Diary of a Awesome, Friendly girl

A story about a girl called Hannah and her mum and her live in London, Hannah is only 14 and her mum gives her a diary and on her first day of school she gets a best friend and gets a boyfriend and one day she has to choose either she wants to break up with her best friend or break up with her boyfriend, who will she pick...


2. Going to the park with Alexander

Dear Diary,

Today I was going to the grand opening with Alexander, I'm so exited. What if something goes wrong and he doesn't like me anymore. Wish me luck .




When school was over I I quickly got home and put my make - up on to look nice. And then i looked at the clock... WHAT 6 more minutes until the grand opening and Alexander was still not here.

He better hurry up if he wants to go, I ran up stairs as fast as i could and got a £20 note out of my piggy bank and put it in my purce. And Suddenly i heard a knock at the door, so i ran to answer the door and there was Alexander, I shouted bye to my mum and ran out the door and then i was expecting to see a car to ride in to the park, but there was no car, there was a moterbike and i asked him if it was Alexander's and guess what, it was. I told him my mum would'nt want me to go on the moterbike. He said to me that we will be really careful and i wasn't to sure, but I went on the moterbike anyway, I put my helmet on my head and jumped on. The moterbike went pretty fast and it was really noisey. And then we was there. I bounced of the moterbike, he started to hold my hand and oull me in it was really fun, we had hotdogs, sweets, prizes, sufernears and alot of more things. And then it was the end of the day, So we went home and we both said bye.

Laters, Hannah. xx



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