Larry Stylinson:One Step at a Time

Harry and Louis are now grown up and married with two children. One Direction has retired and they are all still very close friends. Harry and Louis face a lot through raising their children, to old loves arousing and causing problems. All in all Harry and Louis will face many difficulties, but together they can get through it. This is their story.


1. Chapter One


“Darcy Renee! You better get down here your father made your favorite!” Louis yelled to his hormonal teenage daughter. With a huff she stomped downstairs. “Lasagna isn't my favorite dad!!!” She yelled at Louis. “Well it’s mine so shush!” Louis snapped his fingers and popped his butt out. Darcy laughed and rolled her eyes. “George will you set the table please!!” Harry called to his son from the kitchen. “Alright lemme finish this boss and I will!” George yelled back sticking his tongue out in concentration trying to kill the all mighty god Zeus. “I’d appreciate it if you’d do it now!” Harry yelled taking his masterpiece of a meal out of the oven.  Harry sighed and went to the cabinet to get the diner ware out to set the table. Louis stopped him. “Harry, he needs to listen to you. Dinner smells fantastic by the way,” He leaned in, gently caressed Harry’s face then kissed him lightly and smiled. “You’re right. Thanks boobear,” Harry chuckled knowing how much Louis hated being called that. “Only you,” Louis licked his teeth shaking his head. Louis leaned against the counter opposite from Harry and yelled “George! Get your ass in here and set the damn table!” They could hear the drop of a controller and in less than a minute George was in the kitchen and had taken the diner plates. “How do you do that?” Harry asked admiring Louis’ charismatic attitude.  “You have to be strict or they won’t listen.  You need to be harsher on them,” Louis said crossing his arms angry at how their children treated Harry. “I know, I know. It’s just I hoped to be the ‘cool’ parent. But that isn't happening you’re strict and they like you more,” Harry sighed.  He still cherished the moment he had met both of his children.  Harry and Louis had picked a surrogate mother of their liking and they had both gave sperm for each of their children but asked to never be told who was the biological father of either. The moment Harry truly felt like a father was when Darcy was four months old, George hadn’t even been born when she said “Dada” Harry’s heart had melted and he was consumed by joy from one word. Louis had missed it because he was in the kitchen making tea at the time. George who was born a year after Darcy didn’t say his first word until six months and he had said “gimme” Louis had taken his bottle away and George wanted more, obviously.  “Harry?” Louis waved his hand in front of his husband’s face a third time.  Harry shook his head coming back to reality, closing the precious memory. “George set the table. Let’s go eat,” Louis wrapped his arm around Harry’s waist and they walked to the dining table.  George was stuffing his mouth while Darcy was pushing the lasagna around her plate with a fork.  “Is it nasty, Hun ” Harry asked his brows furrowed.  “I’m not very hungry,” She said with a sigh. “Darcy your father worked very hard on that at least try it,” Louis persisted. Darcy pulled a face and slowly raised the lasagna on the fork to her mouth. She slowly chewed it and swallowed it, a look of disgust appeared on her face.  “That was revolting dad,” She lied. Honestly, it was amazing Darcy was restraining herself from eating it. She’s been trying to lose weight for her new 20 year old boyfriend who neither of her fathers knew about. Darcy locked her ankles behind the chair yanked and stood up then ran upstairs to puke the bite she did swallow.  Harry rustled his hair with his hand and sat down frowning. “I like it dad,” George said giving him a thumbs up.  He was eating so sloppily that some of the food he was chewing had fallen out of his mouth. Harry laughed at his son’s terrible table manners. “Thank you,” He told him and added another piece of lasagna to his plate. “Mmm,” George’s eyes grew wide at the pile of food he had on his plate.  “Darcy is a picky eater you know that. You’re cooking is incredible,” Louis brushed aside Harry’s curls and kissed his forehead. “Thanks babe,” Harry sighed and made a plate for himself and Louis.  He ended up only eating half and dumping the rest in the trash.  “I would've eaten that!” George protested.  Harry looked at George with an Are you kidding me? Look upon his face.  George frowned and left the table to go back at playing God of War.  Harry collected all the dishes and went to the sink to wash them. He rinsed the dishes and set them in the dry rack. His golden ring glistened. Harry smiled at the memory of marrying his soul mate, Louis.  Harry had been so nervous that day. Liam was Harry’s best man and Zayn was Louis’. Niall was the ring bear.  The boys had laughed at Niall walking down the aisle with Lux while she threw flowers and he carried those golden circles that changed Harry’s life forever.  It had been a beautiful ceremony and over 400 people had arrived. At the reception Zayn, Liam, and Niall sang.  Harry and Louis’ wedding song had been Look after You by The Fray.

