Baby I loved you first

This story is about you and liam who are in a relationship but his friend Louis is always around you & liam , you don't like him but he secretly loves you will you end up with liam or break up with him and end up with louis? read it now ;D


18. chapter 18

"louis?!" i screeched as i tumbled into the house, taking off my coat and hanging it on the peg as i walked through the dark hallway. i saw a pair of shoes by the shelf at the front door that i vaguely recognized. i opened the living room door to find something that made my heart sink. i wanted to jump out of the window and into a car, letting me drive away. the two of them jumped apart on the sofa, embarrassment growing on their faces. "oh" i said simply, my face full of shock as louis looked down disappointed with himself, avoiding my eye contact while eleanor smiled weakly at me as her cheeks flushed red.
"hi y/n" she said simply, waving slowly to me.
"what are you doing here?" i asked her plainly, furrowing my eyebrows together as i threw a nasty tone to my voice in her direction.
"she called to see if liam was alright and she asked if i needed company, so i invited her" louis smiled shyly at me. i nodded slowly as my cheeks turned brighter.
"nice to see you again" eleanor smiled at me.
i ignored her and kept my face looking like stone as i rushed out of the living room and sprinted up the stairs, slamming the bedroom door shut as i leaned my back against it and slid down to the bottom, pulling my knees into my chest as i balanced my chin on them. there was a slight push of the door behind me as louis tried to get in; knocking it with his fist and calling my name to let me in.
"y/n, please open the door." louis pleaded. i stood up and walked away from the door, sitting on the edge of the bed, looking down at my hands in my lap as louis walked in and closed the door behind him. there was silence in the room as he stood a few meters in front of me, his hands pushed in his front pockets of his jeans as he gazed out the window.
"why didnt you tell me?" i asked simply, staring at the ground without an expression on my face.
"i didnt think it was any of your business, i like eleanor-"
"not about that you bastard, about the blood donation! you promised me! you lied to me and betrayed me! and of course it all makes sense now, you fainting randomly!" i screeched, getting worked up as i stood up and got off the sofa, walking towards louis.
"im so sorry. i didnt want to tell you because i ddint want to hurt you..." louis replied, walking forward slightly as he gazed soul fully into my eyes.
"i dont care, you lied to me and you put yourself in danger" i snapped back, crossing my arms and staring straight at his sad face.
"i know" he sighed, hanging his head low as he ran a hand through his hair. silence filled the room for a moment as my foot tapped lightly on the ground.
"when were you going to tell me about you and el?" i asked him, his head shot up as his mouth was open slightly ajar.
"it was only a one thing, and we were only kissing" louis told me as i turned my back and walked towards the window, looking out over the foggy city.
"bet if i hadnt of come in you would be doing more than that" i replied under my breath as i leaned on my hands on the windowsill.
"what did you say? did you think that i would have sex with her? im not that much of a manwhore" louis replied to me, disgusted. "why would you care anyway-"
"do you even want me, louis? do you even care about me at all or is this just one big game to you? a game where you play with my feelings? huh?" i spat at him, turning round on my heels as i faced him, a sharp and stubborn look on my face as his softened, realising he had hurt my feelings.
"of course i do-"
"then why did you end up making out with eleanor on the sofa when you knew i would be coming home and would see it?!" i asked him, raising my voice as i walked past him, our eyes still connected as i ran my hand over my face and sighed out heavily.
"i thought you were gonna be staying with liam for another day" louis mumbled at the ground. i opened my mouth, horrified at what he had just replied with.
"oh thats so sweet! i think im falling for you all over again!" i replied sarcastically, throwing my arms out to the side and grinning widely. "you know what, you wanted things between us to end so go ahead, date eleanor, marry her and have lots of little kids with her." i growled at him, walking towards the door and grabbing the handle. "i hope she chokes on your dick" i spat out, slamming the door shut as i ran down the stairs, louis following me hastily. i popped my head round the living room door to see it empty, knowing that she had left. i turned around and bumped into louis as i did so.
"move please" i asked, my eyes fixating on his chest.
"no" he replied simply, my eyes watched his chest rise and fall faster as his breathing became heavier. "now its my turn to talk" he whispered, grabbing my arms and pushing me back against the wall, lifting my arms above my head and pinning them there as he stared sexily into my eyes, our bodies pushed against each other. "two things you should know, y/n. that blood donation didnt kill me, im fine i just needed time to recover. i got given pills and now im fine. secondly, why i kissed eleanor i dont know. because all along, the girl ive had my eyes on this whole time has been right in front of me...i just needed time to realise it." louis explained. he whispered in my ear slowly as he nibbled sexually on my ear lobe. i closed my eyes and titled my head back against the wall, my arms still pinned above my head.
"thats just the thing louis. i dont know which of you im in love with. you...or liam" i added simply, looking straight into his eyes as he stopped kissing my neck and looked directly at me, our noses nearly touching.
"what?" he asked, narrowing his eyebrows in disbelief.
"but what i do what i want to do with you right now.." i whispered, looking hungrily at his body as i bit my lip, smirking as i did so. a smile appeared on his face as he shook his head at me, laughing to himself as he did so.
"lets get started then" louis replied before he let me get a word in edge ways, he forced his lips onto mine hard. my hands still pinned above my head as his free one ran up and down my body, peeling off my shirt as he grabbed my legs and wrapped them around his waist. he ran with my arms flung round his neck and our lips attached to the nearest wall, slamming my back against it hard making me wince out in pain as i tugged off his top. he turned round and charged upstairs, our breathing getting heavier he pushed me again onto the back wall, letting me undo his trousers and pull them down to his ankles.
"this is wrong but it feels so right" i whispered as i grabbed louis' face again and kissed him hard, moaning in sync as we did so. he walked me to the bedroom and dumped me on the bed, removing my jeans as he slid it down each leg, one at a time. he slowly climbed on top of me, covering my naked body in hot, succulent kisses. his hand grazed up my thigh and body as his head went down, my legs hanging off the end of the bed as knelt down on the floor. i lifted my head up off of the bed, apart from sex, this would be the furthest ive gone with louis and i wasnt comfortable about it.
"louis" i croaked out, narrowing my legs as he looked up from the end of the bed and climbed on top of it, his body hovering over me.
"sorry babe, not ready for that then?" he asked, relaxing his body on mine as his fingers twisted a strand of my hair.
"ive done it with liam but...its different this time because...its with you. dont take that the wrong way!" i explained, fiddling my hands with louis' as he gazed down at me.
"you're so beautiful" he piped up randomly, mkaing me laugh and grin widely.
"um thanks?" i replied, raising my eyebrows as i rolled my eyes at him. "can we just cuddle and chat?" i asked him. he smiled and nodded, crawling over to the head of the bed and getting under the covers, patting down at the mattress for a spot for me. i smiled and followed, laying on his chest as he wrapped his arms around me. we lay silently in bed as i gazed up at the ceiling, thinking about louis and liam. then the thought struck me. "im such a horrid person" i spouted out in disgust.
"why?" louis asked, a confused tone added to his voice.
"ive cheated on liam so many times and im still cheating in him even when he knows i had been." i groaned, getting up out of the bed and walking out of the room to the hallway, picking up my clothes and putting them back on. louis stood up and walked over to me, putting his boxers back on and holding my hands.
"no you're not y/n. remember that." he told me, leaning down slightly and kissing my forehead. "but there is one question i need answering...." louis carried on talking, coughing awkwardly.
"whats that?" i asked louis, knitting my eye brows together.
"who are you gonna pick between me and liam?"

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