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Everything's going great for Celeste and her friends but nothing can last forever. Will things take a turn for the worse or will everything continue to be great?

Her name is pronounced Cell-eh-st if you didn't know how to pronounce it.


37. mall

"Hey clari. How are you doing?"

"Im doing fine."

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah just a bit tired that's all. Christopher isn't a very sound sleeper and without Zayn all the responsibility is on me."

"Oh well sorry to hear that. At least your coming to America know that Chris is a month old!" I said excitedly.

"Thank god! I feel so lonely all the way over here."

"Haha well you'll be here by this time saturday. Which is only two days away!"

"Im finally going to get to see all of you again, its been to long."

"I know."

"Well I got to go Chris is awake and hungry. Byeeee" Clari said hanging up.

I grabbed my phone and went on twitter. The boys were at rehearsal and I didn't feel like going. There wasn't much going on so I closed the app and left our hotel room. I walked over to sierras.

*knock knock*

"How can I help you?" Sierra asked walking back inside with me following behind her.

"How about me and you get out of this hotel and go walk around the city? We are in dallas after all!" I said sitting on the bed.

"Hmmm sounds fun let me just get dressed." She said smiling.

"Alright meet me in the lobby in 15min." I said leaving.


"Are you ready to go?" I asked. She nodded and we walked outside. There were a few fans outside but not that many.

"can we get a picture?" One girl asked.

"Sure." I said smiling. She smiled back and we took a picture. "I got an idea! How about we take a group picture and ill post it on twitter. That way we don't have to take individual pictures with everyone cause sierra and I are on quite a tight schedule and we really need to get going." I said looking at everyone. I got a choruse of 'okays' and 'sures' telling me my idea was a good one.

"okay everyone get together." Sierra said.

I handed a by passer my phone and asked him to take a picture of us.

Once the picture was taken I grabbed my phone and said goodbye to everyone. Sierra and I got in the car and we were on our way. On the way to the Galeria I went on twitter.


So lovely to meet the fans today. Even though your not our fans per say I still love you xX

We were in the car for about  20 min when we got to the mall. It didn't look to big from the outside but it was HUGE on the inside.


We had been roaming the mall for 2 1/2 hours occasionally getting stopped by fans asking for pictures. When we had finally finished all our shopping we tried to find where we got dropped off but we got lost. So we decided to stop at the cheesecake factory and eat.

"I didn't realize this mall was so big!" I said stuffing my face with food.

"I know! I cant believe we're lost." Sierra said laughing.

I laughed along with her when I felt my phone vibrate. I pulled it out.

Nialler <3: Hey babe. What are you up to?

Me: Im with Sierra at this HUGE mall!

Nialler <3: haha nice. Are you gonna be able to come to the concert tonight?

Me: Of course! theres just one little problem.

Nialler <3: and that is?!

Me: We got lost trying to find where we entered the mall. /:

Nialler <3: Only you love xD well see you when you get here :*

Me: See you later. Byeeeeeee :*

"Well lets try to find a way out of this place." Sierra said paying for her food.  I nodded and we were off.


It took a while but we finally found the way out. We were now on the way to the arena.

"You made it!!" Louis said walking over to us.

"Yes we did!" I said smiling at him. "Where are the rest of the boys?"

"In the dressing room. I was just heading there so follow me."

I saw Niall sitting on a couch playing the guitar shirtless. So I decided to surprise him.

"Hey baby how about me and you get frisky." I said in a manly voice.

"I would love to." He said. I walked in front of him.

"That's so gross Niall!" I said scrunching up my nose.

"Babe I knew it was you. Your manly voice isn't very good." He said pulling me down so I was sitting on his lap.

"Well I tried." I said kissing him on the lips.

"Boys we have to get ready. The concert starts in 10 min." A man with brown hair and a clipboard said coming into the dressing room. "Niall why don't you have a shirt on??! and who are you two!" He said frantically pointing to me and sierra."

"Calm down Alfred theyre with us." Zayn said.

"Alright they can stay but you boys have to go and get your mics." He said rushing them all out of the dressing room.

"Goodluck! Break a leg! Love you." Me and Sierra yelled over Alfreds yelling.

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