Baby I loved you first

This story is about you and liam who are in a relationship but his friend Louis is always around you & liam , you don't like him but he secretly loves you will you end up with liam or break up with him and end up with louis? read it now ;D


14. chapter 14

i fell to the floor screaming out in pain as the bullet hit me straight in my hip. my hands covered the bloody mess as josh fell down next to me, asking me if i was ok as he screamed for help.
"HELP SOMEBODY HELP US!" he screamed, searching round the desert in desperation as sweat trickled down his face. i winced in pain, crumpling my red body on the floor as i threw my head back, tears stinging the rim of my eyes.
"josh...go get someone please" i huffed out, struggling to talk because of the agonizing pain.
"no im not leaving you" josh whimpered back, grabbing a tissue out of his pocket and pusing it down on my wound, making me scream out in pain.
"go! i wont die, its only in the hip!" i screeched out, gripping my teeth together as i managed to unhook my hat and slide it off, allowing me to rest my head comfortably on the sand.
"you might die of blood loss!" josh protested, kneeling down further as he held the one tissue in place over my wound.
"josh go! if you stay here i might well die just...ahh god this hurts....go!" i yelped out, gritting my teeth at the pain from the wound. josh nodded and stood up, racing towards the camp fast, his gun firmly in his hand. i lay on the sand alone, reasling that it was a bad idea that i was left here. he should have taken me with him. "josh wait! come back!" i croaked, barely loud enough for him to hear. "JOSH!" i screamed at the top of my voice. he didnt hear, he was too far in the distance to hear me yelp for him. i lay on the ground in pain, in agony. i looked up at the bright blue sky, the sun beating down on me. there wasnt a cloud in sight. it was a beautiful day. i would be happy if i died right there, except there was one thought that kept coming to the front of my mind. y/n and louis. how could they do that to me. louis is supposedly my best friend and y/n is my girlfriend. i felt used and betrayed that they would do this behind my back. i was embarrassed that i had trust and faith in my relationship with y/n. i lay on the ground, still as i sung softly to myself, trying to pass the time by, my hand and tissue still placed firmly on my hip. i was beginning to become thirsty. my mouth and throat were stone dry as sweat seeped through my clothes and ran down my face as the hot desert sun beat down on me.
"josh are you there?" i croaked out, barely loud enough for myself to hear. "josh?" i winced in pain, crying softly to myself. i was left alone in a pool of blood, surrounded by few trees and no one to comfort me. i put my hands either side of me, pushing myself up as i screamed out in pain, my top and bottoms red with blood. i stumbled forward, trying to walk back towards the camp. my left hand covering the left side of my hip as i crouched over, walking slowly with my gun over my shoulder, not that i would be able to use it. i was walking or hobbling for a while until i saw a faint green somebody in the distance. the atmosphere cleared the closer i got as the heat rose from the ground. my hobbling quickened as i moaned in pain. my left side of my body feeling limp and lifeless as too much blood was being lost.
"josh? josh is that you?" i yelled, getting faster and closer as i saw the familiar body lying on the floor, a large patch of blood over his stomach, his eyes wide open as he lay still on the ground. i threw my hand over my mouth, trying not to draw attention to myself as i cried softly, falling down next to him as i ran my hand lightly over his gun wound. "this is all my fault, im so sorry josh, im so sorry" i cried, kissing my fingers softly and placing them carefully on his forehead as i looked up to the sky, crying hysertically. i ran my fingers down his eyelids carefully, closing them as i did so. "you're sleeping now" i whispered, cracking a small smile as i placed his hands across his stomach, entwining his fingers together as the blood still leaked out slowly. "im so sorry" i stood up and walked away from him, looking back at the body on the ground. i stopped abruptly. dust flying around my face as i turned back around and walked towards him. "im not leaving you hear" i gritted my teeth with pain as i picked him up and flung him over my shoulder, screaming out in pain as my wound became worse.

