Baby I loved you first

This story is about you and liam who are in a relationship but his friend Louis is always around you & liam , you don't like him but he secretly loves you will you end up with liam or break up with him and end up with louis? read it now ;D


10. just a dream

i watched liam throw his arm around louis and hug him tightly as i sat on the bottom of the stairs, weeping silently to myself. the front door was open with a taxi out the front to take him to the base camp. he came out of the hug from louis and smiled weakly at him, a tear escaping his eye. louis moved out the way and leaned against the wall as liams gaze turned to face me. his arm stretched out and hauled me up off the stairs, pulling me into a big hug as i cried softly into his shoulder.
"call me when you arrive at base" i whispered in his ear as he rubbed my back softly with his bag.
"of course" he croaked out, coming out of the hug and latching his lips onto mine swiftly, catching me off guard.
"liam...i love you" i cried softly, cupping his head in my hands as i stared sadly into his hazel eyes. he grabbed my head and kissed it hard, letting go and walking out of the front door to the taxi awaiting. i waved slowly at him, holding a crumpled tissue to my nose as i watched the taxi driver load his bags into the car. louis came up next to me and wrapped an arm around my waist, pulling me in softly as i leaned my head on his shoulder, allowing myself to be comforted by him. liam got in the car and waved at us as a tear fell from his eye. i stepped out into the middle of the road behind the taxi, watching it drive away with liam peering round to the window at the back, blowing me a kiss. i caught it in my hand and pulled it into my chest by my heart, crying hysterically as my breathing became fast. louis slumped down next to me, his hands in his pockets as he stared at the taxi driving round the corner.
"then there were two..." louis said. i blanked him and walked straight into the house, back inside the warmth followed by louis.
"i need a bath.." i mumbled to myself, walking straight up the stairs towards the bathroom.
"y/n? are you alright?" louis asked, holding onto the bannister as he peered up the stairs after me.
"yeah why wouldnt i be..i mean, my boyfriend has gone off to war and i may never see him again, why wouldnt i be ok?" i started babbling, my hand shaking as i turned the tap on the bath, the water splashing out fast and furiously from the tap into the basin.
"y/n, you're ranting babe" louis said, walking into the bathroom and grabbing my hands, turning me to face him as the water continued to fill the bath.
"i know" i sighed, taking my hands out of his grip and rubbing my forehead.
"why dont you go and have a nap and have a bath after?" louis asked me, running his hand down the side of my arm as he smiled weakly at me.
"yeah...yeah that sounds alright" i smiled at him, walking out of the bathroom and into the bedroom. i closed the door behind me as i stripped off my top and bottoms, leaving me in just my underwear as i got under the covers. i couldnt sleep in clothes, my underwear was more comfortable. time passed swiftly and i felt someone nudging me, repeating my name. my eyes fluttered open for me to see louis sitting next to me on the bed, staring at me softly, his eyes fixed on mine. i sat up, leaning on my elbows as my hair draped behind me.
"how long was i asleep for?" i asked louis, rubbing my eyes as i did so.
"couple of hours" he smiled at me, leaning forward and kissing my forehead softly as he grinned down at me. i pushed him back softly with my palm of my hand flat against his chest. his eyebrows knotted together as i did so. "whats wrong?" louis quizzed me, i took a deep breath in, avoiding his gaze.
"liam only just left i dont think we should do anything, i dont like you in that sorry louis." i let him down gently, sending him a sympathetic smile.
"oh" he replied. "can i just say one more thing?" louis asked me, fiddling with his fingers in his lap as he perched on the side of the bed next to my waist.
"of course" i replied, louis suddenly bent down and slammed his lips onto mine, a hand either side of my body as he pushed me down hard onto the bed. he climbed on top of me as our tongues collided with each other. he ran his hands down my body and behind my back, undoing my bra and flinging it to the side. the kiss became more heated as he ran his hands through my hair, my legs curling around his body. our mouths moving fast as his rough but firm lips attacked mine with passion.
"this isnt right" i whispered out of breath as louis kissed down my body.
"yes it is" he replied, his hands moving down my body, making my back arch as his head reached down my crotch.
"louis stop! louis! LOUIS!" i screamed at the top of my voice as i sat bolt up in bed, my chest rising and falling fast as sweat fell down my head, beads of moisture forming on my chest. i looked around the dark empty room, rubbing my head as i got up and opened the bedroom door, jumping as i saw louis standing outside it with a look of urgency on his face.
"are you alright?" he asked as i pushed past him, not aware that i was only wearing my underwear.
"i need a drink." i sighed, grabbing my dressing gown from the bathroom and storming downstairs into the kitchen, the cold kitchen tiles sent shivers through my body. louis followed me into the kitchen, wondering what was wrong with me.
"what happened? did you have a bad dream?" he asked me, watching me take out a shot glass and a bottle of vodka, pouring it in and downing it in one. louis raised his eyebrows at me as he watched me down another one, slamming the glass onto the surface and wiping my mouth with my forearm.
"you could say that" i replied, sitting on the stool next to louis, throwing my head in my hands. "i have too much on my mind" i whispered, rubbing my head softly as louis wrapped an arm around my shoulder.
"i know." he replied, hugging me tightly.
"you know, i had a dream that me and you were getting it on in my room." i laughed to myself, playing with the glass on the counter as i stayed aimlessly in front of me.
"really?" louis asked me, raising his eyebrows as he smiled to himself.
"yeah, but i pushed you off me because i felt bad for liam." i carried on talking, remembering my dream that i had minutes ago.
"oh" louis replied, coughing to fill the silence. "hey listen, all that stuff i said about me liking you, thats totally gone now" he smiled reassuringly at me, tapping my hand on the counter. "so you wont have to worry about anything" louis added in, getting up off the stool and walking out of the kitchen.
"great" i said to myself, a hint of disappointment in my voice..

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