Baby I loved you first

This story is about you and liam who are in a relationship but his friend Louis is always around you & liam , you don't like him but he secretly loves you will you end up with liam or break up with him and end up with louis? read it now ;D


8. I would never date you

"yes" liam replied, looking down in sadness as my heart sunk. i walked over to him and held his hand in mine, trying hard not to show my anger about him lying to me.
"why did you lie?" i asked him as i perched on the edge of the bed, liam sitting next to me.
"because...i didnt want you to get upset" liam told me, letting go of my hand and playing with his own fingers.
"were you ever going to tell me?" i asked him again softly, looking straight ahead of me. there was silence and no response. i took that as a no. "why werent you going to? dont i deserve to know that my boyfriend and love of my life would be going off to fight?!" i exclaimed, getting up from the bed and facing liam, towering over him as he looked down at his hands, ashamed of what he had done.
"i know you deserved to know-"
"damn right i did! liam...i dont want to lose you. and i would hate to lose you and not know about it!" i explained to him, kneeling down and placing my hands softly on his knees. he gulped and looked up onto my eyes. i saw that his were getting watery, they were glistening in the sunlight that was gleaming through the windows.
"i dont want to lose you either. i love you y/n" liam said, grabbing my hands and pulling me in for a kiss. all of a sudden, a dollop of guilt dropped into the pit of my stomach. why was i feeling guilty? i havent done anything wrong. i stood up, my lips still attached to liams, pushing him down onto his back as i crawled onto him on the bed. i tore off his jacket and threw it behind him onto the floor.
“im gonna miss these lips” I whispered as I kissed his lips passionately as I ran my hands through his hair. “when do you leave then?” I asked him, breaking out of the kiss.
“next week I think” liam looked sadly into my eyes. I tried hard not to let the tears fall down my cheeks, but it didn’t work. He wiped them away with his thumb and smiled sympathetically at me as I lay on top of him, our breathing getting faster.
“well then…we should probably make the most of the time we have left together.” I whispered, trying to crack a smile. He pulled me closer and kissed me hard again, rolling over the bed and knocking off the suitcase onto the floor. Liam lay on top of me as he kissed me hard again, taking off my top with passion and throwing it in front of him, landing on the floor with a noise. Eagerly, he pulled off my jeans quickly, making me even more turned on, allowing me to rip the zip of his trousers and pulling them down with his boxers. “where are the condoms?” I asked him, out of breath, my hair messed up by his fingers running through it. We had switched positions, leaving me to sit on him, a leg either side of his waist and him on his back; both of us naked and hot.
“over there” he nodded to his bed side dresser, I climbed off of him, panting hard as I raced to the draw, pulling it out in desperation, emptying it all over the floor as I searched for one. I picked up the box and grinned widely, but my smile disappeared when I saw it was empty.
“theres none left!” I exclaimed, throwing the box behind me, over my head and onto the floor. I raced back over to liam and climbed back on top of him, my thighs by his hips as I saw his excitement growing in front of me
“I guess we will have to do it without then” liam suggested, laughing as he did so. I flew down and kissed him rapidly, making him moan as he grabbed my hips and pushed my down on his hard. I screamed out in pleasure, throwing my head back in delight as I came up from the kiss, liams hands on my hips to keep me steady as he closed his eyes in pleasure. He suddenly opened his eyes wide, flipping me over so I was on my back. He grabbed my thighs and wrapped them around his waist. Using his strong muscles, he stood up with me wrapped around him and pushed me against the wall as I moaned loudly. His lips hit me hard as I stabbed his back with my nails in delight.
“fucking hell liam” I yelled, sweat dripping from my head onto his bare shoulder. My toes curled behind his back as he thrusted hard again, making both of us yell out. He let out a big breath and sunk to the floor, my back gliding down it as my legs were wrapped around his body still. I leaned my head back against the wall and sighed out in relief as he came apart from me.
“that was…pretty good” liam whispered as I got up, walking over to the pile of our clothes of the floor. I changed quickly and walked out of the room, blowing a kiss to liam and leaving him to his own devices and to get over that passionate love-making session in a way that boys do a lot…I walked out into the hallway and stopped immediately in front of Louis who was just coming up the stairs.
“oh hey” I smiled at him, squeezing past and walking down the stairs, Louis turning around and following. We went into the kitchen where I got out a glass of water and drank it fast after straining my voice with liam…
“I want to talk to you y/n” Louis said simply, standing next to me, wearing a fitted white polo top and a denim jacket. I bit my lip secretly, trying not to look directly at Louis as I did so.
“about what?” I asked, casually.
“us. I know you’re with liam but when he goes to war-“
“Louis, you aren’t seriously thinking about trying to get with me while liam is nearly getting killed?” I exclaimed walking away in disgust into the living room. A small smile drew onto my face, I was rather flattered at what Louis had proposed.
“im not saying that! Im just saying that what if something did happen between us?” he asked, sitting next to me on the sofa as I turned the tv on. I turned to face his beautiful head, his cheek bones perfectly outlined.
“I wouldn’t let that happen. I don’t have feelings for you. We’re just friends” I told him, turning back to watch FRIENDS.
“what about under the hammock?” Louis asked me, making me pause the tv and take a deep breath in, thinking about that perfect conversation under the hammock, the day I realised that I might feel something more than friendship for the little boy from Doncaster.
“that was…neither here nor there. That was just a chat between two ‘roommates’.” I replied, doing the air quotes around roommates. Louis rolled his eyes at me as I tried not to grin at his charm.
“we’re more than that, and it is here and there.” He replied, grabbing my hand and looking deep into my eyes. I stared back into his crystal blue eyes, his soft eyelashes surrounding them. I leaned in slowly, our noses nearly touching as his breathing got heavier. I spotted him looking down at my lips, reading his mind and knowing that he wanted to kiss them desperately.
“its never going to happen.” I said to him straight, getting up off the sofa and walking into the kitchen, feeling butterflies build up in my stomach as I did so. I felt dominant, like I owned the boy. And I liked it. i sense him looking at me as i walked out of the room. and i did only like him as a roommate and friend, nothing more or less. little did i know that that was going to change in a matter of days...maybe even less.

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