One Direction Fan Fiction - Old School Days

My fan fiction is about how all the boys met in PlayGroup(kindergarden) and how they became friends.How they stuck with eachother throughout there years untill the end of collage when they got noticed and then became the global sensation that they are... One Direction


2. The Begging

It was the start of the new term at Big Rainbows PlayGroup. Everyone had filled in forms, everyone had bought uniforms, eveyone was outside waiting for the doors to open. Standing right infront of the door were five boys with their mums. Those boys and mums were:Harry Styles with his mum Ann, Louis Tomlinson with his mum Jay(Johanna),Liam Payne with his mum Karen, Zayn Malik and his mum Trisha and finnaly Niall Horan and his mum Maura. After waiting in the cold for 10 minutes the door finnaly opened, the smell of pancakes filled the outside air. A nice lady walked out of the classroom, she was wearing an orange dress and short black blazer. 'Can all children come in and sit down please' she said softly. And with that all the other children including the 5 boys hugged, kissed and waved the parents off. They all obeyed the lady's rule of walking in and sitting down. Apart from two. Louis and Harry. The lady came out again. 'Hurry up you two!' she said with a slight tad of anger in her voice. You could tell she was impatiant. Harry shyly obeyed her and walked in and sat down on his own leaving Louis outside.Alone. Louis sat there and cried quietly, wondering if anyone was kind enough to come out and help him in.Suddenly Harry walked out of the classroom, also smelling of pancakes. He sat beside Louis. 'what's wrong' Harry whisperd. ' I don't have any friends here'Louis replyed wiping away his cold tears.Harry dragged him into the classroom. 'You will be my friend!' he exlaimed with a grin on his face. And with that you could see there friendship grow.


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