Baby I loved you first

This story is about you and liam who are in a relationship but his friend Louis is always around you & liam , you don't like him but he secretly loves you will you end up with liam or break up with him and end up with louis? read it now ;D


15. chapter 15

i woke up in my bed, my eyes fluttering open as i looked around the cold and dusty room that was my bedroom. my eyes were heavy and tired as i clambered out from under the covers and open the dreary curtains. it had been five days since i left louis, i needed time and space to think. i couldnt be with louis, liam was coming back home soon and being cared for in hospital, i had to be there for him. plus, being with louis would have been wrong. i opened my bedroom to the cold and empty living room. i hadnt lived in my flat for quite sometime as i had been staying with liam or at liams. i picked up my phone off the coffee table and read the text. it was from louis. my heart jumped a tad as i opened the message up, my heart jumping with happiness which it shouldnt have been doing.
~Louis Tommo: hey, please come back babe, i miss you so much and its alright if you dont want to be with me, i totally understand i just miss you thats all, lou xx~
i smiled at my phone and held it close to my chest as i breathed it deeply, closing my eyes and thinking about louis coming up behind me, wrapping his strong arms around my waist thought process was interrupted by a sharp knock at the door. i shit my eyes open and dropped my phone on the table, walking over to the front door and opening it to reveal a brunette girl carrying her modeling portfolio and smiling widely at me.
"eleanor, what a nice surprise! why are you hear?" i asked her, opening the door wider so she could walk in. she smiled and sat down on the chair in the living room as she dropped her files onto the coffee table.
"i got sent here by your boss. he said since you didnt come into work i should just drop by your house-"
"didnt come into work? my work starts at ten.." i explained, picking up my phone and reading the time at the top that said one in the afternoon. i gasped and threw my hand to my mouth.
"oh shit el, im so sorry. we can sort everything out together then? but not here..." i mumbled, thinking of any excuse just to visit louis. i just wanted to see his smiling face again. i ran into the bedroom, slamming the door shut behind me and dragging out a pair of jeans and a plain white tank top with some grey blazers. i stumbled out of my room, hopping on one leg as i struggled to tie my blazers up. eleanor offered and bent down onto the ground and began to tie my laces for me. she looked up when she was done and smiled.
"thanks" i added. she grinned at me and walked out the front door into the cold hallway. the car was parked just outside. she followed me and sat in the passenger seat, putting all of her folders on top of her lap and balancing them well. the car pulled out of the drive way and sped down the road.
"so where are we going?" she asked me as i kept my eyes on the road.
"just to my boyfriends house, i need to talk to someone" i replied not looking directly at her but giving her quick glances.
"oh..who are we going to talk to then?" she asked, smiling as i turned the corner at the nd of the road.
"louis" i replied.
"is he your boyfriend?" a moments silence filled the car as i thought over the question.
"no, no he's not. liam is my boyfriend but hes away." i sighed, my head tipping as i exhaled heavily.
"oh? is he working or something?" she asked me, obviously finding my love life interesting.
"kind of, he's at war at the moment, louis is his best mate, he's just occupying the house till he gets home" i replied, crossing my fingers mentally for if he ever does get home safely.
"oh im so sorry. is he doing ok in the army?" she asked me, leaning forward as her head turned to face me.
"he got injured the over die and is being brought back to the city for treatment" i replied quickly, hoping that she would stop asking questions about me liam and louis. the rest fo the car ride was silent, the only noise that you could hear was the silent buzz of the radio. we pulled into the driveway, the car bumping over dips in the concrete, making our bodies jolt. we clambered out of the car, i walked down the path to the front door of the house, eleanor trailing behind, still carrying her items. i put the key in the lock and turned it till i heard it click. the front door swung open, letting the warm air rush in as we stepped into the hallway. it was empty and quiet, no one was around. the house was deserted.
"maybe he's out?" eleanor suggested. i shook my head and closed the door as he tugged off her coat and hung it on the coat hook. i threw the keys into the wooden bowl on the shelf by the front door filled with spare keys and random items such as paper clips and pencils. i opened the living room door quietly as i peered round seeing a sleeping louis on the sofa. his leg was hanging off the edge, surround by beer bottles on the coffee table and chip packets on the floor. crumbs covered his shirt and crushed on the carpet. i shook my head and walked in, kneeling down silently beside him as i took notice of his delicate facial features. his eyelids flickered as he dreamed softly, his chest rising and falling as he did so. eleanor appeared in the doorway and hovered awkwardly as her eyes skimmed over the room.
"its not normally like this" i whispered getting up and walking over to her.
"oh" she laughed. i folded my arms across my chest and gazed at louis as he slept blissfully on the sofa. "you like him dont you?" she smiled at me, poking my arm softly with her finger. i snapped my neck round at her, my eyes wide.
"no i dont-"
"yes you do, i can see the way you're looking at him" she giggled, trying to keep quiet.
"well...maybe i do i dunno. we have fooled around and slept together once but i told him i didnt want to do it anymore, especially when liam was at war and how injured he was, it wouldnt be fair. i used to hate louis, but i guess i used that as an excuse to cover up the fact that i have always liked him in some way or another.." i mumbled on, a smile escaping my lips as i blushed profusely.
"thats so romantic, it sounds like a plot for a film!" eleanor exclaimed, bursting out laughing. louis suddenly moved on the sofa, tucking his arm under his head. walked over to him, kneeling down again, our noses nearly touching as he faced me.
"i know you're there y/n" louis mumbled, opening his eyes and grinning at me.
"sorry" i laughed, we gazed into each others eyes as louis breathed in and out heavily.
"you came back." he smiled, his voice dry and croaky.
"yeah" i smiled back. eleanor awkwardly shuffled in the doorway, drawing my attention back to her i introduced the two of them. louis stood up fast, knocking off all of the crumbs off his top and shaking her hand slowly as they stared at each other.
"hi, im eleanor" she said slowly, taking everything in as her eyes walked all over his face.
