The New Cullen Member

So, this story really started when I wrote my Twilight fanfic for the competition. I thought it could have ended with another vampire joining and helping the Cullens. I also thought that the story could carry on from there, so here it is :) Enjoy :)
You can also read the first two chapters from this story in it's original home "How Breaking Dawn Should Have Ended".


3. 3.

"We can't leave!" I half shrieked. Edward just looked at me. I vanished and ran away. I didn't want to leave Forks! I love Forks! I don't want to move to Alaska. When I last was in Alaska I ran into trouble. I just managed to leave unscathed. 

I killed a few animals and drank their blood until I was completely full. 

"Joanna, please talk." it was Edward. 

"Fine." and then Edward was in front of me. 

"You can stay here if you want. Just you will be on your own for a while. Or you can go off on your own." he informed me. 

"But I want to stay apart of the Cullen family. I really like it, it's just I like it in Forks, no one wants to kill me yet." I explained. 

"Oh?" Edward replied. 

"Nearly everywhere I run into trouble, vampires know my past and try and kill me. You know I used to be part of an army, I had to kill a lot of Vampires. That's why I have so many vampires trying to kill me." I explained. I don't even know why I'm explaining since he can read my mind. 

"No one will hurt you." Edward promised and ran back inside. I followed him and when I got back I found Renesmee crying. I think Bella told her that when we get back her Granddad will be dead and she's not taking it too well. 

"We have to go though, Renesmee!" Bella said, comforting Nessie. 

"I don't want to leave either." I added. I frowned. 

"But you don't have to go." Renesmee replied. 

"But I want to." I told her. "I love it here in Forks, it's the one place where I'm not wanted to be killed." everyone stared at me in shock. "Long story." 

In the end I had to tell them all and they all agreed to keep me safe. 

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