Baby I loved you first

This story is about you and liam who are in a relationship but his friend Louis is always around you & liam , you don't like him but he secretly loves you will you end up with liam or break up with him and end up with louis? read it now ;D


5. seven minutes in heaven

"louis, why didnt you want to talk to liam on skype?" i asked louis as i closed my laptop and followed him into the kitchen. louis turned around and faced me suddenly.
"because i just wasnt in the mood." louis replied hastily, going out into the back garden and lying on the netted hammock. i rolled my eyes and raced after him down the lawn. he lay on his stomach on the hammock, looking down at the ground as i wiggled underneath. "what are you doing?" he grinned at me as i lay on the grass under the hammock. his face was pressed against the hammock as he grinned down at me, my hair spread around my head on the cold ground.
"i like lying under here" i replied softly, raising my arm up and tracing a finger along his cheek through the gaps in the hammock. his eyes stayed fixed on mine as he watched me.
"erm.." louis whispered, looking confused at me but a little flustered. i pulled my hand away and back down to my body, realising what i had just done.
"you had dirt on your face" i lied, thinking of a quick and realistic excuse. louis crossed his eyes trying to look down at his face where the non-existent dirt was. i smiled and grinned widely as he giggled to himself. my heart skipped a beat as i stared at him, looking deep into his eyes. his arms hung down either side of the hammock, dragging softly along the floor, picking out stray pieces of grass. his hand hovered underneath him and moved a piece of hair out of my face slowly as he smiled slightly. my heart started beating fast as my breathing picked up, my chest rising and falling fast.
"dont be nervous" louis said softly as he moved his hand away and hung it next to my face. i looked at the tattoos up his arm and smiled slightly as i admired them. "why have you never liked me y/n?" louis asked me. i darted my eyes towards his face that was looking at me, hurt.
"what do you mean?" i asked him, furrowing my eyebrows together.
"you always seem to dislike me and say nasty things towards me, what have i done to upset you?" louis asked me, his voice sounding hurt and desperate for an answer. i looked around him above me for an answer. there wasnt a simple answer, i just didnt like him. he wound me up.
"you havent done anything you're just...too much to take at times! and you're always around when me and liam want our private time." i babbled on, fiddling with my fingers as i shuffled awkwardly on the grass below the hammock.
"oh. well, sorry" louis replied, his voice softening.
"but my opinion can change" i added in quickly as a small smile appeared on his face.
"and has it?" louis asked me, his hand moving in front of my face again as he rested on the hammock above me.
"hmm..maybe." i replied, winking at him as he giggled and rolled his eyes. my phone in my pocket started ringing, i stuffed my hand in and pulled out my phone, answering it with a smile as i saw it was liam on the other end.
"hey babe!" li exclaimed, crawling out from under the hammock and running inside; leaving louis alone. i closed the back door behind me and sat on the chair in the kitchen.
"how have you and louis been? killed each other yet?" liam asked me down the phone, i could tell he was smiling to himself.
"no we're doing ok." i replied, turning round and looking out the back door at louis who was laying sadly on the hammock alone, pulling strands of grass up from the ground.
"thats great! hey you two can stay at my flat if you want whilst im here, saves it from being empty" liam suggested down the phone. i liked that idea but not with louis for another fifteen days. we were getting too close and i was aware of that.
"ok will do. when are you coming home?" i asked liam, hoping he would say sooner than i thought but there was a part of me that would make him stay there longer. did i want to spend more alone time with louis?
"soon i think babe, but i have a surprise for you" liam replied down the phone. my heart sunk suddenly. i dont know why, but whatever the reason was, i felt guilty for it.
"thats great!" i replied, trying to force a smile on my face.

"ok so the aim of the game is that whoever wins each round has to take a vodka shot..." harry explained as we sat around the coffee table in the late evening. harry decided it would be fun to have a small get together and invite some of his friends over.
"ok..." i replied, unsure about how this game will turn out. we played poker so hours. as i lived with my dad for seven years in vegas, i had learned a few things about poker so i was pretty good at it which caused me to do well and take a lot of shots...
"and y/n wins again. down it baby" louis exclaimed as he forced the shot glass into my hand, the boys banging on the table in anticipation as they watched me swallow it in one.
"thats vile" i choked out, taking a sip of water. "anyone want more beer?" i asked, picking up the bottles and stumbling my way towards the kitchen where i settled the bottle down on the counter. my head was spinning all over the place as i walked backwards and bumped into a delicate body. i span round and saw louis standing behind me, supporting me up.
"you ok?" he asked me, trying not to laugh. i nodded and tried to stutter out some words but failed. "lets get you into the living room" louis laughed, dragging me back into the room where i stumbled around.
"louis and y/n, get in the cupboard under the stairs, its seven minutes in heaven!" one of harrys friends laughed as he pushed us into the small cupboard under the stairs. i was oblivious to what was going on, i was so drunk.
"whats going on lou?" i asked, slurring my words as i spoke.
"we're locked in here for seven minutes apparently." louis laughed as zayn closed the cupboard door, shutting out all of the light.
"this is awkward-"
"louis you're so fit, and your arse. wow! i would squeeze that!" i blurted out, then realizing what i had just said. i threw my hand over my mouth in shock, not that louis could see.
"thanks" he laughed. before i knew it he grabbed me round the back of my head and pulled me in towards him as our lips hit together. i was unaware of what was going on so i went with him. he kissed me hard as his tongue rummaged around my mouth. without thinking, i threw my hand down to his crotch and grabbed hard whatever i could find, he moaned out in pleasure. louis pushed me back fast and pulled down my jeans as i jumped up and wrapped my legs around his waist, our hands flying round each others hair.

"my head hurts ouch!" i moaned as i stammered down the stairs, looking down at the passed out boys on the floor. i stared at louis lying on the sofa. i tried to remember what had happened last night, i knew it was something to do with louis but i couldnt-
"morning!" harry said, handing me a glass of water as i sipped it carefully, moaning at my banging head ache. "you had fun last night eh?" harry asked me, elbowing me carefully and winking as he did so.
"what? we played cards and that was it." i answered, sitting down at the table and putting my head in my hands.
"you dont remember?" harry asked me, sitting in front of me at the table.
"no.." i trailed on, looking up and knitting my eyebrows together.
"you and louis? seven minutes in heaven?" harry hinted, tapping my hand with his finger as he spoke. of course i remembered, the memories came flooding back to me.
"oh no. oh no oh no!" i yelled getting up from the chair and walking around the kitchen. "why did you make us play that!" i yelled at harry, hitting his arm as i threw my hand at my forehead.
"hey i didnt, louis made you do it with him! we had nothing to do with it!" harry explained. anger grew inside me as i stormed out of the kitchen to the living room where louis was sleeping. he was going to get woken up in the worst way.

I made a mistake in chapter 4 if you don't get it read it again . I'M SO SORRY ;c

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