Baby I loved you first

This story is about you and liam who are in a relationship but his friend Louis is always around you & liam , you don't like him but he secretly loves you will you end up with liam or break up with him and end up with louis? read it now ;D


4. skype

.i sat on the bench in the garden as the wind blew softly around me. i listened to the sounds of the birds chirping around me as i held my phone softly in my hand, staring at the text.
~Liam - i miss u x~
my eyes softened as i stared at the kiss at the end of the text. i missed him even though he was only at training. but what if he did get picked for the army? he would be in a whole other country and i wouldnt be able to see him everyday.
"hey, you alright?" louis asked me, leaning against the back door, holding a cup of tea in his hand. i hid my phone in my pocket and forced a smile on my face as i nodded profusely.
"yeah just a bit worried-"
"y/n, relax, he is only at training." louis smiled, handing me the cup as i smiled and took it, blowing the top of the cup gently.
"i know. but after that-"
"dont think about that. this is something that liam has wanted to do for a while. dont spoil it for him" louis smiled at me sympathetically as he wrapped his arm around his shoulder and pulled me close into his body. my cup moved suddenly as he did so, spilling the hot tea over his crotch, making him jump up in pain.
"ah fuck!" he exclaimed as i led him into the kitchen, slamming the cup on the counter.
"ooh did it get your fingers too?" i asked, examining his red fingers on both hands. he nodded in pain as he tried to move them.
"er...y/n, can you take off my trousers please? i cant un-do the zipper..." louis asked awkwardly. i looked up ar him, raising my eyebrows. "you owe me something since you caused this." louis winked at me. i rolled my eyes and went down on my knees as i wrapped a wet cloth around his fingers. my face was directly in front of his crotch where the damp patch was due to the tea. my heart was beating fast as i swallowed hard, my hand trembling softly as i pulled down the zipper softly, further and further down it traveled as i gulped hard.
"hurry!" louis whined, shuffling as the hot liquid went through the materials. the zip reached the bottom as my hands hovered upwards, taking the button out of the hole as the trousers sunk a tad down his crotch. a hand either side of his hips, they grabbed hold of the trousers carefully and lowered them down his legs, revealing the rim of his boxers, getting further down until my eyes met a small bulge underneath them. i tried hard not to blush as my face as inches away from him. i pulled down the trousers smoothly, down the ankles as i looked up at louis; him staring down at me, his mouth ajar as his eyes sunk into me.
"done" i whispered, standing up slowly; my eyes never leaving his gaze.
"thanks" louis gulped as he dropped the damp cloth around his hands on the floor.
"you dropped the cloth..." i stuttered out, our gazes fixated on each others.
"i know" he whispered, his blue eyes staring into mine. "im aware im standing here in my boxers with my trousers around my ankles" louis laughed quietly as his cheeks flared up crimson. he carefully kicked off the trousers from around his ankles as i looked down at his crotch again, my eyes widening.
"god louis, your burn! you should go to the doctors!" i ordered, his face stared neutral as he gazed at me.
"no. i want you to help me." louis said plainly.
"why?" i quizzed him, walking over to the freezer and pulling out an ice tray, taking an ice cube out and keeping it firmly in between my fingers as i got on my knees again.
"because." louis answered plainly. my eyes faced the purple and red burn on his inner thigh as it came out from underneath the boxers. i took the ice cube and ran it softly along his hot skin leaving droplets of water to run down his leg. i dabbed my finger on the droplet softly as my breath hit his leg. he moaned quietly as i ran the ice further up and lifted up his boxer short-leg, pushing the ice further to the top of his crotch. he shuffled on the spot as his hands gripped firmly around the edge of the counter top that he was leaning against.
"its melting" i said quietly, looking up at louis, who was biting his lip hard, making it bleed. my eyes moved down towards the middle of his boxers where a small lump was gradually getting bigger. i blushed slowly as i got up and put the tiny piece of ice on the counter next to him and walked out of the kitchen. i closed the door behind me and leaned my back against it, huffing to myself as i ran my hands through my hair. what did i just do? i just rubbed an ice cube around my boyfriends best mates crotch. i moved away from the door and opened it, my heart jumping into my throat as louis was standing in front of me, his face looking hot and flustered as his gaze was fixed onto mine.
"louis you scared me" i whispered softly as he walked forward, a foot of his either side of mine.
"sorry" he whispered as he moved in closer, his eyes shutting as my heart started to beat faster.
"hello!" a deep voice yelled through the house making me and louis jump apart, pushing him in the kitchen and closing the door.
"harry!" i exclaimed, running up towards him and leaping into his arms as he stumbled back.
"hey love, you alright?" he asked a bit taken back. i came out of his arms and forced a large smile on my face.
"yes, lets go." i yelped, grabbing his hand and pulling him out of the living room.
"why? i want a cup of tea first-"
"no! ive had enough of tea for one day!" i exclaimed, tugging him out of the house. we walked swiftly down the road as i turned around and saw louis walking towards the living room window in just his boxers holding the cup of tea that i never finished. i looked at him blankly with no emotion on my face and walked beside harry as louis turned and walked out of the room.

"hey baby" i smiled at liam through the computer screen, watching the boys on the bunk beds behind him get dressed.
"ive missed you so much! but its great fun here!" liam smiled as he moved closer to the camera. i saw louis hover at the other end of the living room behind the laptop. he felt guilty for what happened earlier and he should. he made me do it.
"ive missed you too! its great to see youre having fun!" i smiled weakly at him, my heart breaking as i still thought about not seeing him again. "i want you back soon" i smiled at him, trying hard to hold back the tears.
"i know baby" liam replied, kissing his fingers and then placing them on the webcam. i smiled softly at him as i copied. louis rolled his eyes and walked out the room with a huff. my eyes followed him out the room, my sight hooking onto his fit arse.
"is that louis? can i talk to him?" liam smiled at me through the camera.
"louis! come here! liam wants to talk to you!" i shouted, looking towards the closed kitchen door that slowly opened, revealing louis in the doorway as i looked at his scars from the burns across his hands. louis shook his head hard as he still felt bad. he couldnt face liam, he wouldnt be his self and then liam would know that there is something up.
"where is he?" liam asked, raising his eyebrows at me.
"he's er..on the phone" i lied through my teeth as i watched louis fade back into the kitchen, disappointment on his face.

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