i sat silently on the sofa, looking up at the wall that was staring blankly back at me. i missed harry, i shouldnt have left things like that with him. he was my best friend and i crushed him. the kitchen door open slowly as louis walked in holding two cups of tea in his hand as he sat down next to me on the sofa. he placed the cups on the coffee table and put his arm around my shoulder, pulling me in so my head was resting in the crook of his neck.
"am i a bad person?" i asked louis, closing my eyes and taking in the scent of his natural smell.
"no, of course you're not." louis reassured me, running his finger up and down my arm.
"yes i am, i cheated on liam. what if he gets killed, or injured?" i asked, looking up into louis' bright blue eyes as sadness and guilt filled mine.
"trust me, nothing will happen to liam, he's a smart and sensible boy, im sure he will be fine." i grinned up at louis, our eyes connecting as he moved down slowly and touched my lips with his. i moved away and reached forward, picking up the tv remote and turning it on to see the news. i dont normally listen to the news, but this one story caught my attention.
"so i was thinking we could-"
"louis shut up!" i exclaimed, throwing a pillow in his face as my eyes were fixated on the television. the news reporter turned around and faced the screen, my heart pounding in my chest.
"two boys have been found in the middle of the war zone in Afghanistan. sergeant muller states that they had only joined the force a week ago. one of the boys who was only nineteen is brutally injured while the other was found dead with a shot in his stomach..." the tv droned on as i sat still on the sofa, tears filling in my eyes as the remote fell out of my hand.
"you dont think that is..." i whispered, picking the remote up and pausing the tv as i turned around to look at louis who was slouched next to me, his eyes wide.
"no, it couldnt be. it could be anyone.." louis tried to convince himself and me. i turned back around to face the tv, playing it again.
"...the boy who was found dead was in his early 20's, his name was josh devine and was in the middle of patrolling the area when his army member was shot in the hip. it was thought that his friend, liam payne tried to carry josh to safety..." i sat blankly at the tv. turning it off with no expression on my face. i stood up as a tear fell down my face and walked in front of louis. he stood up after me, his face sad as his eyes began to get puffy.
"at least he's not dead" louis muttered out, biting his lip as he went to hug me. i stopped him, stared angrily in his eyes.
"what? at least he's not dead?! do you even care at all?" i yelled at louis as tears flooded down my face.
"of course i do im just saying-"
"well dont 'just say'. you dont give a fuck do you louis? YOU DONT DO YOU?!" i screamed, hitting his arm as i combusted into a pool of tears.
"of course i care!" he yelled back, trying to look into my teary eyes with my hair all over my face.
"no you dont. i need to be by myself for a while. dont talk to me" i said, pushing past him and going into the hallway, collecting my coat.
"so you're ending us then?" louis asked, waving his arms about as he followed me into the hallway. i spun round fast, screaming back at him.
"there is no us!" i screeched at the top of my voice, opening the front door letting the cold air rush in. "when liam gets sent back here for surgery on his hip, you're not to come along" i whispered, looking down at the floor.
"why not?" louis yelled back at me, his cheeks turning a dark shade of red.
"its too complicated, we shouldnt have done what we did, its wrong and i feel that our punishment was liam getting hurt. im sorry" i muttered, walking out the door into the street where the wind blew softly around me.
"so what am i supposed to act like a normal friend around you know?" louis yelled down the street as he ran out of the house. i stopped walking and turned to face him.
"how can i when im madly in love with you. yeah. thats right. i love with my best friends girlfriend and i dont care who knows!" louis yelled, throwing his arms out to the side and flinging his head back, yelling at the top of his voice. my heart fluttered as he did so. walking up to me with pace, he grabbed my hands and held them tight. "stay" louis murmured, staring into my eyes. "liam wouldnt want you to be alone right now, not when you're feeling like this."
"no louis we cant anymore. liam needs us and i feel too guilty to do this to him, im so sorry" i whimpered, rising up on my tiptoes and kissing his cheek as i turned around whilst flashing him a sympathetic smile and walking away.

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