Baby I loved you first

This story is about you and liam who are in a relationship but his friend Louis is always around you & liam , you don't like him but he secretly loves you will you end up with liam or break up with him and end up with louis? read it now ;D


1. Liam what is it ?!

i sat on the sofa, staring blankly at the tv screen in front of me. the house was silent and all i could hear outside was the fritter of the birds singing on their branches in the early autumn morning. footsteps thundered down the stairs as a familiar face peeped round the living room door.
"hey babe" liam said as he sat down next to the me in the dark room, throwing an arm around my shoulder. i smiled weakly at him as he pecked the top of my head.
"heya" i replied, rubbing my hand up and down his thigh softly.
"you alright, its too late for you to be staying up" liam whispered, nodding towards the pitch black sky outside the house. i sighed softly to myself.
"i know, i just couldnt sleep thats all babe." i smiled softly, leaning in forward and touching his lips gently with mine as i ran my hands through his hair.
"do you want to come to bed now then?" liam grinned at me, showing me his beautiful, shiny white teeth. i nodded as he stood up off the sofa, handing me his hand as i slipped mine in his. he pulled me off the sofa and led me back up the stairs, my eyes drooping as the lack of sleep caught up with me. he opened the bedroom door and placed me carefully on the bed, pulling the covers on top of me and pecking me softly on the temple as liam got into bed next to me, wrapping his arms around me waist and pulling me in close to him; our noses touching as he grinned widely.
"i love you." liam whispered into my neck as he kissed it softly, his hands maneuvering down to the my bum and holding it lightly, making me giggle.
"love you too" i grinned back, kissing him softly as i did so. the morning came quickly as the sun rose up and woke me and liam up. i walked down the stairs in the morning to the lovely smell of cooked bacon and eggs.
"morning liam" i smiled, hugging him from behind and kissing his cheek as he fried the eggs in the pan.
"morning y/n." a strong voice behind me said. liam laughed as i let go of him and turned around, glaring at the dark haired boy sitting at the table, tucking into our breakfast.
"oh, louis. what a lovely surprise" i murmured sarcastically, rolling my eyes as i plonked myself onto the chair opposite him.
"you dont sound to delighted that im here." louis smiled at me.
"thats because im not" i replied hastily, taking a piece of toast from the rack in front of me and smothering it in strawberry jam.
"hey hey, play nice you two" liam laughed, placing a plate of egg and bacon in front of me as he bent down and kissed my lips softly, taking a seat next to me.
"so why are you here?" i asked louis, ramming the knife hard in the jam as i pulled out a big chunk and dolloped it onto my toast.
"what? cant a guy visit his best friend anymore?!" louis exclaimed, laughing as he did so. there was something about louis that just irritated me. it wasnt the fact that he was around mine and liams house all the time, or the fact that he steels our food, but, he can be a bit rude and blunt at times and well...sassy.
"nope" i spat back at him, my face neutral. liam sighed and got up off of the chair, taking louis' empty plate and putting it in the sink. i followed him, leaning on the sink as i watched louis eat another piece of toast.
"why do you have to be so harsh, y/n? he's my best mate." liam whispered as he washed the dishes.
"im not he's just...too much to take!" i exclaimed, watching him wiggle his eyebrows at me as i rolled my eyes in disgust.
"please just try to be nice!" liam suggested, sending me the puppy dog eyes as i laughed at him, slapping him round the bum with a tea towel. he flew his hand out of the water, covering me with large bubbles as i ran away from him screaming and laughing. he caught up with me and pinned me against the wall, looking seriously into my eyes as his lips hammered onto mine.
"woah guys im still in the room!" louis exclaimed, walking up behind us with his hands in the air. i came apart from the kiss with liam, my hands resting on my shoulders as i turned to look evily at louis.
"if you dont like it then leave" i snapped at him, pulling liams head in as we kissed passionately, louis awkwardly moving into the next room and turning the tv on.
"now that we're alone again" liam whispered in my ear as he began to kiss down my neck slowly, his hands firmly on my hips. i pushed him back, making him stumble slightly as his back bumped against the breakfast bar, making him squeal out in pain.
"ooh sorry babe" i muttered, rubbing my hand slowly up and down his back as i stared seductively into his eyes.
"kiss it better babe" liam whispered into my ear, his dark eyes gleaming straight into mine. i bit my lip as i looked down, smiling slightly as i did so. he turned around as i got on my knees, lifting up his shirt at his muscular back. there was a red mark forming on his soft skin from where he had knocked it. i breathed slightly through my nose, my breath hitting his skin, making him fidget slightly. i could tell he was getting turned on from this. i shuffled forward slightly in my knees as my lips touched his back softly, making it arch in pleasure. i heard him hold his breath as my lips lingered on the mark on his skin or a good few seconds. i stood up slowly, gliding my hand up his back and balancing my chin on his shoulder as i whispered in his ear;
"feel any better?" he nodded his head stiffly, not wanting to make any sudden movements. i looked down his front as a smile drew onto face. "did you enjoy that a bit too much?" i asked laughing as moved around to his front.
"yeah just a bit" liam replied, stuttering slightly as he wrapped his arms around my waist an kissed my lips softly.

i hobbled down the road, carrying five shopping bags stashed with food. you could tell it was getting colder as my fingers had started to go red and my nose was going numb. i saw the post man at the bottom of the garden path at our flat, posting a letter. my hobbling became faster as i kicked the red leaves away from my feet.
"excuse me, is that letter for me?" i asked him nicely.
"do you live here?" he asked, holding a pile of letters in his hand, one of them catching my attention.
"yes" i nodded. "well, i practically do, i live with my boy friend, well kind of live with him.." i mumbled on, looking around the post man as i spoke. he rolled his eyes and slipped the letters into my hand as i bid him farewell and opened the front door to the flat.
"hello!" i exclaimed, dumping the bags on the floor with a huff as i skimmed through the letters. "li, your post is-" i stopped in mid-sentence as i froze looking at the crisp white envelope addressed to liam. liam ran down the stairs smiling but stopping suddenly as he saw what was in my hand. i turned to look at him as a few tears built up in my eyes.
"what is this?" i asked him, holding up the closed envelope.
"its nothing" liam replied, going to grab the envelope but i pulled it away from him, looking sharply into his eyes.
"liam what is this? tell me!" i exclaimed, shaking as i did so. liam sighed and looked down at the ground, running a hand through his hair as he did so.

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