Baby I loved you first

This story is about you and liam who are in a relationship but his friend Louis is always around you & liam , you don't like him but he secretly loves you will you end up with liam or break up with him and end up with louis? read it now ;D


17. chapter 17

"i need a donor form please"
"certainly sir, and what would that be for?" the woman at reception asked me, putting her hand in the desk draw and pulling out a double sided form for me to fill in.
"a blood donation to liam payne" i replied, taking the form and starting to fill it in. heavy footsteps came running up to me as y/n appeared next to me, her eyes wide as she saw me filling out the form.
"louis what are you doing?!" she exclaimed, peering onto the reception desk at the form, her eyes glistening with tears.
"i want to help him" i replied, smiling sympathetically at her.
"no, no i cant let you do that!" she yelled, leaping forward for the form, but i stopped her, pushing her back.
"i want to help he might die if i dont do this!" i exclaimed, holding the form behind my back so she couldnt get to it.
"what if the blood donation doesnt work? and you both die?! then i lose the two most important people in my life! the love of my life and-"
"and who?" i yelled back, walking up to her, our bodies touching as i looked down upon her tiny body. she searched my eyes as a tear spilled over the edge.
"i dont know" y/n croaked out, looking down sadly at her hands. "just please...dont donate louis." she whispered, turning around as her red and puffy eyes looked at me sweetly. she walked away behind the wall and sat on the sofa, leaning her head back on the wall as i gazed at her.
"you really love her dont you?" the nurse asked, smiling softly as she chuckled to herself.
"more than anything"

