head over heels

Megan is a huge fan of the boy band One Direction. when she meets them unexpctedly will she fan girl or will she play it cool? and who is she falling in love with?


2. bump bump bump


      megan's P.O.V.

I am walking in the mall right now! I've heard that One  Direction is in my hometown. while i was walking i bumped into a tall handsome boy. i looked up and i couldn't bilieve my eyes, it was the HARRY STYLES. I decided to keep it cool. " oh my goodness im so sorry." i said. " no no love its my fault." harry said. i blushed. " no its my fault." i said. " what's your name?" he asked " Megan." " thats a nice name" harry replied. i blushed again. harry styles just said my name was pretty. i was fangirling insaide but i didn't want him to think i was a freak. " may i get your number?" he asked. i nodded. i gave him my number. " i'll have to text you sometime." he said. " yeah im free anytime so don't be scared to text me or give me a ring." i said. oh my goodness that was so stupid, it sounded like i wanted him to propose.harry walked away. i just stood there not knowing that i was in the way of a lady. " exuse me " she said. i turned around and moved but then i bumped into someone else. i looked and it was Niall Horan. " omg i am so sorry i am in everybody's way today." i said " no love your not." he said. " im megan and your Niall." i said. " well i guess you know me." he said. i smiled. " NIALL COME ON!!!" harry yelled from across th mall. i giggled. " well  i gtta go see ya." he said , i waved goodbye. when i excited the mall i must've been daydreaming cause i bumped into ANOTHER perosn. this time it was Zayn Malik. " im sorry i've i so clumbsy.' i said. he chhuckled. i knew he was shy so i waved goodbye. 

  when i got home i got a text from Anna. 'so Megan i read on twitter that you bumped into the boys of 1D!!!!! tell me all abut it im coming over. xx anna'  i smiled and layed down on my bed. " MEGAN ANNA'S HERE!!!"  my mom sarah yeled. " K!"  i yelled back. i ran downstairs and pulled Anna upstairs. " ok so i bumped into harry while i was walking out of LA SENZA.  and i bumped into niall after getting a smotthie and i bumped into zayn in the parking lot!!!" i said almost yelling. after Anna and i hung out i got a text from harry, ' so Megan i heard you also had a chat with niall and zayn.' i replied, ' well not with zayn i just said i am clumsy and then he chuckled then i smiled and walked away' then i got another text from him ,' anyway i was wondering if you wanted to hang out tonight at my place with the boys?' i then texted back, ' sounds awesome ill be there at 9:00. xx Megan' i guess i am now friends with harry styles.

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