Baby I loved you first

This story is about you and liam who are in a relationship but his friend Louis is always around you & liam , you don't like him but he secretly loves you will you end up with liam or break up with him and end up with louis? read it now ;D


23. chapter 23/final chapter

louis' head dropped down to look at the floor as he sighed, nodding as he did so. i let my arms flail down by their sides, my heart felt like it had shattered on the ground into a million pieces. i stepped closer to louis, hurt in my eyes as he looked solemnly at me.
"y/n i am so sorry-" i stopped him in mid-sentence by wiping my hand swiftly across his face, creating a sharp sound and leaving a red mark. his face flipped to the side as i did so. louis rubbed his now sore cheek, trailing his tongue along the inside in pain. "what was that for?!" louis exclaimed, looking angrily at me. there was a sudden slam of the front door and footsteps going down the path as eleanor walked out of the house, obviously getting dressed downstairs.
"what was that...what was that for?! what the fuck did you think it was for? forgetting to buy milk?" i yelled sarcastically at him, slapping him across the arm as i yelled at him. louis jumped around the room as i went after him, slapping him hard on his body as i did so. "you fucking had sex with a girl that you have only known for two minutes!" i screamed, picking up a slipper off the floor and chucking it at louis, narrowly missing his head as he quickly dodged out of the way fright on his face.
"y/n, please let me explain-" louis pleaded, holding his hands up in defense.
"explain? you want to explain? you wanna know something louis, i came back here to tell you that i loved you and wanted to be with you, but i guess thats changed" i cried at him, standing in the middle of the bedroom, pointing at him as i yelled. his face softened as he put his arms down from his face.
"you, you what?!" louis exclaimed. i couldnt tell if he was happy about my decision or saddened by it. "you went to liam to tell him it was over.." louis mumbled to himself. i bit my lip, unsure of how to tell him that that wasnt true.
"well no. i did go to liam at first, but then he made me realise how much i loved his stupid idiotic best friend and told me to go to you. and he was right." i explained, sitting down on the edge of the bed now that my anger had bubbled down.
"oh." louis replied, sitting down next to me, our shoulders rubbing together as he did so.
"but now thats all changed. now i think...i would be better off without both of you" i sighed, hanging my head low as i fiddled with my fingers in my lap. i could see out of the corner of my eye that louis looked sad and let down. his face drooped as i told him, his blue eyes softened and filled up with depression. a tear spilled over my eye as i turned to look at louis.
"dont do this y/n. it was a mistake me sleeping with eleanor. i dont know why i did it." louis sighed, turning his body to face me as i bent one leg on the bed while the over flopped over the side.
"no louis, we were a mistake" i whispered, standing up as i bent down, planting a soft kiss on his cheek, leaving me to walk out of the bedroom.
"no, i want to be with you y/n. and no bodies gonna get in the way of that!" louis yelled, jumping up from the bed and running towards me. i turned around in the hallway by the top of the stairs to see louis staring directly at me his chest rising and falling fast as his breathing increased. "it was never over, and it still isnt" he growled at me, grabbing my face and pulling it harshly towards him, our lips colliding together as we kissed vigorously. i placed my hands on his chest and pushed him back, our lips disconnecting. he looked into my eyes that were filled with hurt and betrayal.
"no louis, you cant just kiss me and make everything go away. im sorry" i whimpered, rubbing my wet nose with the sleeve of my shirt. "i have to go" i cried, my eyes red and puffy as louis' glistened in mine. i walked down the stairs, louis standing at the top as he gazed down at me.
"no, no y/n!" he exclaimed racing down and out the door. the sky rumbled above us as the white clouds transformed to grey. a cold wind brushed up against our bodies as we stood in the middle of the road. i looked around me as i blinked hard, tears forming in my eyes. "you cant leave. i did something stupid, please. i love you." louis pleaded, grabbing hold of my arms. the sky crackled and flashed, letting down a mound of rain, covering the entire city. we were soaked, rain water ran down my face as my clothes were already beginning to go see-through. thunder and lightning erupted above us.
"no louis you cant-" he stopped me in my tracks, grabbing my hands tighter and pulling me forward, my feet stumbling as i did so. i stared up into his clear blue eyes as the rain poured down on us.
"you're so beautiful." louis whispered, pushing his head towards me as our lips touched again. i ran my hands round to his neck and skimmed them through his wet hair at the back of his head as he held me softly in his grip. our lips moved in sync as we kissed, water pouring down on us as it splashed on the floor. we came apart, our bodies shaking as the cold seeped through our clothes and hit our bodies. goose bumps appeared on my skin as my lips turned a shade of blue.
"i have to go" i croaked out, our eyes gazing at each others as we held each other close. is stepped back, loosening my grip from around louis' neck.
"no, no i wont lose you y/n" louis ordered, trying to pull me back.
"im sorry" i cried, my heart beating fast as i walked backwards, louis grabbing my hand as i stepped back. i walked back further, the rain making my hand moist, helping it slip out of his grip. i pulled it away and turned around, waling down the road as my soaking wet hair tumbled down in front of my face.
"y/n! y/n please!" louis cried from down the road. i didnt look behind. the crashing of the rain on the ground drowned out his calls towards me. i picked up pace, running down the road as the hard rain hurtled towards me. i turned a sharp corner and leaned against a wall, sliding down as i tucked my knees under my chin, crying hysterically. i began to shake, my hands had gone blue from the rain, i had left my coat inside. i had lost louis and liam in the same day. why? because i was greedy and a whore. i shouldnt have cheated with louis. but if eleanor wasnt in the picture i still would be with him. I knew that I would be happy with louis, he did care about me but I couldn't go back to him. I wouldn't be able to look at him in the same way without picturing eleanor. i suddenly heard faint footsteps coming towards me, my name being called softly. my eyes opened with a flash to see a wet, curly hair boy kneeling in front of me, his hair stuck to his face as he looked worried at me, his hand placed on my knee. i said nothing as i stood up, taking his hand in mine as we walked down the street together, the rain falling down over us. we walked into the distance, in silence, never looking back. the rain grew heavier, tipping down on us as we carried on walking down the long, empty road, hand-in-hand.

I finished te story a long time ago but i never put i online, thats why i uploaded them allat once sory for he long wait! hope u enjoyed (:

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