Baby I loved you first

This story is about you and liam who are in a relationship but his friend Louis is always around you & liam , you don't like him but he secretly loves you will you end up with liam or break up with him and end up with louis? read it now ;D


22. chapter 22

"i need to talk to you about something."
"sure what about?" liam asked me, sitting up in his bed as he pushed off from the mattress.
"its about us-"
"can i just stop you right there please?" liam asked me, placing his hand softly on mine that was resting on the edge of the mattress. i closed my mouth suddenly, looking up at him as he smiled sympathetically down at me.
"er yeah sure" i replied, looking directly at him as i was intrigued as to what he was going to say.
"i know that you dont know whether to choose between me and louis. its fine, i totally understand. ive been thinking about this a lot and...i think you should go with louis. our relationship obviously isnt that important to you if you decided to cheat on me with lou-"
"no liam! it is important to me. i love you both so much." i sighed, looking down into my lap as i closed my eyes in disgust at myself. liams hand reached over and grabbed my hand, pulling it tightly to make me look up into his beautiful brown eyes.
"go to louis" liam said quietly, his watery eyes sparkling as the sun shone through the open windows. i got up off the chair, letting go of his hand and pulled the curtain round the cubicle, so that no one could look in. i turned back around, facing him as i walked over to his bed, putting my knee up on it and hurling myself onto the bed. i lifted up the blanket that lay on top of it and squeezed myself underneath, squashing up against liam as he wrapped his arms around my tightly, letting my head rest on his chest. i heard his heart beat quicken as we cuddled in the bed. the soft sound of breathing going on between us. liams soft hand brushed over my hair, moving it in place as he tugged it gently behind my ear.
"im really going to miss you y/n. you wont have to worry about me, once im fit and healthy again i'll be back fighting in the army" liam added in, his voice soft and quiet. i sat up, leaning on my elbow as i glared at him in disbelief.
"go back to the army?!" i exclaimed, raising my eyebrows so far up my head they nearly fell off.
"yeah" liam replied, nodding as he did so.
"liam you cant go back you nearly died!" i exclaimed, sitting up totally in the bed with my hand gently on his thigh.
"i made a promise that i would finish and im sticking to the promise for three years" liam replied, holding my hand limply in his. i tried to hold back the tears that were building up in my eyes. another three years? "i dont want you seeing me getting hurt y/n. please, go to louis and never look back" liam croaked out, his voice crackling as a droplet of water spilled over the edge of his eye. i ran my thumb under his eyelid carefully, catching the tear before it fell down the rest of his face.
"i love you so much" i whispered, our faces close as i crawled up towards him on the bed, a hand keeping me up either side of his body. i relaxed and lay down again, my head resting on his chest as he breathed in deeply. "i cant imagine my life without you, liam" i whispered, running circles along the stomach of his shirt with my index finger, playing with a lose piece of string from the hem.
"same. should go to louis, he will always be there for you and i cant say i can" liam sighed, leaning his head back against the pillow as he rubbed my back up and down with his hand.
"but...what about us liam?" i asked him, peering up into his eyes as he gazed down at me.
"there isnt any us anymore. its you and louis now" liam smiled down, pulling my body up and kissing the top of my head with his soft lips. i closed my eyes as i hugged him tight.

i came out of the bathroom holding my wash bag as i stuffed in my toothbrush and toothpaste. i had stayed over at the hospital with liam for two nights; sleeping on a pull-up mattress on the floor by his bed. liam and i spent hours staying up all night, talking about us, the past and the future. i walked back into his cubicle, a sudden shock fled to me as i saw him getting dressed. my eyes immediately went to the scars on his back from being at war, it broke my heart. he was right, if i was to still be with him, i wouldnt be able to cope seeing him like this all the time, or maybe, never seeing him again at all.
"i have to leave now li" i announced. his head shot up as he put on his shirt as he turned around to look at me standing by the entrance of his cubicle.
"oh" liam replied, his face looking sad. i walked up to him and kissed him passionately on the lips, followed by a heart-felted hug.
"i'll miss you" i whispered in his ear, trying hard not to cry.
"i'll miss you too. but i'll see you when i get home" liam smiled as we came out of the hug. he kissed me softly on the cheek as i waved at him, walking out of the cubicle and down the hallway and out into the cold morning air once again. the bus was waiting at the bus stop for me to hop on and take me usual place, on the right side by the window. i thought to myself on the bus as it pulled away about how weird it will be from now on. but what i didnt tell liam was that i originally went there to tell him that i wanted to be with him. but he made me see why that was such a bad idea. i leaned my head against the cool window, letting my eyes shut slowly as the bus drove down the hill and to the main road for the next few hours.
"excuse me miss? miss? this is your stop aint it?" the bus drive yelled down from the end of the bus. my eyes flashed open as i looked up to him, realising that he was talking to me. i nodded and got up, finding it slightly humorous that he knew what my stop was. i thanked the driver and walked down the road, my heart beating fast as i got closer to the house. i had a sick feeling in my stomach, but not a good one. it was as if i was to discover something that i didnt want to know. i walked down the garden path, holding my bags tightly in my hands as i waited for louis to open the door and great me with his winning smile and hug. my fist tapped on the wood and i heard footsteps coming towards me, but they didnt sound like louis'. the door swung open, my eyes widening as the bags fell out of my grip and bounced on the floor.
"oh i was trying to remember the time when i opened a door and you werent behind it" i smiled sarcastically at eleanor who was in a see-through gown and wearing only her underwear. i knelt down and picked up my bags, pushing past her as i waltzed into the house.
"how are you-"
"wheres louis?" i hissed at her, dumping my bags on the ground and peering up the stairs. i didnt wait for her response but ran up the stairs, shouting louis' name. i pushed the bedroom door open and saw him laying in bed, wearing nothing but underwear as he looked startled at me.
"y/n?!" louis exclaimed, grinning at me as he got up off the bed and went to hug me. i pushed his arms away and looked up into his eyes, hurt in mine.
"why is she here?" i asked him, looking down at the ground as i held back the tears.
"look y/n, she just came over for the night-"
"did you sleep with her?!" i exclaimed, running a hand through my hair as i glared up at louis, my eyes shaking as i searched him for answer.
"nothing happened!" louis replied innocently, shrugging his shoulders.
"that didnt answer my question. did you have sex with her?" i asked, feeling my eyes swell up, my vision turning blurry. louis' head dropped down to look at the floor as he sighed, nodding as he did so.

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