head over heels

Megan is a huge fan of the boy band One Direction. when she meets them unexpctedly will she fan girl or will she play it cool? and who is she falling in love with?


5. i just want things to be easy

  " yeah well i guess we aren't bff's anymore if you won't hang out with me anymore and you are always at your boyfriend's hpuse." i nodded and slammed the door. i got in my car and drove back to harry's. i opened the door and bursted out crying. harry ran over to me and said, " what wrong?" " i dont wanna talk about it right now harry ok i just wanna be with you." he smiled and carryied me bridal style up to the bedroom. then it happend. 

  i woke up beside harry. i thought about last night. for some reason i regret it. i went to the bathroom and tooke a test. i was pregnant. oh boy what will harry say. 


   harrys P.O.V. 

    i woke up with no Megan beside me. i got upo and looked in the bathroom. i seen he head in her hands. " whats that matter?" i asked. " im pregnant." she saiod snuffling. " dpont worry everything's gonna be ok i know you are going through rough things and i want everything to be easier for you." i said. " and you think being pregnant at 18 and having no bff anymore and wondering if your family will talk to you anymore is easier?" she asked. i shook my head. i stood her up and hugged her. i know she misses her old life but i love her very much.


    - sorry this chapter is short-

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