One Direction Fan Fiction - Old School Days

My fan fiction is about how all the boys met in PlayGroup(kindergarden) and how they became friends.How they stuck with eachother throughout there years untill the end of collage when they got noticed and then became the global sensation that they are... One Direction


3. Meeting eachother

Harry and Louis were now in the classroom sitting together on a table. The Teacher clapped her hands. Everyone stared at the lady all dressed in orange and Black. The lady wrote something on the board.Then she said softly and sweetly 'My name is Miss LadyBird!' Louis and Harry stared at each other with a grin on their faces. The teacher clapped again to get their attention. ' We can all talk in this room can't we?' Everyone nodded but Louis decided to prove that and shouted: 'Yes we can Miss!!!Look!I'm talking now!!' The class burst out with laughter. Harry just smiled at Louis and said: ' You funny!' and giggled slightly. Miss LadyBird butt in their convosation by clapping once again. 'Everyone sit with so the person you were standing next too outside.she said. The 5 boys ran to eachother Louis,Niall and Harry tripping up along the way. They all sat down in a circle. Miss LadyBird clapped her hands once again. 'Now tell eachother your names' She said walking over to the five 3 year old boys. 'Lets start with you shall we?' She was pointing at Harry. Harry stood up and said 'My name is Harry Styles.' in a very high piched voice. 'Well done!You are very brave' she said. Harry smiled and his dimples showed. 'You have really nice dimples.' she said. all 5 boys asked at the same time 'What are dimples?'. She ignored the and moved along. By the time she had clapped her hands once again the boys had already knew eachothers names and what they like doing. It was now time to begin an activity.

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