the bed. My once tidy room now looked unrecognizable. Oh well, I guess that's what servants are for, right? I had now gone through practically everything I owned in my wardrobe, and still I had nothing to wear. And we were twenty minutes away from leaving to go to the "playdate." I flopped face-down on my bed. "Ugh!" I groaned. "Stupid clothes, can't I have anything that isn't shitty once in a while?"

In the end, I settled for a white dress with a sunflower on it. I hated the floral abomination. A four-year-old would have been so excited to wear it. I however, wanted nothing more than to throw it in the trashcan and be done with it. I didn't want to go to this stupid party but my parents were making me. They were worried that a girl my age still didn't have any friends, so they tried to set me up with Adia. Adia was ten, a year younger than me, and much too nice for me to want anything to do with her. You know those people who are so sweet it makes you physically sick? Yeah, that was Adia. In a nutshell. I hated her, but I couldn't let my parents know this. The worst part was that this was a sleepover. Yeah.

I had to deal with the annoying bitch all night. I didn't know how I was going to live through it, but I guess I had to. For the cause. Whatever the cause is, I'm not sure. But hey, isn't that what people always say when they do something torturous? I took a quick look at myself in the mirror before I left the room. With my blonde hair and blue eyes I was an odd sight here in Afghanistan. There weren't a lot of German people here like my mother. I went downstairs where my mom, dad, and older brother were waiting for me by the front door.

"Are you excited, Saria?" Mama asked me. I nodded. What else could I do?

"Yeah, I guess," I said, shrugging. I think Mama saw my shrug, but she didn't say anything about it. She merely gushed about "her baby's first sleepover" and gave me a humongous wet kiss, before running into the kitchen, in tears. That's right. Tears! I can imagine what she'll be like on my wedding day.

Then Papa grinned at me and said, "Women, eh? I'm going to get my coat. I'll be back in two moments." He bustled off, humming some strange song to himself.

While he was gone, my brother, Assef, came over to me. He fished around in his pocket for some time, then pressed something heavy and sharp into my open palm. I knew exactly what it was he was giving me. Stainless steel brass knuckles. I had seen him use them only once but I knew the damage they could cause. Was I really ready for this?

"Assef.." I said, looking down at my hand. "Do you really think I'll..." I trailed off.

"Look, just take them. I know you don't want to go, and I also know what goes on at sleepovers." When I gave him a confused look, he went on, "You know, how people try to embarrass each other in their sleep?" Oh. I hadn't heard about that. "I don't want anything like that to happen to you. So take them. I'm not going out tonight, and I won't need them. Promise me you'll use them if someone upsets you?"

I paused. How would it look if I beat someone up? Bad, really bad. I wasn't used to this whole physical violence lark. Assef was sixteen, so he had more experience. "Promise me," Assef said again, grabbing me by the shoulder.

"I promise, Assef," I said, looking at my feet.

He hugged me briefly and ruffled my hair. "Alright, kiddo. I love you. Go and have fun."

I sat my rucksack on my lap while Papa drove me to the party. Assef's brass knuckles were in the front pocket of the bag. I knew I had to be careful not to let anybody see them. They felt heavy to the touch, and were still stained with blood from the last time my brother used them. There was something thrilling about how he pounded that poor thirteen-year-old unconscious. I couldn't even recall why they were fighting. I hoped that I wouldn't have to use them tonight. I brushed my hair back from my face and licked my lips.

"You okay, kiddo?" Papa asked. I glared from the backseat. 'Kiddo' was Assef's nickname for me and it has been since we were children. I didn't like when anybody else used it.

"I'm fine," I said through gritted teeth.

"You sure?"

God, would he just leave me the hell alone? I clenched my fists at my sides and breathed in and out deeply. "I guess I'm just a bit nervous about the party." This wasn't a lie.

"You don't need to be nervous, honey. Adia is a lovely girl. I'm sure you two are going to be best friends." He grinned stupidly at me in the rearview mirror. I had to struggle to hold my smile.

I seriously hoped Adia and I would not become 'best friends.' The less time I had to spend with the bitch, the better. "Well, that sounds nice, Papa, but Adia already has friends."

