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Everything's going great for Celeste and her friends but nothing can last forever. Will things take a turn for the worse or will everything continue to be great?

Her name is pronounced Cell-eh-st if you didn't know how to pronounce it.


29. Escape

Celeste's POV

I was laying on the bed. Tears falling down my face. I can't believe he just did that?! James just raped me... why is he doing this to me? Is it because I left him or does he just want to get back at Niall? My thoughts were interuppted by someone slapping me. I fell on my side and rubbed my cheek. "What the fuck was that for?" I tried to scream, but it just came out in a raspy whisper.

"Oh Celeste? Are you all screamed out? I told you not to scream know." He said a grin appearig on his face while he was touching my hair. I swatted his hand away and looked at him with the most horrible look i could muster.

"Haha are you trying to scare me?" 

I blushed and looked away.

"You know... your really cute when your mad." He whispered in my ear. "Haha well I need to go meet some people. So ill be right back. You just stay here and if you try to escape believe me you will be sorry." He said looking. "But before i go i want a kiss."

"NO!" I yelled at him.

"No? Well, we'll just see about that." He said coming over to me and grabbing my face. I tried to push him away, but he was to strong for me. Then he kissed me I was about to slap him when an idea came to me. He was leaving me here all alone? I could escape. He was about to pull away when I grabbed him by the back of his neck kissing him harder. He pulled away gasping for air.

"Wow where did that come from?" He asked.

"I dont know... I guess i just missed kissing you." I said putting on a fake smile. The truth is I hate kissing him, it feels like i'm kissing a slobbery dog.

"Well then when I get back you can tell me what else you missed, Celery." He said winking at me. I gasped. Did he just call me Celery? That was the nickname he gave me when we were together. I hated it then and I hate it now. 

"Haha i would like that." 

"Good, you are finally coming around. Well i got to go so bye love."

I smiled and waved. He opened the door and left. I heard a lot of clicking. Damn how many locks did he have on the door? I sat very still on the bed just listening. I heard a car door open then the sound of tires on gravel. Light shined through the window making me squint. When i couldn't hear anymore sounds I cautiously got up and made my way to the door. I wiggled the handle. Just as I suspected it was locked. Then I went to the windows. i pulled back the curtains and on the windows were bars. Wow how did i not see that coming? How am i gonna get out of here now? The door was locked and there were bars on the window and surely I can't fit through the bars i mean my head and boobs might, but there is no hope once I get to the butt.. 

"Stupid butt why do you have to be so big." I muttered scowling. I started to look around. I started to walk around the cabin when I heard a squeak. I shrieked and ran back to the bed. When i didn't hear anybody coming I got up again. If there wasn't anybody then what was that noise. I stepped on the rug and then I heard the noise again. I got on my hands and knees and pulled the rug away. Under the rug was a door. It was a small square and had a handle. I scrambled to the window and pulled back the curtain to make sure James wasn't back.  Luckily he wasn't. I went back to the door and pulled on the handle. It took alot of effort, but it finally opened followed with a cloud of dust. I coughed turning away from the door. When the dust had settled I looked down the hole. It was really dark. I looked around the room and found a small rock. I picked it up and dropped it into the hole. I began to count. I had barely counted to one when it hit the ground.

So it's not a very far drop maybe two or three feet. I got ahold of the side and and lowered myself down. I let go and dropped to the floor. I looked around me, but saw nothing. I should have brought a flashlight or a candle. I said facepalming myself. Why did I have to be so stupid sometimes. Well it's to late now. I reached for the wall and began to use it as my guide.


It felt like I have been walking for ages. My feet hurt from the hard dirt I was walking on. I finally saw light. Thats when I heard something. It sounded like a yell from behind me. My eyes widened when I realized what the yell was. James must have come back. My heart started racing while I sprinted towards the light. I finally got out of the cave. I ran towards the woods. I didn't know where to go. My heart was telling me to go left so I follIowed it. Cliche I know, but sometimes it's just better to listen to what you heart tells you. Wow even more cliche. I was runnning for quite a while when I saw a road up ahead. I ran to it. Then I heard a car and the squealing of tires on gravel. I closed my eyes expecting to be hit. When I didn't feel anything I slowly opened them. I was blinded by the head lights. The door opened and someone got out. It looked like a man. What if it's James?! What if he hadn't follwed me through the cave, but instead got in his car and waited at the road. Then again what if it was a random bystandard that could help me. I didn't want to take any chances. I turned around and started to run.

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