Baby I loved you first

This story is about you and liam who are in a relationship but his friend Louis is always around you & liam , you don't like him but he secretly loves you will you end up with liam or break up with him and end up with louis? read it now ;D


3. New feelings

"should i pack another jumper?" liam asked me as he held it up to his body. i looked at him and shrugged my shoulders, watching him stuff clothes into his suitcase. "y/n. you cant ignore me." liam sighed, putting the jumper back on the bed and walking over to me on the armchair.
"i dont want you to go" i sighed, grabbing his hands and playing with them. he sat on my lap, his legs either side of mine as he pressed his crotch against me, our foreheads touching.
"babe, im only going for training. they wont send me off to fight just yet" liam laughed quietly. i stayed deep into his eyes with my expression on my face as his lips moved closer to mine, whispering on them. "maybe we should make most of the time that we have together..." he trailed off, making butterflies form in my stomach as he kissed me softly, his tongue entering my mouth as his hands went round to my back and slid up and down as mine ventured up his shirt; feeling his muscles. i slowly undid his jeans as he stood up slightly, our lips still attached as he kicked them off and pulled down my jeans too. he resumed his place on my lap as i placed my hand in a place that brought him great pleasure. he moaned in the kiss as i slithered my hand up and down him. he got up and switched places with me roughly, pushing me down onto his lap as i agreed with him easily. he grabbed my hips to keep my steady as my hands were resting on his shoulders. his hand went to the back of my head as he pulled it in hard, re-connecting our lips together as our tongues collided with each other. there was a sharp knock on the door and it swung open just as i climaxed...
"woah! sorry guys!" louis laughed, throwing his hand over his eyes as he yelled at him. "hey dont yell at me, liam i thought you were putting your junk in your suitcase not in your girlfriend!" louis laughed as liam picked up a book from the shelf next to him and hauling it at louis.
"leave!" liam instructed sharply with louis obeying and closing the door swiftly.
"i cant be stuck with him. he drives me insane." i sighed, getting up off of liams lap as he moaned softly, watching me put my knickers and jeans back on, his eyes mesmerized.
"you'll be fine babe" liam smiled, catching his jeans and underwear that i threw at him as he got up and put them back on.
"hey you know what i realised?" i asked liam as i did up my zipper.
"we didnt use a condom" i laughed, biting my lip as i nodded over to the un-opened packet on the shelf.
"im sure you wont get pregnant, i didnt have time to...y'know...because louis interrupted..." liam trailed off, his cheeks flaring up red as he ran a hand through his brown hair. he walked back over to the bed and continued packing, which made me sad. he threw in another jumper, which i then took out and dropped it on the floor. liam looked at me, rolling his eyes.
"you cant stop me from going babe" liam said softly, picking up the jumped and putting it back in the suitcase.
"well i can try. i dont want my boyfriend to get hurt or lose a limb or...die" i gulped, looking up at the ceiling as i held back the tears. liam walked over to me and held my hands softly, looking deep into my eyes and reading all my thoughts.
"hey hey, nothing will happen, i'll try and stay safe. ok?" liam smiled at me, pulling me in for a hug and kissing my head softly as i wrapped my arms around his stomach, my ear on his chest as i listened to his soft heart beat.
"you're going so soon." i whispered, a tear dripping softly, making a small damp patch on his shirt.
"its only training baby" he replied, stroking my long hair at the back of my head as he whispered softly.
"but after training..." i croaked out, biting my lip to stop me from crying. he swallowed hard as i felt it on his neck.
"you'll go and fight in Afghanistan" i whimpered, my body shaking as i remembered watching the news with my family, hearing the names of young soldiers dying out there and praying that it wouldnt be anyone i ever loved. "liam. come back alive please?" i cried, pulling my hand onto my face as cried softly.
"i'll try"

"I have to go now, y/n." Liam sighed as he pulled out of my arms, walking towards the car as a tear slyly escaped my eyes. I looked over at louis beside me as he smiled weakly towards liam.
i waved bye softly as his car drove away to the training camp in wales. i stood on the door step to his flat next to louis who was waving too. i sighed and walked back inside. it felt weird without liam there and i didnt like it.
"so what are we going to do?" louis asked me, jumping on the sofa.
"well i'm going to visit harry for a few days." i smiled sarcastically at louis as i grabbed my keys and fled out the door, louis following.
"ooh cool" louis grinned at me, flipping his hand in mine as i snapped it back.
"what are you doing?" i exclaimed. looking at him shocked as we stopped on the path. louis shrugged his shoulders and carried on walking in front on the way to harrys house. i groaned and walked after him.
"just because we're stuck here together for a few months doesnt mean you can hit on me, louis!" i exclaimed, looking at him and crossing my arms.
"i know i know! you're liams! but he's not here so-"
"do you even care that liam has gone off to war? he could die, louis!" i yelled at him, hitting his arm hard.
"he's only gone to training! they might not even choose him for the army!" louis exclaimed, rolling his eyes at me.
"yes but what if they do?! what if they do choose him and he goes off to fight and never comes back?!" i screamed at louis, my eyes filling up with water, stinging my eyes as louis' face softened; seeing that i was upset. he pulled me into a hug and ran his hand up and down my back, calming me down.
"you're right. im sorry" he whispered, kissing my neck softly as my heart grew warmer...
"thank you" i croaked out as i pulled away, louis wiping a tear from my eye with his thumb and grinning at me softly.
"i can see why liam loves you. you're so beautiful." louis said calmly, dazing into my eyes. i looked down at the ground and blushed.
"im really not-"
"yes you are. and you should be told me often." louis replied, lifting up my head my putting his hand under my chin. our eyes met as i stared list fully into his bright blue eyes. i coughed awkwardly, shuffling around in the street as louis started to walk forward again, my eyes fixated on his body getting further away, sighing as i lusted after him. what? i shook my head and walked towards him, catching up and smiling weakly.
"i still hate you louis tomlinson" i grinned at him.
"hate you too" he smiled back, winking at me. even though louis got on my nerves every single day, he was still liams best friend and he has always been there for him. even if i didnt approve of liam and louis being friends. but there was something inside of me that changed that day. something that made me release a feeling and emotion that i had never felt. it was just the beginning of my new feeling, it was near the end of one other...

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