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Everything's going great for Celeste and her friends but nothing can last forever. Will things take a turn for the worse or will everything continue to be great?

Her name is pronounced Cell-eh-st if you didn't know how to pronounce it.


13. Christmas

Celeste's POV
I woke up to a text from Clari.

Clari: Sierra broke up with Harry. She's at my place. 

Me: I'll be there in 45 min to see how she's doing.

I quickly got up and went to the bathroom. I was getting dressed when Niall woke up yawning. "Babe whats going on?" he asked rubbing the sleepiness from his eyes. 

"Sierra broke up with Harry yesterday and is staying at Clari's so i'm gonna go see her." I went up to him and gave him a kiss on the cheek. 

"I want a real kiss!" He whined. 

"You have morning breath. Maybe when I get back. I'm taking your lovely vehicle by the way" I said winking at him. 

15 min later

I parked Niall's Range Rover and quickly got out. I knocked on the door and Sierra opened it. She had a huge smile on her face and hugged me. "Why are you so happy?" I asked laughing. 

"Tomorrows Christmas Eve how can you not be happy!" She said jumping on Clari that was sitting on the couch watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians. 

"Oh my god your heavy! Get off me." She said pushing her off her. Sierra landed on her butt. 

"Ow that hurt," she said rubbing her butt, "I have to pee!" She said getting up and running to the bathroom. What has gotten into her. This is not like her. I looked at Clari and pointed in the direction Sierra went. 

She shrugged her shoulder then said "I don't know maybe it's her coping mechanism, but i'd rather have her like this then all sad and crying." She said sighing.

I saw Sierra come back and I quickly changed the subject. "Well you guys better get dressed cause you bitches need to go help me make the food for today." They got up and went to get dressed. 

20 min later

I grabbed my keys and we got in the car. I made a list of groceries we needed so we went to the nearest grocery store. 

30 min later

We got home and I opened the trunk. I grabbed the stuff and went to the front door. I unlocked it and me and the girls put the stuff on the counter. "Ooo food." Niall said running to the counter. He was about to grab the strawberries  when I slapped his hand. He pulled it back and looked at me with puppy dog eyes." Sorry Nialler, but this is for the strawberry pie." I said hugging him. 

"Aww you guys are so cute!" Sierra said from behind us. I looked at her and I saw a frown flash across her face, but she immediately put a smile on her face. I pretended not to notice cause the last thing we need is for her to become sad again.

It was 5 and people were already starting to get there. The first to arrive were Liam, Louis, and Eleanor. "Hey guys." I said hugging the boys and waving to Eleanor. "Its nice to finally meet you Eleanor, Lou has told me so much about you," When I said the last part she looked at Lou and smiled. They were so cute. "Can I call you El?"

"Yeah. Thanks for inviting me by the way." She said smiling at me.

"No problem." I said smiling back. I introduced them to the girls then to Niall. Niall didn't look to fond of Louis and Liam. I swear I saw a flash of something come across his face. It looked like jealousy. He looked at me and motioned his head to the kitchen. "Yes?" 

"Do you have feelings for Liam or Louis?"

"No. The only one I have feelings for is you." I said putting my hand on his arm. 

"Ok cause I saw the way I saw Liam hugged you. He hugged you like you were the only girl in the world and he had a huge boner." He said with a serious look on his face. 

"Oh my god! Did you just say what I think you said," I said laughing, "I don't like Liam and he doesn't have feelings for me." There was a knock on the door. "Someones at the door." I said walking out of the kitchen. How can Niall think I had feeling for the guys? When I got to the living room Clari was opening the door. I walked up when Clari hugged the guy. "Hi you must be Zayn's family?" I said inviting them in. "make yourself at home." I said. When Clari let go of Zayn I went up to them. "Hi you must be Zayn," I said shaking his hand. "Let me go introduce you to my boyfriend." I took him over to Niall and introduced him. "Niall, this is Zayn. Clari's boyfriend." I told Niall giving him a look. 

"Hey mate. Wanna hang with me and the boys?" Niall said staring at me the whole time. 

"Yeah, sure." Zayn said scratching the back of his head.

"Great, now you two can become great friends." I said walking away. We were all getting along and having fun. I was talking to Sierra, Clari, and El when I heard a knock on the door. That's weird everyones here, I went to the door and opened it. When I opened the door my mouth fell open. "What are you doing here?" I asked rolling my eyes. 

"I invited him." Niall said walking to the door. "Come on in Harry." 

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