"y/n, wake up!" i felt a soft hand on my shoulder as i lifted my head up off of the sofa. my eyes were sleepy as i tried to see who was tapping me.
"oh hi louis" i whispered, sitting up and gazing round the dark waiting room. he sat down next to me, wrapping an arm around my shoulder and pulling my head into the crook of his neck.
"i need to talk to you about this blood donation situation" louis whispered, his thumb grazing softly up and down my arm.
"louis please dont do it-"
"i dont need to" louis replied, smiling as my eyes adjusted to the darkness in the room. a grin spread across my face as i hugged him tightly.
"so liam has recovered?!" i asked excitedly, coming out of the hug and gazing into louis' crystal blue eyes.
"no...but this old man on the third floor said he knew liam well and offered to donate his blood to him when he passed away. sadly he died a few hours ago so they took his blood and gave it to liam" louis explained, a faint smile growing on his face as he looked at me happily. i threw my arms around his neck and smashed my lips against his.
"thank god! im so glad you didnt agree to it" i smiled at him, getting up and walking out of the room to get a cup of coffee. i left him sitting on the sofa. i turned around to ask him if he wanted a drink but he threw his head in his hands as he sat on the sofa, sighing out heavily as he did so. "louis? are you alright?" i asked, walking back in the room and turning the light in. he shot up off the sofa and stared at me, his hair messy as his breathing increased. "the colour has gone out of your face.." i told him, walking forward and placing my hand in his. he blinked slowly and looked down on me, a small smile appearing.
"im fine" he gleamed at me, kissing my cheek softly as he walked out of the waiting room. i narrowed my eyes brows and followed him out, walking behind him as we paced down the corridor towards the exit to the balcony that looked out over the meadows and trees. it really was a beautiful place and a lovely place to die. i followed louis round the corner where he fell to the floor in a heap, his arms flailed as i ran up to him, bending down and checking his pulse.
"louis?! louis can you hear me?!" i yelled, shaking his shoulders in panic. "louis!" i screamed, shaking him more, causing him to stir. his eyes fluttered open as he stared up at me. he sat up, trembling as he did so.
"what just happened?" he asked, his palm of his hand pressed against his forehead as his eyes were tightly shut.
"you randomly passed out for a couple of seconds" i explained, helping him stand up and walk him over to the sofa on the other side of the corridor. "do you want me to get you a doctor?" i asked, placing my hand on his thigh as i looked into his eyes.
"no im fine, just a bit tired." he replied, rubbing his eyes with his hand. he turned to face me on the sofa, holding my hands weakly as his lethargic eyes stared sleepily into mine. "look y/n, i need to tell you something and it pains me to tell you....but i was thinking should be with liam. not me, please just try to understand" louis croaked out carefully, his eyes glistening with tears.
"why? dont you want me-"
"no of course i do! more than anything! i just think...morally you would be better off with liam, you're meant to be together and it would hurt him. even though its killing me right now." louis sighed, looking down at our hands that were entwined with each others.
"no louis i want to be with you, i love you but i dont know why it took me so long to realise it!" i babbled on, removing my hands from his.
"but me and you are wrong! liam is your boyfriend."
"but i want you, dont you get that?" i exclaimed, trying hard to hold back the tears that were surfacing to the brim of my eyes.
"of course i do. i want you too but we cant have each other. i love you so much y/n. but please...promise me one thing?" louis asked, staring into my eyes desperately.
"look after him, he's a good lad" louis smiled, standing up, me after him as he held my hand again. i nodded as he planted a soft kiss on my lips, running his hand down the side of my face. he stepped back, our grip around each others hand getting looser until our arms were outstretched. he let go and turned around, walking to the elevator with his head hanging low and his hands stuffed in his pockets. my chest hiccuped as i cried softly to myself. turning round on my heels, i walked back to liams room, knocking on the door softly. i opened it, removing the tears from my eyes carefully to show that i hadnt been crying.
"how are you doing?" i asked, sitting down and looking at the bag of blood hanging from the hospital equipment and traveling into liams veins.
"alright" he replied, looking at me with tired eyes. we gazed at each other for a few seconds, causing me to leap into his arms carefully and crying into his shoulder. he winced in pain for a second but then continued to hug me back.
"ive missed you so much, i didnt think you would be alive, liam" i whimpered, coming out of the hug and standing over him, his hand in mine as i removed the tears from my eyes.
"me too." he smiled weakly, i sat down again next to him, our hands still engaged with one anothers. "i need to talk to you about something.." liam muttered, biting his cut lip as he looked at me. i stared down at the ground in disappointment and nodded, looking back up to him as a tear fell down my face again.
"i know"
"you and louis...should be together" liam smiled, i shot my head up at him in disbelief.
"w..what?" i asked, blinking rapidly as my mouth fell to the ground. "why would you say that?" i asked him.
"you have feelings for him and he is clearly in love with you. so go with your heart and do whats right" liam smiled at me, his eyes glistening as he did so.
"i dont want to talk about this now" i whispered, running my hand over my face and through my hair as i breathed out, fed up with everything that had happened over the past couple of days. the door to the room opened, revealing the nurse to walk in, holding a tray of food for liam and smiling widely.
"there you go my dear" she grinned, helping him get comfy as she handed him the food. she turned around to face me on the chair, moving a piece of hair out of my face as she smiled sympathetically at me.
"what?" i laughed, my cheeks flushing red with embarrassment.
"your friend did a very sweet thing for your boyfriend liam here. he obviously cares for you very much to make you happy." she smiled at me, taking the vase of dead flowers out and replacing them with fresh daisies.
"er no sorry you must be mistaken...louis said the old man upstairs donated blood.." i told her, raising my eyebrows at he and standing up. liam stopped eating and looked worried at me.
"no im sure you're mistaken, he donated a few hours ago, i wondered what he was doing at such a young age but-"
"no no thats not true! he told me-" i butted in, shaking my head in disbelief.
"ma'am im sorry but you're mistaken, i must go to other patients now. have a nice day" she said friendly, walking out and leaving me and liam alone in the room.
"wow. i did not expect that." liam stuttered out, his mouth fallen to the ground.
"yeah me too....i need to go liam, i'll visit you later?" i asked him hurriedly, he nodded as i kissed him on the cheek, rushing out to the car park towards the bus stop. i needed to talk to louis urgently.

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