"louis." louis replied. they stopped shaking hands, leaving them just standing opposite each other with their hands connected. i coughed awkwardly, wiping louis out the stare as he offered her a drink. being the polite girl that eleanor is, she accepted. i followed them both into the kitchen, my feet dragging on the ground as i sat down at the table next to eleanor. she sipped at her drink louis gave her as they chatted and laughed together, their hands getting closer to each other from across the table. i occasionally joined in the chat but got butted out from either one of them. i decided that i was more of a third wheel and got up off the chair, sliding open the large glass doors and stepping out in the cold garden. i closed the back door behind me and saw the hammock laying stretched out in between two trees. i walked over to it and lay on my back, looking up at the clear blue sky; watching the birds fly for miles as they sung songs to each other. the cool breeze blew softly through my hair as i thought about everything. about liam and how he was doing and about how guilty i was for betraying his trust. what if he ever found out about what had happened? i rocked slowly side to side on the hammock, turning my head to see inside the kitchen where louis and eleanor were laughing and getting along swimmingly. watching them made my stomach churn, it made me want to cry even though i wasnt with louis. but i did have feelings for him, i couldnt deny that. eleanor looked at her watch on her wrist and stood up, hugging louis from across the table. she turned and looked at me through the glass doors, waving bye as she left the kitchen, louis following her. i sighed and turned back to face the sky, the trees branches overlapping each other above me.
"when did everything get so complicated?" i said to myself, pushing my forehead hard with the palm of my hand as i thought intently.
"i dont know" a voice replied. my head shot to the side to face the house to see louis walking towards me, his hands stuffed in his pockets.
"has she gone then?" i asked him, realising that i didnt discuss any work with her at all. louis nodded and smiled as he bent down and crawled under the hammock, laying on his back with an arm tucked up his head. i flipped over and rested on my stomach, smiling softly at him as the wind blew the hammock side to side.
"yeah shes gone. she er..asked me out on a date.." louis said awkwardly i raised my eyebrows at him, he tried to look away from my gaze. i felt sick with a hint of jealousy in my stomach. "shes a model right?" louis asked me enthusiastically. i nodded and watched his eyes light up. jealousy came and punched me in the gut. i swallowed hard as if someone had poured acid down my throat and into my stomach. "will you be alright with me dating her? because we're not really in a 'relationship'" louis asked me, putting air quotes around the word 'relationship' my hand flung down on the side of the hammock by his head, i started to tug out of the ground stray pieces of grass.
"yeah why wouldnt i be? we havent got anything going it was all just in the moment, it didnt mean anything-"
"what? what do you mean it was just in the moment? so the night we first slept together meant nothing to you?!" Louis exclaimed, crawling out from underneath the hammock. "fine, then maybe i will date el-"
"louis wait!" i exclaimed, jumping up from the hammock and grabbing his arm as i spun him back round to face me. his eyes were filled with hurt and anguish. "thats not what i meant." i sighed, looking down. he looked up off the ground and gazed into my eyes. he made my heart melt. i wanted to grab his face and kiss him all over roughly, making my lips sting. i wanted him to push my onto the ground tear off my clothes, covering my body with his hot lips. " so are you erm..are you gonna date eleanor?" i asked him, looking down and fiddling with my fingers.
"i dunno may...wait. are you jealous?" louis asked, a smug smile wiped across his face.
"why would i be jealous? i couldnt careless who you date." i replied, rolling my eyes at louis at how pathetic and true he was. i pushed past him and opened the back door, stepping inside the kitchen with louis following me. i saw a piece of paper that had caught my attention. my finger trailed round the edge of it as i stared down at the name 'eleanor' with her phone number underneath.
"you dont want me to date her, do you?l louis asked me. i spun round to face him, my cheeks flaring up red.
"make up your mind y/n! you're so frustrating, one minute you hate me and the next you cant get enough of me then you leave for five days-"
"louis just shut the fuck up, will you?! and you're the one thats frustrating, tell me you fancy me when i have a boyfriend!" i yelled back at him, anger building up inside of us as our bodies became closer together.
"yeah one that you cheated on, with ME!" louis retorted, pointing at himself as his eyes became serious and divulged into my soul. i opened my mouth to retaliate but he grabbed my head, forcing our lips together roughly. our tongues swirled with each others as i ripped his top off forcefully, pushing each other against surface as we moaned during the kissing. his hands slid up my body, pulling my top off my head and throwing it behind him, leaning down as we sunk to the floor. my back hit the hard, tiled ground suddenly, causing me to squeal out in pain. the kiss became faster and rougher, almost painful to withstand. his hands ran forcefully through my hair, tugging on it, one strand at a time. i removed my lips from his, leaving louis to kiss my neck all the way down my chest, sucking on my skin, making me moan out in pleasure. i looked down at his crotch as my hands meandered down there, undoing his jeans and boxers and pulling them down his legs, leaving him to kick them off. he went back to kissing me hard, my arms swung round to the back of his body. he pulled off my jeans and underwear and immediately thrusted hard into me, causing me to scream out. my legs were wrapped around his back, my finger nails digging into louis' skin as his palm was flat on the floor, giving him support and that little extra push for him to thrust deeper. i grabbed the nearest thing to me to hold onto to, a chair leg. my back was scraping along the sharp tiles on the floor. he pushed in another time, making me jolt the chair hard, leaving it to fall to the ground fast and shatter into pieces.
"what a ...badly made chair." i huffed out in between kisses, my hair sticking to my forehead as louis' sweat dripped onto my skin. he nodded fast as he pushed my lips back onto his, sitting up cross legged with me on top of him, my arms wrapped around his back as i pushed him up hard against the breakfast bar, grinding on him fast as he moaned out in pleasure.
"are you eleanor then?" i puffed out, relaxing on his chest as we breathed silently, louis threw his head back and breathed out a sigh of relief.
"i dunno" louis replied, shrugging his shoulders as his hands rubbed my back softly.

