Baby I loved you first

This story is about you and liam who are in a relationship but his friend Louis is always around you & liam , you don't like him but he secretly loves you will you end up with liam or break up with him and end up with louis? read it now ;D


19. chapter 19

"who are you gonna pick between me and liam?" i stood awkwardly in front of louis, looking down at the ground where our bare feet were touching.
"i...i need to think" i smiled simply, rising up on my tiptoes slowly as i pecked his cheek. i stepped back and walked down the stairs, leaving louis alone as i entered the living room. he followed behind me, heaving footsteps tumbling down as his hands held onto my shoulders, spinning me round to face him, his eyes meeting mine.
"i want to let you know, that i will always love you y/n" louis smiled at me, pulling my body into his arms as he hugged me tightly. his body heat transferred onto me as he squeezed tighter, my arms wrapped around his waist as my cheek was pressed firmly on his chest. i could hear the steady beats of his heart, which made a small smile appear on my face. i came out of the hug and looked at him, our eyes meeting again for a second.
"im gonna go for a walk" i smiled quickly walking past louis at the bottom of the stairs and putting my shoes and coat on as i opened the door, the cold autumn air rushing inside the house as i shivered. i turned and smiled at louis as i closed the front door behind me, taking a step out into the cold city air and walking towards the park. it wasnt your average park, not one with swings and slides, just loads of trees and a giant lake. i started to walk under and arch way of trees along a giant path that led down the park. the birds were whistling above my head as i tried to clear my thoughts. i decided to even my thoughts out, figuring that it would help decide whether i should pick louis or liam, either way i was hurting someone. i continued to walk, gazing at the trees around me as i pushed my hands in my pockets. it then dawned on me that even if i chose liam, louis wouldnt end up alone, he would get together with eleanor. i stopped walking for a moment and froze on the spot. a tall figure with strong arm muscles and a long torso was running towards me. headphones in their ears as they ran to the beat of their music. his curly locks bouncing up and down with every step he took. i started to walk again, it became faster until my fast walk became a steady joke which flipped over into a hard run towards the tall boy. i ran up to harry until he realised who i was. my feet stopped abruptly when i got close to him. he stopped running and took out his head phones, letting them fall down in the middle of his chest. he stared at me, narrowing his eye brows together as his breathing got slower. his cheeks were red as a tiny bead of sweat dripped down the side of his face. his curls were sweaty from running and his white shirt clung to him tightly.
"er y/n, what are you doing here?" harry asked me, his green eyes staring directly at me.
"out for a walk. how are you harry? we didnt get a chance to talk last time" i sighed, recalling on the last time we saw each other.
"thats because you ditched me for that dickhead, louis." harry sneered, putting in his headphones as he ran back past me. i turned around and grabbed his arm, spinning him round to face me again.
"no i didnt harry-"
"yes you did, you left me" harry shot back at me. i tugged the headphones out of his ears hard, making him wince out in pain as i did so.
"we were going to the hospital to check up on liam, he got injured when he went to war..." i explained, hanging my head low as i tucked a piece of hair behind my ear. harrys face softened as he looked at me apologetically.
" so sorry is he alright?" harry asked, walking forwards and holding my hand in his softly.
"yeah he's recovering. its all a bit chaotic at the moment, a lot has happened, but you wouldnt know..." i said under my breath, looking round the park casually. harry rolled his eyes and let go of my hand, putting his head phones back in again and turned around, getting ready to run onwards. i ran in front of him, stopping him in his pathway.
"what do you want?!" he explained, tearing out his headphones again.
"i need your help." i said bluntly, sitting down on a bench at the edge of the path as harry groaned and joined me, turning off his ipod and looking at me, waiting for me to say something. "i know you hate me right now-"
"i dont hate you y/n. you're my best friend, you're just an annoying and selfish bitch at times" harry told me, shrugging his shoulders as i widened my eyes at how blunt he was.
"oh thanks" i laughed sarcastically, shuffling on the bench as i tried to get comfortable. Harry sighed and looked at his watch, I could tell that he wasn't in the slightest bit interested with what I had to say but I needed his help and I was lucky that I had bumped into him.
"I don't know what to do...liam and louis expect me to choose between them and I cant-"
"So you want me to make your decision for you?" Harry asked me, crossing his arms as he tried to hide the smirk that was building up on his face. I nodded slowly as I bit my lips.
"Well you want me advice?" Harry asked, standing up off the bench, me following behind. I jogged to keep up with him, our arms brushing against each others.
"Yes please!" I pleaded, a feeling of relief flowing through me.
"Well first, you shouldn't have cheated on liam with louis and secondly-"
"I already knew that harry. But its just made me realise that I have always felt something for louis this whole time!" I spat out, accidentally telling harry my little secret that only louis and eleanor knew about.
"What?" Harry asked me, stopping in the middle of the park as he stepped forward to move out of the way of a cyclist. "What do you mean? What about when you were with liam?". Harry asked me crossing his arms as he did so.
"I was still in love with him, I just had a tiny crush on louis too" I shrugged. It wasn't a bad thing but I didn't realise it would turn out into something this big and dramatic. "Anyway, carry on with your advice" I flapped on, shaking my head and urging harry to continue.
"Well my honest advice would be to choose neither of them" harry replied simply. My mouth fell to the floor, I couldn't believe what I had just heard. What did he mean, choose neither?
"What do you mean by that?" I asked him as he carried on walking casually. i followed behind, tripping over my words as i did so.
" obviously like both of them as much as each other. you cant decide between them because you dont want to hurt their feelings which shows you care for them equally-"
"slow down harry you're losing me a bit" i told him, getting lost in his words as he tried to explain.
"what im saying is that you love them the same, therefore, making it harder for yourself to choose. but...choose wisely or not at all and just forget them both and move on with your life" harry smiled quickly at me as he shrugged once again. he looked at his watch on his wrist, his eyes opening widely. "shit im late, got to go. nice seeing you again and tell me how it works out" harry added in, his voice rushed. he smiled and ran on but stopped as he turned around and gave me a small peck on the cheek with a cheeky smile.
"thanks for the advice" i grinned at him, harry sending me a flirty but friendly wink in reply. i watched him put his headphones on and run down further down the path. i smiled softly to myself, happy that things between me and harry were back to normal, well not normal but close to it anyway. i carried on walking slowly as i pulled out my phone. if i was to ring liam, i would tell him that i would go back to the hospital, but if i chose louis i would go back home and tell him. i scrolled down my contact list and stopping on the letter 'L' where i saw both of their names. my heart started beating fast as i clicked on the call button and the phone started to ring. a small voice answered at the other end as a smile appeared on my voice.
"hi its me" i said timidly.
"oh hey" he replied.

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