Baby I loved you first

This story is about you and liam who are in a relationship but his friend Louis is always around you & liam , you don't like him but he secretly loves you will you end up with liam or break up with him and end up with louis? read it now ;D


13. chapter 13

"harry stop!" i yelled, jumping up off of the sofa as i wrapped the blanket around my body, leaving louis to cover himself with the cushions. i picked up an orange from the fruit bowl on the coffee table, hauling it at harrys head, knocking the phone out of his hand, sending it flying across the room in the corner.
"what the fuck was that for?!" harry yelled, his face turning angry as his eyebrows knotted together making him look incredibly sexy.
"you were going to tell liam about me and louis! thats private!" i yelled back at him, holding the blanket up around my body with my hand, pushing it close to my chest.
"liam deserves to know!"
"not while he is away at war! if he found out do you have any idea what this would do to him?" i asked harry walking around and sitting down on the armchair as harry spun round to face me again.
"you still shouldnt be dating liam whilst youre having a slice of louis on the side-"
"hey! we have only slept together once and thats that! but we did other stuff too when we played seven minutes in heaven..." i droned on, biting my finger nail and sinking into the arm chair as i looked behind harry at louis who was slowly getting changed.
"yeah about that, what did you guys actually do? did you just kiss or more?" harry curiously asked, raising an eyebrow as he crossed his arms across his chest and rotated round, facing me then louis.
"thats none of your business" louis grinned at harry, getting up off of the sofa and doing his zipper up on his trousers. harry stared angrily at louis as he watched him leave the living room and walk cheerfully into the kitchen, closing the door behind him.
"you have to end it with louis" harry flew at me, kneeling down and putting his hand on my knee for support.
"why?" i asked, raising an eyebrow and adding a hint of sarcasm to my voice.
"you either end it with louis or end it with liam. your choice!" harry replied, smiling as he tapped my knee and stood up. i stood up after him, grabbing his arm and tearing him round to face me again.
"i will not end it with liam and i havent even got anything with louis to end! just...stay out of my life harry, you dont need to look after me, im not the twelve year old i was before" i sighed, letting go of his arm, watching it fall beside his waist.
"fine. but dont come crying to me when everything turns into shit..." harry spat at me, hurt filling his eyes. "best friends forever you said? what a load of bullshit" harry laughed, rubbing his face as he opened the living room door, looking back at me as his eyes became red and swollen. "have a nice life" he walked out and slammed the living room door shut, followed by the front door, making me jump as the house rattled. i sunk back onto the chair, putting my head in my hands as i whimpered softly to myself. i got up and threw my clothes back on, running out the house and down the road to see an angry harry, storming his way down the path.
"harry wait!" i exclaimed, tugging his shoulder back and turning him round to see a small tear falling down his face.
"what do you want? i thought you wanted me to stay out of your life?" harry asked sarcastically. i rolled my eyes and tugged his arm for him not to walk away.
"i didnt mean what i said!" i told him, desperation filling my voice.
"ive been there for you through everything! and you have the cheek to tell me to get out of your life because i was trying to do what was best for you?!" harry shouted, grabbing his arm and, letting mine flail by my side.
"harry please wait-"
"no, see ya y/n" and with that he was gone round the corner of the dark street, never to be seen again.

i hung up the phone, my mouth open as a tear fell from my eye, letting it tumble down my dirty cheek and onto my collar. i felt like my heart had broken, she didnt care about me, she wanted me to join the army just so she could be with louis. i sat frozen on my chair, not wanting to move at all when a hand came upon my shoulder, making me jump.
"dude, we're gonna have to patrol soon, you coming?" josh asked me, putting his jacket on and loading up his machine gun. i looked into his eyes and gulped hard, my eyes stinging with water. "hey li, i know its hard being here but-"
"my girlfriend is cheating on me" i whispered, staring down blankly at the floor. josh froze on the spot and raised his eyebrows.
"what? are you sure?" he quizzed me, grabbing a chair and pulling it round so he sat in front of me, rubbing my thigh with his hand as he put his machine gun on the table. i nodded, my mouth ajar. "how do you know?" he asked me.
"phone call. no one knew i was on the other end and could hear it all, but i heard her and harry yelling about how she slept with louis and messed about with him" i cried, putting my head in my hands and crying softly as josh awkwardly moved his chair closer to mine and wrapped an arm around my shoulder to comfort me.
"im sorry mate. you wanna stay here? one of the other guys can take your spot?" josh kindly suggested. i wanted to go and patrol, maybe shoot someone so i could let my anger flood out. i was the youngest out of all the boys so they looked after me like a little brother.
"no its fine, i'll join" i smiled weakly, placing my phone in the safety box on the shelf and grabbing my machine gun from the wall, checking it was loaded. josh handed me my army printed helmet. i put it on and walked out of the tent into the dusty and quiet desert. we walked along the deserted land, waiting for something to happen. all i could think about was how betrayed and stupid i felt. obviously y/n would rather have louis than me, everyone does.
"cheer up" josh nudged me, smiling as the sun beat down on us in the hot sand.
"sorry mate" i replied, hoisting my gun into my arms as i stopped and froze. we were while away from the camp, about a mile. my heart started beating faster as josh looked at me anxiously.
"shh, dont say a word. we're being watched" i whispered, trying not to make eye contact with the enemies behind some of the bushes, poking their guns out and aiming at us slyly. how did i not spot this before. joshs eyes bulged out as he carefully put his gun into place.
"what do we do now..." josh whispered, his breath nearly gone.
"make the first move." i said, aiming my gun fast and directly shooting the guns man in front, hiding in the bush. the gunshot echoed around the atmosphere as he fell to the ground in front of the bush, a bullet straight through his back. another shot was made, louder and closer this time. but it was not at the opposition. it was at me.

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