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Everything's going great for Celeste and her friends but nothing can last forever. Will things take a turn for the worse or will everything continue to be great?

Her name is pronounced Cell-eh-st if you didn't know how to pronounce it.


11. Christmas Preparations

Niall's POV

I woke up to the smell of eggs and bacon wafting through the air. I stretched and got up from the bed in a trance. The smell was so intoxicating. I walked to the kitchen to see Celeste standing over the stove cooking the food. I walked behind her and sneaked my arms around her waist. "Good morning love." I whispered into her ear. I must have given her chills cause she shivered under my embrace. I smiled and gave her a kiss on the shoulder. I let go and went to sit on a bar stool. "The food smells really good. Is it almost ready cause i'm starving." I said licking my lips. 

"Food can only cook so fast," she said laughing, "and yes it is almost done. Can you grab some plates and forks please?" She looked at me and smiled. 

"Sure babe." I got up from where I was sitting and went to the cupboard. I grabbed the plates and took them to her. She grabbed them and started to put the food on them. I grabbed the plates and set them on the table. She came over and we sat down. 

"So are we gonna have Christmas here at the house? Cause if we are then we need to start planning and decorating." She asked while shoveling food into her mouth.

"Yeah, sure. Who are you gonna invite?"

"Well Sierra, Harry, their familys, our familys, Louis, Liam, Clari, Zayn, and his family." She said concentrating.

"Wow thats a lot of people. Do you think everyone will fit in our house?" She looked down. 

"You know I never really thought about that. I'll text everyone and ask them who's gonna be able to come then well see." She smiled at me then kissed me. "Nialler?" She put her hands on my chest coming closer to me.

"Yes babe?" I closed my eyes puckering my lips.

"Clean the kitchen." She whispered. I opened my eyes slightly and she was gone. She's such a tease. 

"You can't just lead someone on like that!" I yelled down the hall laughing the entire time. "I'll get you back." I grabbed the plates from the table and started to wash dishes. 

Celeste's POV

"Nialler?" I put my hands on his chest and went close," He closed his eyes and puckered his lips. "Clean the kitchen." I whispered. I stifled a laugh and ran to my room closing and locking the door. I burst out laughing.

"You just can't lead someone on like that!" Niall yelled down the hall. I knew he was only joking cause he was laughing the entire time. I loved his laugh it just filled me with joy. Once I calmed down I pulled out my phone and called Sierra.

"Hey Sierra are you gonna spend Christmas with us? If you are is your family coming?"

"Yeah I am. Its just gonna be my mom and dad though cause my brother wants to spend Christmas with his girlfriend and her family." 

"Ok well thats all I needed to know talk to you later." I hung up and then called Clari.

"Hey are you gonna spend Christmas with us? And if you are who's coming?

"Hey I am and my whole family and all of Zayns family. His 3 sisters and his mom and dad."

"Ok thx, bye."

Next I decided to text Liam and Louis. 

Me: Hey boys are you gonna spend Christmas with us? 

Lou: You bet on it! We're gonna get wasted. :P

LiLi: Yes I am. And no louis alcohol is bad for you.

Me: haha Li said no Lou and u know whatever he says goes. Plus our family's are gonna be there. 

Lou: :( 

Me: Speaking of family are ur gonna come?

Lou: No they can't afford to come and I can't afford to go. Can Eleanor come (Louis gf that I have yet to meet.)

LiLi: My parents are gonna come. :)

Me: Aww sorry Lou:(  I'd love it if she came. and Liam yay can't wait to meet your parents. Well i g2g bye guys. 

I walked to the living room and I saw Niall watching TV. I sat next to him and cuddled up next to him. He pulled away and crossed his arms over his chest. "I'm mad at you." he said with a pout on his face.

"Im sorry Nialler will you forgive me? I won't do it ever again" I kissed him on the cheek. He immediately perked up. "I forgive you." He kissed me on the lips. I pulled away. "We can do plenty of that later. I called everyone and I know who's coming." 

"How many people?" He asked still looking at the TV.

I counted in my head. "About 32." He looked at me his eyes wide. I think we'll have enough room but they can't stay here. Its only a 3 bedroom house after all."

"I know that silly." I messed up his hair. 

"Your gonna pay for that!" He pinned me to the couch and started to tickle me. 

"STOP! I hate being tickled." I was laughing so hard. Kicking at him trying to get him off of me. I wasn't paying attention to where I was kicking. 

"Oh my god." He groaned falling backwards grabbing his area. 

"Oh my! I'm so sorry Niall. You can hit me in the boob if you want, but not to hard please." I closed my eyes and prepared my self.

"I-It's ok. It was an accident." getting up very slowly obviously still in pain. I went over to him and gave him a kiss on the lips. I felt his hand press on my back pulling me closer. I put my hand on the back of his neck and swung my legs on either side of him so I was straddling him. He started to take off my shirt when I pulled away. "Sorry, but i'm not ready." I said looking away.

"He grabbed my face and turned it so I was facing him. "It's ok if you want to wait I completely respect that." I smiled and gave him a hug. 

"You can invite the guys over. I'm gonna go to the mall with the girls. We have a lot of catching up to do." I told him getting up. I put out my hand to help him up. He grabbed it and I pulled. With a lot of effort I finally got him up. Damn, that boy is heavy. 

*Group message with Sierra and Clari*

Me: Hey! want to go to the mall? I have news.

Clari: Yes! I need to tell u about my date.

Sierra: Love to. We'll meet u at yours in 15.

Me: K see u in 15:)






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