"You can never have too many friends, kiddo."

'STOP CALLING ME THAT!' I wanted to shriek out. "Yeah, you're right, Papa. I feel better now. Thank you." I smiled at him, trying to make more conversation. "So, what are you going to do tonight while I'm away?"

"I think we'll maybe play a game of volleyball if the sun's still up. Or whatever..." he trailed off.

I knew the complete sentence was... "or whatever Assef wants to do." You didn't need to be a genius to know that my brother frightened our parents. He would have frightened me too but I knew he would never raise a hand against me. We loved each other too much to ever hurt one an other in any way, physical or otherwise. After about twenty minutes, we pulled up outside Adia's house. It wasn't tiny but I knew my home was substantially bigger than it. I smirked to myself. I already had one up on the little bitch. Papa drove the car up to the gates, and then put it in park. He then got out of the car with me. 'HOLD IT,' I thought to myself. 'I'M NO BABY.'

"Papa, it's alright," I told him as politely as I could. "I can go in by myself."

"No, Saria. I don't know Adia's parent's and I want to know what will be going on tonight. I am going to walk you inside, and have an adult talk with them, while you play with Adia. Is that clear?" I nodded. What else could I do?

"Yes, Papa," I said, bowing my head. We went up and knocked on the front door. A somewhat pretty girl with black hair in pigtails opened the door and clapped her hands delightedly when she saw me.

"Hi!" she squealed. "You must be Saria! I'm Adia! Oh my, thank you so much for coming!"

"Hello, Adia," Papa said kindly.

"Hello, Mahmood agha," she replied politely.

"Is your mama or papa here, Adia jan?"

"Yes, my papa is minding us tonight because my mama is out with her friends for the night. Would you like to talk to him?" God, she was so annoying. I tried to smile and be polite but it was very hard.

Then Papa said, "Okay, Adia jan, will you please take Saria in to play while Papa and I have a little chat."

"Yes, sir," she said politely, looking at me with a retarded grin on her face. Oh, how I wished I could just run home to my brother.

Papa squatted down so he was on eye level with me. "I want you to behave yourself tonight, young lady. Be polite to Adia's father and do exactly as he tells you. I will be back at ten am tomorrow to pick you up."

"Yes, Papa, I will behave," I lied. In reality, I would do no such thing. Be polite to Adia's father, yes, but to the little cunt herself? Well, she would have to be very nice to me for that to happen.

I allowed Adia to lead me into her bedroom, and we both sat down on the bed. "I'm really glad that you came, Saria," she said kindly. "It's going to be so much fun, tonight. I never had a friend to sleep over before."

"Really?" I asked, interested. So this was her first sleepover too?

"Yeah, before Mama and Papa thought that I was too young. They always treat me like a little baby." Adia played absentmindedly with the hem of her skirt, shooting glances at me every now and then. It was really fucking irritating.

"Haha, parents, right?" I asked.

"Yeah, but I know they only do it because they love me and want what is best for me. So that's why I need rules and regulations."

"I guess," I said. Wow, she was a self-righteous bitch, wasn't she? Just then, there was a knock on the door and a boy of about three years older than Adia came in. I looked at him. The first thing that I noticed was the scar running down his face. This disfigurement made him look rather ugly. Frightening, actually.

"Hey, you must be Saria," he said and shook my hand. "I'm Masood, Adia's big brother."

"Nice to meet y-you," I stuttered. I was a little scared of this hideous monster. Okay, that's an understatement. A lot scared. Disfigured people are close to top on the list of those who I can't stand. The world deserves better than them, don't you think?

"You too. Well, I just came in to tell you that I am going to play some tennis in a moment, if you two girls would like to come join me," he ruffled his sister's hair, reaching out to do the same to me. I ducked away, biting my lip in an attempt to seem cute or endearing. Masood laughed. Idiotic fucker.

"Yeah!" Adia said, a little too enthusiastically. "We will be right down, won't we, Saria?" She looked up at me,

"Sure," I replied nonchalantly. Then Masood left and Adia ran to get her two tennis rackets.

"You can borrow mine," she said.

