Baby I loved you first

This story is about you and liam who are in a relationship but his friend Louis is always around you & liam , you don't like him but he secretly loves you will you end up with liam or break up with him and end up with louis? read it now ;D


20. chapter 20

i carried on walking down the path in the park, my phone latched onto my ear as i continued to talk to him. i thought it would be right if i visited him and then maybe listen to what harry had told me. but it was too late now. moments past and i was already on my way there after hanging up the phone and placing it back in my pocket. i walked out of the park and across the road, avoiding the cars that were driving across it. my heart was beating fast as i carried on walking, thinking about how gutted he will be when i tell him i havent chosen him. my heart sunk at that thought as i stumbled down the street, my hands firmly in my pockets as i walked, keeping them out of the cold. i saw the street ahead of me, the building getting closer the more i walked. nerves started to build up inside me as i became sick, feeling un-well as butterflies started to erupt in the pit of my stomach. i walked down the path and opened the front door.
"louis?" i yelled as i closed the door behind me. the faint noise of the tv droned on in the living room as i pulled off my coat and shoes, flinging them to the side. i walked towards the closed door, pressing my ear up against it as i listened intently. my hand below me grabbed hold of the door handle, holding it as i turned it slowly. i suddenly fell through the doorway, clattering down onto the ground as the door swung open, louis jumping back and not catching me. "why did you open the door on my like that?" i groaned, standing up in the living room and dusting myself down as louis tried hard not to laugh.
"im sorry" he giggled, sniggering behind his hand. "i didnt know you were on the other side of the door" louis told me as i walked into the kitchen, getting out a class and filling it up with water.
"i came to talk to you. i did some thinking during my walk" i smiled softly at him. he crossed his arms over his chest, looking down gloomily.
"oh" louis replied simply. i leaned my back against the edge of the breakfast bar as i looked out into the cold garden and at the hammock that was hung in between the two trees. i kept my eyes fixed on it as i walked towards the back door, turning the key in the lock and sliding the glass door open. a small breeze whirled around my face and hair as i stepped out onto the cold patio.
"what are you doing its freezing outside" louis exclaimed, rubbing his arms as he leaned against the door frame, standing behind me.
"i like it out here. it helps me think" i smiled to myself, laughing quietly as i thought of the first time me and louis had congregated on and under the hammock. it made me smile. i stepped forward further onto the concrete and walked along the damp grass, trying to not step on the prickly plants. i got to the hammock, placing my glass down onto the grass as i crawled underneath, laying my body on the grass as i gazed up at the clear blue sky with the occasionally bird flying through it. louis walked over and lay on the hammock on his stomach, his hands falling down either side as they tugged out random bits of grass.
"this is our place. you like it underneath dont you?" louis winked at me, causing me to giggle as my cheeks flushed red.
"thats only because you prefer to be on top!" i retorted, laughing hard as louis joined in.
"being on top is way better than being underneath." louis continued, explaining his theory.
"naah, underneath is better, you just lay there" i sighed, smiling softly as i picked up a daisy next to me and started to pluck the petals off.
"are we talking about sex or the hammock?" louis asked, laughing as he did so. i dropped my hands onto the grass underneath me and giggled as i did so. laughter escaping my mouth as louis giggled with me.
"im not sure" i replied, cackling out loud. the laughter faded slowly, as did the smiles on our faces which lead us to just stare into each others eyes. "i need to get some rest" i said quietly, my eyes not leaving louis' as i jumped up off of the grass from underneath the hammock.
"yeah, we both should. you want any dinner? i made pasta while you were out" louis asked me, following me inside the house.
"im alright for now, i want a sleep thats all" i yawned, thinking that i will postpone what i was going to do today till tomorrow.
"go and have one then" louis smiled at me. i nodded back and continued to walk out the kitchen and into the hallway. i suddenly heard fast footsteps behind me and a pair of soft arms latch around my face as he kissed me on the cheek from behind.
"can i come up with you?" louis' soft voice asked. i smiled to myself as my cheeks went a small shade of red.
"if you want" i grinned,turning my head and kissing his soft lips slowly as we trailed up the stairs. i fell onto the bed and took off my clothes, as did louis. we were both in our underwear as we got underneath the covers and held each other in our warms arms.
"im going to see liam tomorrow. i need to tell him something" i told louis, he swallowed hard and looked straight into my eyes.
"what are you going to tell him?" louis asked, kissing my neck softly as he turned on his back, letting me lay on his chest.
"i havent decided yet" i sighed, closing my eyes and falling asleep on louis' warm body.
my eyes suddenly opened as a warm breeze struck my skin. i looked around me, confused as to where i was. the park? there were leaves all over the ground and not a single person in sight. in the distance, i could hear old fashioned music coming out of a record player. and walked forward a bit more, realising how empty the streets were as random pieces of newspaper floated around. in the distance, i saw two people dancing. the boy spinning her round as the record player next to them on the bench played on. i continued to walk, my eyes squinting at the couple dancing under the archway of trees. they seemed happy, smiles on their faces which automatically caused me to grin too. i suddenly stop smiling, realising who it was. louis. and eleanor. was he seeing her without telling me? all of a sudden, the old music faded and the wind stop blowing, making everything calm and quiet. louis and eleanor stopped dancing and turned to face me, their expressions on their faces neutral. they started to walk, my heart beat picked up as all you could hear was the sound of their footsteps.
"you ruined what i could of had with eleanor. and i wont forgive you" louis muttered, getting closer as they stared blankly at me.
"louis?" i exclaimed as he stopped in front of me.
"you had your chance with me and liam and you blew it. liam loved you first but he doesnt anymore" louis spat at me. he turned around with eleanor in sync, holding their hands out as they walked away together in the distance, hand-in-hand as the old music on the record player carried on.

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