Baby I loved you first

This story is about you and liam who are in a relationship but his friend Louis is always around you & liam , you don't like him but he secretly loves you will you end up with liam or break up with him and end up with louis? read it now ;D


11. chapter 11

it was weird waking up in the morning and rolling over in bed, not feeling a body next to you. my heart sunk as i looked at the empty side of the bed next to me, my cheek resting on the pillow as my hand stroked softly over the covers. it felt cold and unloved, like his side of the bed had been empty for months. but it hadnt, liam had only been gone for a few days, but it seemed longer. there was a slight knock at the door as it opened slowly, revealing a sleepy louis carrying two mugs of tea.
"morning sleepy head" i smiled as i sat up in the bed, taking the cup of tea from louis and sipping it gently. it sat on the edge of the bed, next to my waist as he smiled at me.
"morning to you too. sleep any better last night?" louis asked me, blowing at the surface of his tea to cool it down.
"yeah. it feels weird sleeping in a bed without liam" i sighed, looking across at the empty side of the bed.
"i know" louis replied sympathetically, tapping my leg under the covers with his free hand. i noticed that when i looked at louis, that he was sitting in only his boxers, causing me to blush profusely. he looked down and laughed to himself. "sorry, i thought i was wearing more" he smiled, pulling the length of his boxers down to cover more of his legs. i stopped smiling and realised that his burn was still on his upper thigh.
"your burn is still there" i quizzed him, leaning forward and running my two fingers up the inside of his leg up to his crotch as the tip of it trailed along the burn. louis fidgeted uncomfortably as i did so, stopping me in my tracks as i realised what i was doing. "sorry" i whispered, pulling my hand back and continuing to drink my tea without making eye contact.
"so er..any plans for today? because i was wondering, you know if you werent busy...we could-"
"i have work. sorry louis; but i have to do a three hour long photo shoot for look fantastic make up" i sighed, setting my tea down on the bed side table and climbing out of bed. again, i didnt realise that someone was in their underwear, and that someone was me. i walked over to my wardrobe, my back to louis was i opened the doors, searching for an outfit to wear for work. my hair trailed down my back and hung there as i searched. an awkward cough came from behind as i spun round, louis shuffling on the edge of the bed, running his hands through his hair as he stared at me intently. "louis?" i asked, walking over holding a handful of clothes in one hand and waving the other in front of his face. his eyes moved from my body and looked up at my face, my thighs pressed up against his knees as his legs hung from the bed.
"yeah" he coughed, rubbing his nose as my eyes fixated on him.
"what are erm...what are your plans..for today?" i whispered as i got lost in his lustrous blue eyes. i shuffled closer to him, our half naked bodies touching softly as our breathing picked up pace.
"absolutely nothing" he replied. i dropped my clothes on the floor, not caring about them as i pushed louis down onto the bed, a leg either side of his waist. our lips were just about to make contact when the doorbell rang.
"y/n?! are you in?" harry called out from outside. i groaned and flopped my head onto louis' chest as we sat up.
"coming!" i yelled out. the banging on the door stopped. i rolled my eyes at louis as we exited the room, louis going into the kitchen. i opened the front door and peered my head round it, keeping my body from being shown to the street.
"hi!" harry grinned at me, showing his dimples and sparkling teeth.
"what do you want? i was in the middle of something!" i moaned, opening the door wider and letting harry inside. he peered round the door that i was hiding behind and smiled to himself as he noticed i was in my underwear. "stop looking! it makes me uncomfortable" i laughed, hitting harry playfully as i followed him into the kitchen where louis was making breakfast for himself.
"i was bored so i thought i would hand out with my best friend today" harry smiled, grabbing an already made piece of toast and biting on the edge.
"oh harry thanks, thats so nice" louis said, grinning at him as he winked. i rolled my eyes at the both of them and sipped at my orange juice as i sat next to harry at the breakfast bar.
"not you, i was talking to y/n.." harry told him, trying to keep his laughter inside. i smiled smugly and continued to talk to harry.
"sorry haz, got work today. hey, why dont you and louis hang out together?" i suggested, smiling as i got up off the chair and walked out of the kitchen, leaving them to it. i knew that harry and louis were friends, but they didnt really have anything in common. after getting ready for work, i made my way down the stairs, yelling over to the boys in the living room to say bye. the door opened just as i opened the front door and louis popped out, closing the living room door behind him.
"have a good day at work" he smiled to me, pulling me into a hug and kissing my neck softly. which was exactly what liam used to do, or still does.
"thanks" i smiled weakly at him as we came out of the hug. our foreheads touched as i breathed in and out slowly, my eyes focused on his plump red lips in front of me. a soft hand ran up and down my cheek as louis pulled me in, our lips touching softly. my eyes closed as we kissed passionately. our mouths moving in sync as i held his head softly in my hands, his arms wrapped carefully around my waist as he pulled me up onto my tiptoes, pushing his crotch against mine. i stepped down and smiled at him as our lips disconnected.
"i should err...i should..go" i murmured, trying to put my head on straight as i flapped about in the hallway, picking up my starbucks flask and walking out the front door, waving to louis as he closed it behind me. i walked down the road to the bus stop, a large smile plastered on my face. but i felt bad for liam. he's gone off to fight for our country and i've snogged his best friend. i stopped walking down the road as i heard heavy and fast footsteps behind me.
"y/n wait! you forgot something!" louis huffed as he ran up to me in only sweat pants.
"what?!" i exclaimed, looking down at his empty hands, my eyebrows knitting together.
"this" he replied, grabbing my face and pulling our lips together harshly as we kissed. the bus pulled up next to me, he let go and watched me get on the bus. i sat by the window next to him, on the right and waved as it pulled away.

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