Baby I loved you first

This story is about you and liam who are in a relationship but his friend Louis is always around you & liam , you don't like him but he secretly loves you will you end up with liam or break up with him and end up with louis? read it now ;D


16. chapter 16

"are you ready?" louis asked me softly. i got up off the bottom stair and nodded at him. he outstretched a hand to me, pulling me up as he simultaneously opened the front door. i followed him out to the cold outside as we clambered into the car. "you sure you want to do this y/n?" louis asked me. i breathed out deeply and smiled at him, gesturing to the gear stick.
"yeah, i want to see him" i smiled at louis. he smiled sympathetically at me as his hand traveled towards my thigh, grazing it slowly. "louis, what if liam finds out about what we did, because i was thinking this morning that when liam comes back home, we should just continue as friends" i said calmly him, panic filling my eyes as i looked sadly up ahead at the road.
"oh erm...yeah that sounds like a good plan. it was just a couple of times we did stuff, right? kind of like friends with benefits" louis half-heartedly replied. i smiled weakly at him.
"yeah, yeah thats it. hey lou, thank you for everything. those nights that we spent together really meant a lot to me" i smiled at him. louis turned to look at me as sadness filled his blue eyes.
"they meant a lot to me too" he smiled back, his eyes twitching a bit as water filled them up.
"so things will go back to normal if liam comes back?" i asked him sweetly, leaning forward as i looked at him, his sad eyes fixed on the road ahead of him.
"yeah i guess they will have to" louis shrugged, stopping at a red light. i looked out of the car window and saw a familiar curly haired boy walking down the street with his head hanging low, a beanie balancing on his luscious curls.
"is that...harry?" i asked, winding down the window as i leaned out of it. "harry!" i yelped. the boy stopped walking and turned around, searching for the person that called his name. he spotted me hanging out of the car and ran up to us, the light still on red.
"y/n?" he asked, bending down to see into the car. i hadnt seen harry in so long since we had fallen out, i wanted to have nothing to do with him, which was a lie. my hand went to the car door handle and pushed it open, leaving me to bound out of the car and leapt into harrys arms.
"ive missed you so much" i mumbled into harrys chest. he sighed heavily and ran his hand up and down my back.
"ive missed you too." harry replied. we came out of the hug, cars beeping behind us as the car remanded stationery on the road as the light switched from red to green.
"y/n get in!" louis yelled, leaning down to look out the window. i turned round to face louis, my hands still wrapped around harrys neck. i turned back to harry, biting my lip.
"you better go" harry sighed, coming out of the hug and stepping away from me backwards. "always go back to louis...see ya" harry waved motionless as he turned round and walked away.
"harry?" i yelped out, hurt in my voice as i stepped back into the car. i wound up the window as the car drove past him slowly, his head looking up sadly as my eyes followed him, my hand latching onto the glass window. i sighed and sunk back into my seat when he was faint in the distance.
"he really hates me, doesnt he?" louis asked, shaking his head as he laughed softly to himself.
"can you blame him?" i asked raising an eyebrow up at louis.
"cheers" louis replied sarcastically, giving me a thumbs up. i rolled my eyes and leaned my head back on the seat as the car drove down the long road, trees either side of us that lead to nothing. a faint building was in the distance, it was perched on a hill surrounded by trees. the fog covered it up in the distance, making it look eery and a none friendly place to stay.
"you sure thats the hospital?" i asked, raising an eyebrow as i sounded unsure.
"yep" louis nodded, peering down under the sun shield on the car as he looked up worrying at the building on top of the huge hill, covered in trees and plants.
"it looks...weird" i added in, biting my lip as we took a turning off the main road and into a small country lane. the road was bumpy, making the car jolt and move in different directions. i looked out the window as we got higher up, the road ended at one of the sides and became a large cliff, falling down onto gravely ground with plants below it. "dont go off the side of the road or we'll die" i told him bluntly, my heart beating as i moved away from the window.
"i can drive you know?" louis replied, rolling his eyes as the hill got steeper and steeper, causing us to get higher up the hill and closer to the hospital building.
"where are we? this must be miles away from...anywhere" i asked, looking out the window at the dreary sky, trees and forests continuing for miles and miles.
"no idea" louis replied, facing me quickly as he grinned widely. we eventually reached a car park where there were very few cars and a couple ambulances. trees towered over the car park, casting shadows everywhere as the large building that looked a bit like a victorian house stared down at us. i climbed out of the car with louis as he walked over to me, grabbing my hand as we stepped towards the building opening the doors to the reception where chairs and sofas were placed with a desk at the corner. we walked over to her, hand in hand as she looked up and smiled at us.
"hi, we're here to see liam payne" i told her, rising up on my tiptoes and peering down onto the counter. louis let go of my hand and carefully wrapped it around my waist, keeping me close.
"ahh of course, he's not awake at the moment but you can see him, follow me" she smiled at me, getting out from behind the desk and leading us down a bright white hallway, doors closed as got lead to the end of the hallway. the woman stopped outside a wooden door. it was tightly shut, we pushed down the handle and opened the door. my heart sunk when i saw a fragile boy in a bed facing the door.
"i'll leave you to it" she smiled at us, walking away as we walked into the room. my heart filling as sadness as tears trickled down my face. he had scars all over his face, bandages wrapped around his hands. i walked slowly towards him as louis trailed behind slowly, running his hands through his hair. i sat by liam on the chair, looking at his beautiful face that was caressed with blood and scars. his eyelids flickered as he breathed in and out slowly, an oxygen mask covering his mouth and nose as the heart machine beeped softly in the background.
"he's worse than i thought" i cried, looking up to louis as i threw a hand to my mouth, crying hysterically as louis knelt down beside me, cuddling me softly as i wept into his shoulder. we departed from the hug as louis left me alone with liam. i rested on hands on the bed, my eyes blotchy and red as my nose blocked up. my fingers twiddled with a tissue in my hands as i talked to liam. there was a possibility he could hear me, but i doubted it.
"i miss you liam, so much and i hate seeing you like this. its all my fault, i should have fort harder for you not to leave, i never wanted you to leave, but i knew how much you wanted to go. you wanted to help, because you're a kind and generous boy" i croaked out through tears as they ran down my face. i grabbed his hand, staring at him as my eyes turned puffy and red, water filling them fast, causing my vision to be blurry. "please wake up, please just give me a sign that you're ok" i pleaded, holding his hand hard as i rested my forehead on the mattress, my tears wetting the sheets. the heart machine got faster as the beeps became more frequent. my head shot up as my eyes widened. "louis! louis come in here!" i screamed, standing up as he burst through the door, looking worried at liam. i ran towards him into his arms.
"i didnt do anything i swear" i cried, my breathe getting short as the tears flowed heavily out.
"shh its ok, we just need a nurse" louis suggested, racing out to the hallways and returning with a nurse.

