head over heels

Megan is a huge fan of the boy band One Direction. when she meets them unexpctedly will she fan girl or will she play it cool? and who is she falling in love with?


3. first kiss with hazza styles

  harry's P.O.V.

     i was really pumped for Megan to come over. we were going to have a lot of fun, and i was going to ask her to be my girlfriend because she was so beautiful and flawless. \

        Megan's P.O.V. 

   i got a shower and did my hair. i then got dressed. at 8:50 i left and said goodbye to my parents. yes i still live with my parents. i know its wierd because Anna lives with her boyfriend Ryan. when i arrived at harry's place i knocked on the door. " hey Megan come on in." he said " nice place." i replied. he smiled. he led me to the couch. we chatted for a bit then we decided to watch ' Love Actually' i love that movie. when the last scene come on i lokked over to harry and he was leaning in to kiss me. so i did to. we had a very passionate kiss. it lasted about 10 seconds. when the kiss ended he ask me to be his girlfriend. i couldnt bilieve he asked me, Megan Hays. of course i said yes. 


   - sorry this chapter is so short:(-

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