"Thanks," I replied. I couldn't stop thinking about the horrid ugly scar on her brother's face. I imagined what it must be like to have something like that. I ran a hand down my face. Adia saw me looking and sighed.

"It's okay," she said. "I know that my brother must be a little scary for you."

"What happened to him?" I asked innocently.

"It was about two months ago. My brother got in a fight."

"A fight?" I asked, my interest piqued.

"Not really a "fight" but this older boy beat the living daylights out of him." She had to stop for a moment and wipe her eyes. "We all thought we were going to lose him, but luckily he is strong and he survived. Now he has that scar. I think my brother is a true hero," she said, puffing her chest out smugly. "And when I get older, I'm going to kill that jerk who hurt him."

I laughed at this. The mental image of this tiny bitch killing anyone was just too much for me to handle. I bit down on my lip, my shoulders heaving up and down as I giggled to myself.

"No, really, I am. Assef won't know what hit him."

"Assef?" I froze.

"Yeah, he's the boy who beat up my brother. Surely you must know him?"

I started to laugh. Oh, the irony! Here I was, sitting with the sister of the boy my brother had viciously beaten. This would give Assef a good laugh when I told him about this. Adia stared at me as I slapped my knees, doubled over. "What's so funny?" she asked. I continued to laugh, not answering her. Oh, I had her! I fucking had her! Tonight would be a doozy! I had nothing to worry about.

"He's my brother!" I giggled, searching her face for any sign of a reaction.

"What?" she asked.

"Assef is my older brother. I'm Saria Ahmed."

Adia cocked her head from one side, then the other. "Y-your Assef's sister?" she asked, her voice barely above a whisper.

I nodded. "Yes, Adia. I'm Assef's little sister," I repeated slowly. "You honestly didn't know this?" How stupid was she? The girl was in the same class as me, yet she had no idea I was Assef's sister. Was she that much of an idiot?

"I-I..." she started. She looked at me again. "You do look like him but.."

The happy, sweet expression on my face changed into a dark glare. For a long moment, Adia and I stared at each other. "No.." the little bitch whined. "I... I.. Saria.."

I reached out and put my arms around her. I had just found a new best friend who was going to do whatever I told them. This was great. "It's okay, Adia. I'd still like to be your friend," I told her honestly.

"You would?"

"Yeah, I don't have many friends at school." I tried to look sad. "Would you like to be friends with me, and we can look out for each other and play together?" Damn it, Saria, you are good!

"I guess so," she said. "Um, I-I never really had a lot of friends."

I smiled to myself, then my thoughts turned to the brass knuckles in my bag. I knew I wouldn't be needing them tonight. Adia would be putty in my hands for the rest of her life! We both went downstairs and joined Masood in the garden. I smiled to myself as we played a game of tennis doubles. It was amazing how small a world it is, isn't it? After about two hours of playing, we all went inside for tea.

"This is lovely," I told Adia's father. "Thank you so much for having me tonight. I'm really enjoying myself."

"I'm glad, Saria jan." He got up. "Now, your father told me that you were to phone home tonight. Would you like to do that now while Adia has her bath?"

"Yeah, I guess," I told him. He pointed the phone out to me. "Take as long as you like." I nodded and skipped off. Then I rang home. Mama answered on the first ring.


"Hi, Mama," I said.

"Oh, baby, are you alright, are you sick? Do you want me to come and get you?" Mama, always worrying. What was I, a fucking toddler? I had to bite my tongue to stop from cursing her out. "Saria?" she asked again. I rolled my eyes, though she couldn't see me.

"No, Mama, I'm fine. I just called to say that I love you and I am having a really good time."

"That's wonderful, baby. I'm so happy for you."

"Thank you, Mama. Is Assef around?"

"He's here, why?"

"I just wanted to say good night to him before I went to bed."

"Aww, that's sweet. Hold on." There was yelling on the other end of the phone and then Assef came on the line.

"Hey, kiddo. What's up? Is everything alright? Have they hurt you?" he asked.

"Assef, it's fine," I told him. I looked around to check nobody was listening. "I have something to tell you. You are going to laugh when you hear this."

"I'm listening, kiddo."

"You know the boy you beat up last month?"

"Uh huh..." he trailed off, not understanding this.

