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Everything's going great for Celeste and her friends but nothing can last forever. Will things take a turn for the worse or will everything continue to be great?

Her name is pronounced Cell-eh-st if you didn't know how to pronounce it.


36. chapter name

Everyone had woken up and we all decided to get together and go eat at ihop. it's AMAZING! We dont have these in the UK. They feed you like a billion pancakes. Okay maybe like 4 but still.

"So you guys have an interview with Ryan Secreast in an hour?" I asked my mouth full with food.

"Eww don't talk with your mouth full and yes we do." Louis said having eleanor cut his pancakes for him

"Shut up Louis at least I don't have my boyfriend cutting my food for me." I said sticking out my tounge.

"First of all I don't have a boyfriend and second of all I am the king and I kings don't cut their own food." He said looking away with his arms crossed over his chest.

"Aww did I make the king mad?" I said frowning.

"Yes you did and I deserve an apology."

"I am sorry my king. Please forgive me." I said dramatically putting my hand to my chest.

"I forgive you." He said smiling at me.

"So can we go with you to the interview?" Danielle asked.

"Yeah." Liam said.

"Yay. Well everyone should eat their food so we can go." Eleanor said before stuffing her face with pancakes.


Once everyone had finished their food we decided to leave. We got in the car and drove to the place where the radio station was. We parked the car and got off. We were immediatley greeted by a short man in a brown suit and a plump woman with way to much eyeliner on.

"Hello, you must be One Direction and their girlfriends. If you boys could please follow Rob he will take you to where you need to be and I will take the girls to where they need to be. My name is Beatrice by the way. So follow me please." She said smiling. She seemed nice.

She took us down a hall and up some stairs and into this room with a couple of couches and a vending machine. One of the walls was made of glass and was overlooking a room with tables and microphones.

"Try to be quiet while in here cause they can hear us down there/"

 As i was looking around the boys walked into the room with the microphones followed by Ryan Secreast.

"Sit anywhere you would like and we will get started in a bit." Ryan said sitting in a chair across the boys.

"Good morning. You are listening to Kiss. I am Ryan Secrast and I am here with some boys who are all the way from the UK. Welcome One Direction." Ryan said clapping.

"Hi i'm Liam."

"I'm Louis."

"I'm Niall."

"And I'm am Harry and we are 4/5 of One Direction." Harry said making everyone laugh.

"Haha well speaking of 4/5 of One Direction where is the 5th member?"

"Uhm.. Zayn is actually on a plane to LA right now. He recently became a father and he decided to stay with Clarissa and his week and a half baby boy Chris an extra day instead of flying over with us." Louis said nodding."

"Wow a week and a half. That must be tough having to leave for a couple of months. Well congratulations to them and I wish them the best." Ryan said shifting around some papers. "So how about we start from the beginning? How did this all start?"

"Well none of us, but Harry and I knew each other. Celeste became friends with Liam and Louis while I was on vacation in New York and Clari became Zayn's girlfriend. One day we decided to have a party at harry and Sierra's house. So we all got together. I took my guitar and just started playing. All the lads joined in. Danielle just so happened to record us and showed it to Simon and it all took off from there." Niall said smiling really big.

"Well thanks to Danielle your the biggest name in music at the moment. Your album Up All Night went platinum and your tour is sold out." Ryan said.

"Yeah it's insane." Harry said.

"Well i hear that you have some news for us?"

News what in the world is he talking about? I looked at the girls and they just looked at me and shrugged.

"Yeah we have some important news. Nobody not even the girls know about this, but we have started on out next album and it will be out in time for Christmas." Liam said.

My eyes grew wide. Why did they not tell us this?


The interview finally ended. The boys did absolutely amazing. The girls all ran downstairs. I was leading the pack.

"Why did you not tell us that you were working on your new album??!!" I yelled looking at all the boys.

"We wanted it to be a suprise." Niall said walking over to me.

"Aww thanks guys." Sierra said smiling.

"So how did we do?" Harry asked.

"You guys did horrible probably one of the worst in the history of bad interviews." Eleanor said. We all nodded in agreement.

"Oh was it really that bad?" Louis asked looking down.

"Haha no! You guys did amazing!" I said reasurring everyone before kissing Niall on the cheek.  

"Good well lets get back to the hotel so we can get ready for the show tonight." I said walking towards the door.


It was eight o' clock. Zayns plane landed about an hour ago. He said Clari cried before he left. He didn't want to come, but he had to.

We are now at the Staples Center the boys are rehearsing. Dani and El decided to stay and watch them. Sierra and I decided to go backstage and just have a look around.

"I wonder how we get on the thing with the lights?" I asked pointing up towards the ceiling.

"I dont know." She said shrugging. We walked around. The whole time I was looking for the stairs that lead to the light.

It has been 15 min and I still didn't see them. I finally asked someone.

"Hello I was just wondering how you get up there to control the light." I asked looking at the red headed man with big biceps.

"Oh you go up the stairs behind that curtain." The man said pointing in the direction it was in.


"John." The man said smiling. I nodded and walked towards the curtain. I called over sierra and we both climbed the staircase. It was amazing up here. You could see everything! Sierra and I took pictures next to the massive lights. I never realized they were that big.


It was nine and the show was starting soon. This is the first time we will see the boys in concert and we were all pretty excited. The girls and I were sitting in the front row.

The lights went out and a big screen lit up showing a beach. Everyone in the arena screamed. They were really loud. I smiled and laughed.


The concert finally finished and it was amazing. We are now in the dressing room congratulating the boys.

"So what did you think?" Zayn asked wiping his face with a towel."

"It was amazing except some girl that was sitting next to me was crying the whole time. I don't really see why though." I said laughing. Everyone laughed.

"Well i'm glad you enjoyed it babe." Niall said kissing me.

"I think that your first concert is in need of some celebration." I whispered into Niall's ear.

"I agree." NIall whispered smirking.

"But tonights all about you." I said kissing him again.


We had gotten back to the hotel and things started to get steamy once we got in the room. I pushed Niall on the bed and smirked.

"What should I do with you?" I said seductively.

"Anything." Niall said back smiling.

"Okay then, but be warned you are gonna be so pleased your not gonna be able to think." I said climbing on top of him. Niall replied by bringing my lips to his.

This was gonna be fun.

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