i woke up in an uncomfortable way. my body was hot and sweaty, then i realised why. the living room was pitch black, nothing could be seen. i shuffled slightly and discovered i was laying in the arms of a naked louis. i looked up and smiled, watching his chest rise and fall carefully. my finger traced his skin softly as i lay my head softly on his chest.
"why did you come back?" louis whispered. my eyes darted open but i stared straight ahead.
"well you know what they say, if you love something, set it free. and if it loves you, it will come back." i replied softly, swallowing hard as i cuddled him tightly.
" came back?"
"yeah" i croaked out, smiling as i stared up at louis with my chin resting on his soft chest. his hands hovered over my face as he tucked a piece of hair behind my ear. i smiled shyly, but my body jumped as the phone began to ring loudly. i groaned as i climbed off louis, stealing the blanket that was wrapped around us and draping it over myself, leaving louis to lay naked on the sofa. i walked out into the hallway and turning the light on, shielding my eyes from the bright white glow. the clock on the wall said it was nearly one in the morning which means we were having sex and sleeping for a long time.
"hello?" i asked, picking the phone up and walking out of the hallway into the living room, turning the light off as i did so. i climbed back on top of louis, a leg either side as i leant down and making out with his lips softly.
"sorry to disturb you at this time of night but is this mr paynes girlfriend, y/n?" the man asked down the phone.
"yeah" i mumbled through louis' lips as his hands traveled down my back and to my bum.
"hello, this is doctor jones from the central hospital. i have just called to let you know that liam is in hospital with us now and you can either come and visit him now or tomorrow." the doctor explained.
"ok great, if he alright?" i asked down the phone as i removed my lips from louis', letting him kiss down my neck and collar bone.
"well, he is suffering from major blood loss due to his wound and this then causes the organs to fail in his body, resulting in death. this is very likely to happen to his kidneys but we can stop this from happening if we get a donor to donate the blood we need." the doctor explained. my eyes wide as i started to tremble. i sat bolt up right, louis crossing his eyebrows.
"well cant you get someone then?!"
"well thats the trouble, anyone who volunteers will end up being critically ill from the amount of blood loss, they will be weak and lethargic and in a serious case may go into shut down." i froze on the spot, tapping louis' hand away from me as i tried to comprehend what the doctor had just explained.
"wait so, no one can donate?"
"well they can if they really want, otherwise liam will die"
"right thank you doctor, bye." i said shyly, hanging up the phone with a blank expression and placing it gently on the coffee table.
"what did the doctor want?" louis asked. i explained to him what he said about the donor, his eyes never leaving mine. i lay back down on him, his arms wrapped around mine.
"i'll do it. i'll donate the blood to liam he needs it more than i do and we're the same blood type." louis piped up. i looked up at him, balancing my chin on his chest again.
"what? why?"
"liam would survive and it would make you happy. and i would give anything to make you happy y/n." louis smiled at me, kissing my forehead as he did so.

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