"you should get some sleep." louis whispered as the moonlight flooded through the windows into the bedroom, liam still asleep. my arms were rested on the bed as my chin balanced on my hands, staring up at liam and taking in every detail.
"no im fine" i whispered, my back hurting from leaning over too long.
"louis im fine!" i retaliated, snapping my head towards louis as he sat innocently on the chair next to him. "he's not going to make it, is he? not unless we find a donor" i whimpered, my eyes re-filling with tears again as the water stung the corner of my eyes. i gazed at louis as he opened his mouth slightly, closing it again.
"i dont know" louis replied softly.
"i need something to eat." i said, staring down at the floor, my hair messed up from resting my head on the side of the bed.
"i'll get you something" louis added in, getting up and walking out of the door, closing it softly behind him. i turned my attention back to liam, watching him breathe softly again. suddenly, i noticed something twitch out of the corner of my eye.
"liam? are you awake??" i asked, leaning in towards him as his fingers curled softly around mine.
"y/n?" he whispered, opening his eyes softly. a large smile grew on my face as i cried happily, holding his hand tightly.
"liam oh my God thank you for waking-"
"why are you hear?" he asked, his voice dry and dusty.
"to see you" i answered, feeling a little hurt. why was he saying this?
"no, no leave please" liam croaked out, coughing slightly. i let go of his stand, stumbling back a few paces as my mouth was open ajar.
"w..why?" i stuttered out. the door burst open, revealing louis walking in holding a packet of chocolate.
"liam, you're awake!" louis exclaimed, walking over to him with a smile on his face. he stopped and his face became neutral once he saw the hurt expression written over mine. "y/n, whats going on?" louis asked me, switching glances in between me and liam.
"you betrayed me y/n, go i dont want you here, you mean nothing to me go!" liam yelped, using all his breath on me. tears fell down my face as i walked up to him, louis holding me back slightly.
"liam what are you talking about?" i asked, panic in my voice.
"you both hurt me when i needed you must, just go." liam replied bluntly, coughing slightly as louis pulled me back.
"no louis, im not going!" i exclaimed, slapping louis off of me.
"y/n, he doesnt want us to be here, lets just go..." louis sighed, pulling my arms back.
"yeah y/n, listen to your boyfriend" liam whispered, his lips dry as he sunk further into the bed. i froze on the spot, my mouth fallen to the ground as a tear fell down my cheek. he knew? how? louis tugged me back out of the door, i yelled after liam, wanting him to listen to me or talk to me at least. louis slammed the door shut behind us.
"y/n, he doesnt want to see us! we mean nothing to him!" louis exclaimed, trying to reason with me.
"no, this cant be happening" i cried, sinking to the floor in a pool of tears as louis caressed me gently. he let go and went back inside the room.

i went back inside the room, closing the door behind me. liam was laying on the bed, his head back in pain as his breathing was unsteady and heavy. i walked up next to him and sat on the chair.
"why did you do it?" liam asked, his eyes closed as he whispered softly to me.
"i dont know, ive always liked her. she means the world to me mate." i explained, looking at my hands that were placed in my lap. liam sighed and opened his eyes, turning his head to look at me.
"really?" i nodded, looking up to him as i gulped hard. " can have her. we both know i wont be lasting much longer lou. we've had a great run, but promise me one thing, when you're with y/n, dont ever let her go." liam whispered, a tear droplet falling down his face as a crooked smile appeared on his face.
"liam, i want to help you." i cried, holding his hand delicately in mine. "youre my best mate." i whimpered, kissing his hand softly as a tear fell onto it.
"you cant help louis. no body can, unless they are willing to sacrifice their life-"
"i'll do whatever it takes to make y/n happy" i said bluntly, removing a tear from my eye as i stood up.
"no louis no!" liam croaked, his arm out stretched as i opened the door and charged down the hallway, past y/n who was sitting on the sofa. i walked straight up to the desk, facing the nurse.
"i need a blood donor form please"

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