Baby I loved you first

This story is about you and liam who are in a relationship but his friend Louis is always around you & liam , you don't like him but he secretly loves you will you end up with liam or break up with him and end up with louis? read it now ;D


7. I can't trust you

"well? did you make it in the army?" i asked him anxiously. liam held my hand softly in his as his face softened to look directly me. i could tell what he was going to say. it was going to be a yes. he gulped slowly as he moved his gaze away from me, looking at louis then around the room as he tried not to cry.
" they didnt offer me a place." liam replied, breathing out as a smile grew on mine and louis' faces. i threw myself at liam and flung my arms around his neck.
"thats great, so you dont have to go?!" i asked him eagerly as i kissed his neck.
"nope" he replied, unsteadily. i pulled away and looked into his eyes. his face was trying to crack a smile.
"whats wrong? arent you happy?" i asked him, furrowing my eyebrows together.
"yeah course" he smiled weakly back, standing up out of my grip and walking out of the room, running a hand through his hair as he closed the kitchen door behind him.
"what was that about?" i asked louis who shrugged his shoulders. i rolled my eyes at how unhelpful he was and poured out a glass of orange juice.
"well remember, this is something that he was always wanted to do and he must be pretty bummed that he didnt get in" louis explained, coming to sit down next to me at the breakfast bar.
"i know, i know. but he should be relieved that he doesnt have to go off and fight-" i stopped in mid sentence as louis caught me off guard with a powerful stare that went deep into my soul.
"what are you staring at?" i whispered to him, my body frozen as i searched in his eyes.
"you" he replied, smiling softly as he did so.
"oh" i croaked out, trying hard not to show that my cheeks were going red and that i had a small crush on him. i shook my head and got back to reality, standing up and walking out into the back garden. the hammock was empty so i decided to perch on the end, letting my legs hang over the side as i looked up at the small house in front of me. the back door opened and louis wondered out; his quiff placed perfectly, shaping his face well. i couldnt help but smile when i saw him now. normally i would grimace but i started to feel different things.
"why did you come out here?" louis asked me, standing in front of me as i swung back and forth gently on the hammock, my toes scraping along the grass at the bottom.
"just needed some fresh air, it was getting a bit hot inside." louis laughed at my response and looked down at the ground as he did so. behind him, in the window on the second floor, was a figure behind the glass. he looked dull and gloomy, his eyebrows knitted together as he looked down at us, a phone latched onto his ear. i darted off the hammock and sped past louis into the house just as liam turned back around behind the window upstairs. as i ran up the stairs into liams room, i pressed my ear firmly against the closed door, listening in. a pair of hands made me jump as louis turned up behind me, placing his big hands on my shoulders, making me smile to myself a bit. i listened intently to the conversation he was having on the phone.
"no i havent told her....i had to say something else, i dont want to tell y/n yet." liam said, making me scrunch my eyesbrows together. louis came next to me and placed the side of his face on the door next to me, our noses nearly touching. "look josh, i dont want to tell her yet, ok?" liam exclaimed down the end of the phone which made me confused as to what he was talking about.
"what is he talking about?" i whispered to louis who was staring into my eyes again, the air from his nose and mouth were brushing softly against my cheek.
"i dunno" louis replied, shrugging his shoulders once again. he stepped in closer towards me, his hand holding mine. "you're really beautiful" he whispered in my ear, our bodies now pressed against each other. i bit my lip and smiled at him.

it had been a week since liam had told us that he wasnt going into the army, which was good news from where i was standing. it was a normal day at work for me, but i didnt know something was about to change.
"ok great, now lift your arm above your head..." i trailed on, clicking the camera as the model in front of the white screen changed her position, flinging her arm above her head, her bright red lipstick glowing in the spotlight. i stopped shooting and picked out my phone from my pocket, answering it with a bit of curiosity. "hello?" i asked down the phone.
"hello y/n? its liams mum"
"oh hi!" i replied to karen, trying to sound casual.
"i just called to say that we're having a small party to send liam off and thought you might like to-"
"what do you mean? he's not going anywhere..." i replied quizzically, walking away from the models posing for a shop and out into the courtyard.
"yes, he's joining the army in the next two weeks, didnt he tell you?" she replied. my mouth dropped to the floor as i threw my hand over it, a tear spilling over the edge of my eye.
"im sorry, i have to go, but i will be there" i replied and hung up, running back inside the studio and walking home fast. i flung liams front door open and stormed straight upstairs where i saw him packing. he stopped and looked at me with fright.
"i thought you were working all day-"
"and i thought i trusted you and you would never lie to me!" i exclaimed, throwing my coat and bag down on the bed in anger.
"look, y/n-"
"no liam you look. are you going to war or not?!" i yelled at him, holding back the tears for something more drastic.

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