Baby I loved you first

This story is about you and liam who are in a relationship but his friend Louis is always around you & liam , you don't like him but he secretly loves you will you end up with liam or break up with him and end up with louis? read it now ;D


12. chapter 12

i sat in the lunch room, eating my sandwich alone, thinking about liam. thinking about louis. thinking about liam and louis. and life. i promised harry over the phone on the bus to work that i wouldnt do anything with louis and that liam was important to me, which he was. there was a slight pinch of disappointment in my voice as i promised harry though... the door swung open and in stepped one of the models that i was shooting today.
"hi, you must be y/n? im eleanor" she smiled, walking over to me and shaking my hand as i brushed the crumbs off it. she had long brown hair and looked like a beautiful girl compared to boring old me.
"yeah i am, nice to meet you" i replied, standing up and shaking her hand with a mouth full of food as i sat back down on the chair, eleanor joining me. "so you're modeling for look fantastic then?" i asked her. she smiled and nodded gleefully as i jotted down a few notes on my note pad about what outfits would suit her.
"yeah im so excited!" she exclaimed, smiling widely at me. i finished off my lunch and threw the rest away in the bin, walking out of the lunch room and down the corridor to the studio where the cameras were all set up.
"go to the stylists, theyll help you get ready" i said, directing her to the dressing room at the end of the studio. she grinned and walked into it. i spun round and grabbed my phone out of my pocket. liam was calling. a smile flashed on my face as i answered it, hearing a familiar and missed voice.
"liam!" i exclaimed, grinning down the phone, not that he could see me.
"hey gorgeous! ive missed you so much! how are you?" he asked, i could hear lots of whistling going on in the background, obviously his new friends knew that he was calling his girlfriend.
"great thanks babe!" i replied, a large smile spreading across my face.
"awesome! how are you and louis getting along, havent killed each other yet have you?" liam laughed down the end of the phone. a dollop of guilt landed in my stomach as i tried to sound casual and go along with the joke.
"no we're getting along perfectly, just fine" i told him, sighing to myself out of lust after louis as i smiled shyly to myself. there was silence down the end of the phone after i replied which clearly, was not a good sign.
"oh...well er, thats great" liam replied, sounding unsteady of his answer. i bit my lip, hoping he didnt suspect something was going on. i carried on talking to liam, trying to get rid of the awkward tension that had built up whilst eleanor was getting ready for her shoot. "ive got to go call you later? love you" he said fast, kissing me down the end of the phone as he hung up. i ended the call and held the phone to my chest, a small tear forming in my eye.
"love you too." i whispered to myself.

i stumbled inside the house as the rain poured down on me, my clothes sticking to my body as thunder and lightning formed in the sky. the door kicked shut behind me as i dumped my soaking wet bags on the floor, groaning as i did so.
"had a nice day?" louis asked me, walking into the hallway holding a cup of tea in his hand. my hair was dripping wet, as were my clothes. a puddle was forming on the floor underneath me.
"no" i replied bluntly, pulling off my wet coat and hanging it on the radiator to dry.
"oh. your clothes are soaking, come in the kitchen and take them off, you'll get a cold!" louis suggested, pulling me through as my feet squelched on the kitchen floor.
"im freezing" i whispered, shivering as i pulled my shoes and socks off and dumped them on the tiled floor. i decided not to tell louis about the phone call with liam today, it would make things to complicated and might change things between me and louis, which i certainly didnt want. i tried to tug my wet shirt off over my head, but the water got it stuck. "er louis, a little help please?" i asked. louis laughed and walked forward, grabbing the bottom hem of my top and bringing it up over my head, our eyes connecting as he did so.
"done" he whispered, smiling slightly as he dumped the top on the ground without looking.
"can you help me pull my jeans off too? theyre stuck to me" i sighed, sitting on the stool by the breakfast bar and sticking my legs out, waiting for louis to assist me. he nodded and bent down, grabbing the leg of my jeans and pulling them slowly down my leg, one hand firmly placed on my hip to keep me steady. he pulled one leg off, but leaving his hand to run smoothly down my leg as he did so; making my skin tingle. the other one came off quicker as the jeans got piled on top of the shirt. i stood up in my underwear, my wet hair trailing down my back as his eyes glimmered in the rain from outside. it was getting dark as the grey clouds formed over the city. we moved in closer to each other, our breathing getting heavier, my eyes looking up to meet louis' as his index finger traced my skin, removing a water droplet that had fallen from my hair.
"i err..i think my bra is a little damp too" i whispered, not removing my eyes from louis.
"yeah, yeah it is" louis replied, gulping as he watched my arms go behind my back and unhook the bra clasp, pulling it off at the front and letting it slip down my arms and onto the floor in front of my feet. louis looked at me up and down, swallowing hard he leaned forward, placing one hand softly on my hip as the other hung by his waist. his lips stung my neck as his soft and warm skin touched lightly on mine for a second.
"im still a bit cold" i whispered into his ear, running my hands up and under his shirt, letting them venture his soft and warm skin. he moaned slowly as i wrapped my arms around his back and under his shirt, pulling him in closer as my half naked body was pushed up against me. "kiss me"
"what?" louis replied, his eyes bulging out of their sockets. i didnt know why he was so surprised, we had kissed before but this time he was aware it was leading somewhere.
"kiss me louis" i whispered again. a small smiled appeared on his face as his lips pushed softly onto mine, my mouth automatically opening, letting his tongue trail in as i ran my hands around his body. the kiss got faster and rougher, my hands raced out from under his shirt and tugged it off fast, popping a button or two. he pushed my harshly up against the wall, making me squeal as he kissed me hard again. his hands wrapped around my thighs, hoisting them up and around his waist as he carried me into the living room, dropping me on the sofa as he climbed on top of me. i undid his trousers, pulling them down fast as he kicked them off. louis froze suddenly, his body hovering on top of mine as our lips disconnected.
"whats wrong?" i asked him, my eyerbows furrowing together.
"nothing i err-"
"louis, are you a vir-"
"course im not! louis laughed, running a hand through his hair as he laughed nervously.
"louis..." i trailed on, rubbing up and down his arm with my hand, comforting him.
"fine, yes i am. ive done stuff with a girl just not the sex.." louis murmured, his cheeks flaring red.
"its ok, i'll go easy" i replied, smiling as i winked at him. he laughed and leaned in to kiss me again as he stopped hovering over me and lay flat on my chest.

"that was incredible" louis huffed, snuggling up on top of my hot and sweaty body as we were wrapped around the blanket on the sofa. i held louis in my arms. he was so gentle and delicate i didnt want to harm him.
"you ok?" i asked him, peering down as his eyes stared up at me, the soft sounds of the rain pattering against the window.
"never been better" louis smiled, resting his head back down on my chest, trembling slightly as he did so. suddenly, the front door opened, leaving me to dart my eyes open and look down at louis worrying as the living room door opened revealing a startled and surprised harry.
"hey the spare key works...y/n?! you promised me! you promised you werent going to get with louis for liams sake!" harry yelled, running a hand through his hair as he looked down at us on the sofa, my heart pounding in my chest. "and you louis! you should know better! thats your best mates girlfriend! thats it, im calling liam and telling him everything" harry sighed, getting out his phone and dialing the number at a push of a button...

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