"He's Adia's brother!" I burst out laughing.

"Really?" I knew he was trying to hide his laughter.

"Yeah! He has a big scar on his face and everything!"

"Wow, I beat him good, didn't I?"

"Yeah, you did."

I heard Javid calling from upstairs. "I've got to go," I told my brother. "Javid is coming."

"Alright, kiddo, goodnight. I love you."

"I love you too," I said. Then I hung up the phone.

"How are they?" Javid asked.

"Fine. They are both well."

"That's good, jan," he said.

"It's nine o clock now, and that's when you need to be getting to bed. Please go and get your PJs on, and go to Adia's room. I'll be up in twenty minutes to check you've brushed your teeth." I almost struck him then and there. Hello! I'm eleven years old! I don't need people to check my teeth! Oh my Gawd, I'm not a baby! I had to fight very hard to keep my temper in check.

"Yes, agha. I'll go right up," I told him truthfully. I went to leave, but he stopped me.

"Sweetie, I can already tell you and Adia are going to be firm friends, and well, she needs that now. She hasn't had much of a good time lately. I really need you to look out for her, and to help her. Oh, and you can call me Javid, if you wish?"

"Okay, Javid," I said, smiling. I knew just how to play him. "I promise I'll take good care of Adia." Oh, I will.

"Good girl. Well, I don't want to keep you two girls. I know how women are with getting ready," he ruffled my hair, (my feathers, more like) and sent me on my way. I walked upstairs and put on one of my nightgowns.

I had grown longer, and it barely covered my legs. I went and brushed my teeth and then came back and brushed my hair one hundred times before settling down on the bed. Adia had kindly offered to give up her bed for tonight, and she would stay in a sleeping bag on the floor. As promised, Javid came up twenty minutes later to check on us. He stopped when he saw me lying face down on the bed. "I don't need an eyeful of your bottom, Saria. Have you got any pants?"

I shook my head no. "I don't wear pants at home."

"Well, you'll have to change into a pair of Adia's PJs. We don't allow young ladies to wear skimpy clothes like that in this house. Even at night-time." He went and got a fucking pair of "bunny" pyjamas, and thrust them at me. "Put these on, and we'll say no more about it, jan. But I want you to remember to never bring a nightie like that into our home again, do you understand me?"

"Yes, agha," I answered, through gritted teeth. I was beyond fuming. How dare this man tell me what I could and couldn't wear! How dare he! That asshole! That faggot! That... that... I am so angry I can't even think of a good insult. I stormed into the bathroom and slammed the door behind me. "FUCCCCCCCCK!" I screamed. I looked at the pyjamas. I wasn't some little baby. I was eleven. Nearly twelve. Two more years and I'd be a teenager.

"Did I hear bad language in there?" Javid asked angrily.

I froze. Shit, did I say that out loud? I was too mad to care. "Yeah, what of it?" I retorted back.

"Saria, we do not use that type of language in this house. I do not want to hear it again, am I clear?" I let out a feral shriek, and slammed my whole body into the door. Oh! Big mistake! Ow! I would be bruised from that! But for now, I didn't care. I started to scream. My brother isn't the only one with a bad temper!


I picked up a bottle of shampoo and poured it all over Adia's pyjamas. Then I bit into the top and began to tear the buttons off! I was now so beyond the point of anger, it wasn't funny. This was my release. I tore the pyjamas to shreds and then emerged from the bathroom. I thrust the now ruined clothing at Adia. "Here!" I spat. "Guess I can't put them on now, can I?"

I have never seen a man angrier than Javid looked right then. Even Assef would be frightened if he saw the look in his eyes. "I think, young lady, a telophone call with your parents is in order!"

"Fine!" I shouted, nearly in tears now. "You do whatever the fuck you want!" I leant over and stamped on his foot, harder, before storming out of the room. I made my way to the living room and collapsed onto the sofa. The tears flowed without stopping. What would my parents say? I had never allowed myself to lose control in front of an adult like this. Don't get me wrong, I did throw tantrums, but usually I was clever enough to do so without anyone around.

