head over heels

Megan is a huge fan of the boy band One Direction. when she meets them unexpctedly will she fan girl or will she play it cool? and who is she falling in love with?


6. baby



     - 9 months later-

    Megan's P.O.V.

          i am in the hospital and i am waiting to push. i am in a lot of pain and i just want things to be overwith i am never having another child again!!! i hope. the doctor told me to push so i did. after about 20 minutes i heard crying. i looked over at harry and smiled. seconds later i was holding the most cutest baby. it was a girl. harry and i decided to name her Darcy Sarah Styles. i kissed harry. " hi Darcy im your mommy and this is your daddy." i said in a  baby voice.

                                                                            harry's P.O.V.

      i am a father. now yay. 


    - this chapter is so short im really sorry but his is my first movella.- 

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