Don't forget (One shot )

Det er min første rigtige novelle/udkast, men jeg har udfordret mig selv, så den er på en engelsk og der kan være en masse fejl.
Det er et kig på virkeligheden, som vi har idag.


2. One shot

I'm Kristy but my friends calls me Kris. Or my brother does. I know I said 'my friends but the true is I don't have any. I'm being bullied and I have been bullied since I was very little. My mother died from some years ago, and that's what the can bully me with, they say I'm a hopeless 'child' with a death mother and a alcoholic father. I'm that type of person who always get the komplicated things and problems. And I know I will die sometime. But one thing there's good is I don't take drugs or drink. The only thing to be happy about. When the things can't get worse there's one thing more, my father don't love me, he beats me when he's too drunk, and he can't remember it the next day. I don't even talks to him so much. When I am telling about my family, I have a brother he's almost 10.

I take the knife as I usually do and take it from the desk drawer to my wrist and keep it up and down a few times until I press down against my skin looking skin giving back and stand by and see something red flows out. I take the cloth specifically for this time and dries up, make sure that nothing drips. I see that this time the cloth not stops the blood, but just gets more and more red. I run to the bathroom right at the sink, let the water wash everything away, but remains red. I'm getting more and more tired, it ends with I putting / fall down on the floor, lying and looking at my wrist which still flowing blood out of. I think of my mother and my brother, the only one who has loved me, the only one who has shown gratitude for me and my works, gives my dad a little thought, and think of how he was before mother's tragedy, how happy and fresh he was wondering if they ever find my letters, wondering if anyone will regret their behavior. If it would change anything and what? And everything goes black, and I know all hope is lost. I'm already dead.


Angel to Kristy

Do you know what happend after you passed away? Your brother was looking for you, after 5 minutes yelling at you below, he looked after you first in your room and saw a paper and envelopes with some names. He saw his. He would not open it because he was looking for you. He screamed your name a few times. So he thought you might be in the bathroom, so he would knock on the door, but when he knocked, the door opened, and he saw your body lying on the floor, he ran to you and asked if you were okay. You did not answer, so he ran down to your father and said you did not answer the question. Your father ran quickly upstairs. He could see what you had done, and he sat down on his knees. Your brother could not understand why, as he sat just down on the floor next to you and asked if you needed something, you still did not answer. Your father never cries in front of the other, but he was crying. He saw your brother sit with some envelopes in his hand. His asked soon after that and saw his name on one of them, he toke them out of the hand of your brother, and opened it at a high speed. He started to read it:

Hello 'dad'
There are some things I would tell you, I don't know if you remember, but you have beaten me, actually many times, remember? I've missed a real father since mother's accident. YOU have not been a real father to me. I have cried myself to sleep many nights. And I just want you to be a father to your children. Prove you can be the best father to your son. And let this be a lesson!


Your father could not do anything except to give your brother his first hug after your mother's accident. He was wordless. He could'nt believe that his daughter was dead.

After a few days your brother opened the letter from you after your father told him you were dead, but only now has he pulled himself together and decided that he would open it:

Hello my lovely brother
I know that when you read this I will be dead, I know death is a bad thing, but its end for me.You don't deserve this. But I know you will fell like you all alone now. But you have dad, he will be taken care of you, if not reduce him to do that, remind him of me and mom. I know you want to cry now, but dont we will see each other again. I love you so much and dont forget it. I will always love you. I will always be with you. I will watch over you in good days and bad. I will love you forever ends. If something does'nt work the way you want it to change it, you can do it. I can not promise that every day is the best, but just smile and the world will smile again. Keep this and read it, then times is hard. I will always be in you in your heart.

The sister who always will be loving her brother

After 2 weeks, did your teacher into your old classroom, she had only just received the bad news, and with the sad mine, she began to convey your classmates the bad news, those who every day teasing you began to think about the things they have made her who always had thought you were cute and had melidenhed with you broke into tears, to him who has always had a good eye for you regretted everything he had said to you. Your teacher showed them the letter you had written and began to read from it:

Hello to you that could have been my friends
I want to tell you some things that those who bully are not tough, those who keep hold things sink into their graves, and I know because I did not say my feelings loud, Daniel, you were the one I wanted to spend my time with Sascha and we could have been best friends, and you others could have talked to me instead of having called me ugly thing, I could smile at me instead of sending me dirty looks and pointing at me. Take a chance, be yourselves. Melly you could be the best teacher, if just you could stop yelling at your students, stop giving your pupils bad character.



When they all came home called your teacher to the school and resigned, the boy who liked you was close to suicide and the girl would have been nice to you has been crying for several hours on her bed and wept continuously ever since, just lying and thought about the memories you've had together.

What do you think about that? How do you think they have it right now? Did it change anything? It changed alot. You're dead now this is the end.


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