Needless to say, I was in massive trouble when Mama and Papa came. My heart dropped as I saw the car pull up the drive. Papa's face was stoic as he spoke with Javid. Mama kept shooting angry glares in my direction. I lowered my head, my body wracked with sobs, trying to portray the image of a remorseful little girl. "Let's get going, Saria," Mama snapped, directing me out the door. Right before we left, she leaned down to speak in my ear. "What do you say to Javid, young lady?"

"T-thank you f-for having me, Javid agha. I a-apologise for my behaviour." I could barely get the words out through my sobs.

We drove in tense silence all the way home. "Get into that house right now, young lady!" Papa demanded when we got home.

I stormed into the front room. "Whatever possessed you to behave in such a disrespectful manner tonight?" he demanded of me, standing up while I sat down. With my small stature, he towered over me easily.


"You do know, madam, that is not a good enough answer!" he roared.

"I guess I was just angry that I was being made to do something that I didn't want to."

"Saria Adelah Ahmed." Oh, full name. I was in deep shit now. "you promised me that you would behave yourself tonight, didn't you?"

"Caa, agha." I wanted to kick myself for showing my true colours.

"And instead, you chose to go back on your promise, and to disappoint me and your mother by using foul language and destroying the property of someone else. DIDN'T YOU?"

"Whatever," I replied flippantly.

"Watch your tone!" Papa snapped. "I am too disgusted to even finish this conversation right now. It's late, and you need to get to bed. You are grounded for three months, Saria, and you will spend those three months doing chores. The money you usually get from those chores you will use to buy a new pair of pyjamas for Adia, which you will present to her along with a four page apology letter you will write yourself. Do you understand?"

"Caa, agha."

"Get to your room. No reading, no playing with your dolls. Nothing. Straight to bed. Go!" He pointed towards the stairs, a stern look on his features. My legs were shaking as I struggled to my feet. I could feel their stares bearing down on me as I left the room.

I raced up to my bedroom. I just wanted to cry myself to sleep. I hated this! Everyone was being so unfair! Assef noticed me crying and came right in. "Are you alright?" he asked, concerned. I shook my head. He came and sat down on the bed next to me. "I heard Father yelling at you." I nodded my head, and wiped my eyes. Assef gathered me into his arms and rocked me back and forth.

"What'd ya do, Saria?" he asked in a worried voice.

I hurriedly told him of what had transpired. "Wow, kiddo, you don't do things by halves."

I giggled through my tears. "Are you mad at me?" I asked timidly.

"Why would I be mad at you? You did just as I would have had I been in your situation."

"No, you would have beaten the life out of Javid for ever suggesting that you wear something with bunnies on," I laughed.

"Yes, but Saria, Javid is a grown man. I don't want you beating up grown men, because they will hurt you. And, try to not to go near that man again. Understand?"

"Yes, Assef," I replied. "But, Assef..."

"What is it?" he asked, brushing a lock of hair behind my ear.

"I'd still like to be friends with Adia," I said the word "friends" the way Assef did when he talked about Wali and Kamal.

"Okay but be careful around her father and if he ever raises a hand against you, come and find me."

"I will," I vowed. I yawned, stretching as I arched my back.

"Alright, you must be wrecked. You lie down. I'll see you tomorrow." He brushed my hair from my face and kissed me on the forehead. I winced, feeling where I had slammed into the door a few moments earlier. "What's up? Did somebody hurt you?" Assef's voice was low and dangerous. It was his "I'm going to put on my brass knuckles and beat somebody up" voice.

"No, it's not what you think, Assef," I told him hurriedly. "I got mad and slammed myself into the door."

"Well, that wasn't the most intelligent of decisions," he scoffed.

"Guess not."

"Well, if you're sure you'll be okay.."

"I'll be fine..."

"Alright. Goodnight, kiddo. I love you."

"I love you from the moon to the sky," I replied.

"I love you from the moon to the end of the universe!" Assef said as he left the room. I smiled and snuggled into bed.

I would get back at that bitch and her father some other time. For now, I just needed to sleep.

Thanks for reading. Any reviews, as I said, are welcome. In the next chapter, will Adia get her apology? And can Saria control her temper once more when she is faced with the prospect of a dinner with Adia's entire family? Please review, PM and subscribe.

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