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Everything's going great for Celeste and her friends but nothing can last forever. Will things take a turn for the worse or will everything continue to be great?

Her name is pronounced Cell-eh-st if you didn't know how to pronounce it.


35. Leaving

"Babe get up you have to get ready the boys will be here in an hour." I said trying to shake Niall awake.

"Five more minutes." He said pulling the covers over his head. I pulled them off then kissed his forehead, cheeks, nose, then lips.

"Babe get up." I whisperd in his ear. He shivered before lifting his arm. Yes it's working. His hand grabbed waist then pushed me to the floor.

"Get away peasant i'm tired." He murmured before pulling the covers back over his head.

Well two can play at that game. I Quietly got up from the floor and walked to the kitchen. I found a large bowl and filled it with ice and water. Niall is gonna be sorry he messed with me. After carefully climbing the stairs I finally made it to the room. Niall was still asleep. I pulled back the covers and poured the water all over him. He jumped like 5 feet in the air. I laughed and ran for my life.

"I am gonna kill you!" i heard him yell. I was hiding in a closet when I saw him run out of the room. He took one step then fell down. He groaned and just stayed there.

"Niall are you okay?" I asked kneeling down next to him. He looked at me then pulled me into a hug making my shirt soaking wet. I pulled away and got up.

"Niall my shirt is all wet!"

"Well my whole body is wet."

"But you have nothing else but boxers on. Now get up and get dressed you have 20 min till the guys get here." I said slapping his butt when he got up. I was already dresse, but since my shirt is now soaking I have to change. I went to the closet and picked out a simple t-shirt. Since we were going to be on a plane for like a billion hours I decided not to dress all fancy. I grabbed my bags and dragged them downstairs.

"The awesomest people in the world have arrived!" I heard harry yell from downstairs. Then I saw him appear at the bottom of the stairs.

"Are you guys ready?" Liam said grabbbing my bags to take them to the car.

"Well I am. Let me go check on Niall." I walked into the bathroom. He wasn't in there so I walked to the closet. He was putting on his shirt so I barely got a glimpse at his toned abs.

"Are you ready?" I asked leaving the closet.

"Yeah let me just grab my phone." He said following close behind. I walked to the bed grabbed my phone and purse then walked down the stairs hand in hand with Niall.

"Let's go." Niall said saying hello to everyone. Once everyone was outside I locked the door. There were two cars outside since there were to many people to just fit in one. Since there were eight people we decided to split into two groups. Four in each car. In one it was Niall, Sierra, Harry, and I with Harry driving. In the other car it was Dani, Liam, Louis, and El with Louis driving.


We are now at the airport. We got out of the car and were bombarded by paparazzi and screaming fans. By now Paul had come to the rescue.

"Sorry ladies, but the boys have to be on their flight in 30 min." Paul said pushing past the paparazzi and fans making a path for us.

"Celeste! Niall!" I heard someone say to my right. I looked up smiled and waved.

Finally we had gotten inside.

"Okay well heres the plan. People are taking your luggage to the plane so all you guys-"

"Hey were not all guys." Dani said interuppting Paul making everyone laugh.

"Haha sorry ladies. Anyways all you have to do is go straight to the plane."

"Okay well then lets go." Niall said.


It turns out One Direction have a private jet. We had gotten on and off we went.

"Are you excited?" Niall whispered in my ear.

"Yes! I can't wait till we land in LA." I said smiling really big.

"Do you realize that we will techniacally be going back in time."

"What do you mean?" I asked squinting my eyes.

"Well when we left London it was 8am today and when we land it will be 9pm yesterday. Therefore going back in time." He said kissing my head.

"I never thought about that." I said looking up into his blue eyes. "I love your eyes."

"And i love you." He said kissing my lips.


"Love wake up were almost there." Niall said shaking me. I yawned and opened my eyes. "Look outside." He said. I did as he said and looked out the window. I gasped. It was amazing the tall buildings were all lit up. It looked absolutely amazing. I looked up and saw the hollywood sign. It was absolutley stunning.

"When we land we can go sight seeing if you want." 

"I would really love that." I said giving him a hug.


"So what do you want to do first?" Niall asked putting the bags in our room.

"I dont know but I don't want to be bothered by people. I just want it to be you and me." I said walking towards him.

"I have the perfect way to insure that we dont get interrupted." He said going to the suitcase. He pulled out sunglasses. "Put these on and stick all your hair in this hat so you look like a boy." He said.

"Why are we doing this NIall." I asked laughing.

"We are going to make you look like a guy so we can get out of here." He said handing me some of his clothes.

"These are huge." I said taking the jeans.

"That's true."

"Why don't we just go out the back of the hotel?" I said handing back the stuff Niall had handed me.

"That sounds more reasonable." He said putting the stuff back frowning. I grabbed the stuff and walked into the bathroom. I changed then walked out. I even drew a mustache on me.

"I am ready for a night out." I said posing at the door.

"You look ridiculous!" NIall said laughing really hard.

"What ever put on your hat and glasses so I can draw a mustache and beard on you." I said slapping his arm.

We finally finished getting ready.

"Okay so i'm gonna go out first then wait like 5 min till you go. Meet me around the corner." I said before rounding the corner.

"See you outside 'Brandon'." Niall said winking at me. We had decided to come up with different names. I'm Brandon and he's James. I had walked out into the lobby. There was still paparazzi and fans out there. I opened the door and walked out. Luckily nobody had noticed me so I kept walking around the block. It had been a while but I finally saw Niall walking around the corner. .

"I'm ALIVE!!!!!" NIall yelled.

"Did anyone recognize you?" 


"Me either. I will never underestimate your ideas ever again."  I said kissing him.

"I dont think we should kiss. You look like a guy and it kinda freaks me out." Niall said smirking at me.

"Shut up! So what are we gonna do first?"

"We can go see the stars." Niall said taking my hand.

"I would love that."

We were walking around LA for about an hour when we got tired and decided to go back to the hotel. We were wakling back to the room when I stopped Niall. We should take a picture of our amazing disquises and put it on twitter. He got out his phone and we posted it on twitter.
@Niallofflicial: Like our disguises? We were still in the lobby when i heard someone scream 'those guys are them'. I turned around and smiled at them. They all screamed. Niall grabbed my hand and started to run to the room.





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