Louis chose  the song of course.  The honeymoon was the best though. They had gone to the Bahamas and had made passionate love every night.  That had been eighteen years ago.  Harry is now 36 and Louis 40.  Neither looked older than 25 though.  Harry’s curls were still in ringlets and sprang to life when he shook them. The only sign of age he had were the small wrinkles near his eyes.  Louis’ hair looks the same as on X-Factor but it’s a bit shorter barely brimming his eyebrows.  His blue eyes still lit up at the site of Harry.  Even if the boys had aged they had the souls of an eighteen and twenty year old.  Everyone was always astonished at how they hadn't really aged. Louis always did say he never wanted to grow old.  A pair of muscled arms wrapped themselves around Harry and a chin was rested on his shoulder.  Harry leaned into the familiar arms of Louis and smiled contently.  “I love you,” Louis whispered softly into Harry’s ear.  “I love you more,” Harry’s grin widened. “Not possible,” Louis whispered seductively and nibbled on Harry’s lobe.  “Lou, the kids are home,” He looked around seeing if any of them were in the room. “So,” A soft moan escaped Harry’s lips as Louis sucked and licked vigorously on Harry’s neck. Harry turned around and pushed Louis against the counter, lust lingered in his emerald eyes.  “Upstairs now,” Harry demanded. Louis winked and started to run to his bedroom. Harry followed behind him and smacked his butt wanting to get to the room immediately. “Harry,” Louis said and smiled pushing open the door.  He pulled his shirt over his head while Harry forcefully slammed the door shut and helped Louis get his shirt over top of his head.  Louis starred at Harry a hunger building within him. He needed Harry. Now. After all of these years Harry was still amazed at how Louis could still get him all hot and bothered in a matter of minutes.  Harry pulled his shirt over top of his head but it got stuck around his ears.  Louis chuckled and helped Harry. “So-Not-Sexy,” Harry stammered getting the shirt over top of his head. Harry pouted at Louis. “I disagree,” Louis said clasping his hands on Harry’s cheeks then kissed him tenderly. Needing more Harry put his hands on Louis’ shoulders and deepened the kiss by plunging his tongue into Louis’ mouth.  A shiver of desire went through Louis. He doesn’t get to see this Harry very often anymore and when he does he loves every moment of it.  “Hey dad I just wanted to say- Wow! Ew! I’m out sorry!” Darcy backed out of the room slightly traumatized at finding her parents making out. Harry put his shirt back on and ran after her. “She’s fine Harry,” Louis yelled after him. Harry either didn’t hear or ignored him and continued to run after Darcy. Louis plopped on the bed using his lower lip he blew his bangs from his face. “Well than, what do I do now?” He looked around the room, sad from being deprived at making love with Harry.  “Darcy honey, I am so sorry you saw that,” Harry said walking into her purple colored room. “Dad its fine, go get some. I don’t want to be a cock block,” She said covering her eyes as if he was still shirtless. Harry laughed and moved her fingers from her eyes. She poked one open and smiled. “I’m sorry, we shouldn't be doing that while you and your brother are in the house,” Harry said feeling a tad bit guilty.  “Whatever I just don’t want to hear it then I won’t care. Oh and lock your door next time,” She said brooding.  “Haha I’ll remember that if we do again. I promise,” Harry smiled at his daughter.  “Listen, I’m sorry about at dinner. I was just being a bitch," Darcy said nonchalantly.  “Darcy Renee Styles, I don’t care if you’re seventeen when you’re living under my roof you won’t talk like that,” Harry said sternly remembering what Louis had said earlier. “Dad are you serious?” She gave Harry a relatively dirty look.  Harry’s heart shattered, why was he so defenseless to her words? “Of course not. I’m sorry,” Harry said slightly frowning. “Yes he is serious and you young lady are grounded for the rest of the week for disrespecting your father,” Louis said walking into the room angrily.  Darcy shot a glare at Louis; it didn’t seem to bother him at all. He sent one back and it obviously affected her, she looked away not wanting to keep his gaze.  “Darcy this is going to stop now. You need to treat your father with respect and dignity,” Louis stood in front of her now. “I do respect you and treat you with dignity,” She said to Louis.  Harry’s eyes brimmed in tears he couldn't believe she said that. “Darcy!” Louis scolded her. “I’m just gonna go,” Harry said his face falling into a frown and a tear cascading down his face.  He quickly turned around and rushed out of the room. “Harry wait!” Louis yelled after him. “I hope you’re happy. You hurt your father yet again,” Louis said agitated at her.  He ran out of the room and after Harry. “I’m sorry,” Darcy choked, but no one heard her. A tear of her own slip down her cheek. She quickly wiped it away and stood up.   She took off her sweats and hoodie underneath she was wearing a crop top and a mini black denim skirt. She smirked before opening her window and stepping onto the roof into the warm summer air. While Louis was comforting Harry in the room next door Darcy was sneaking out to meet her boyfriend. What Darcy didn't know is he was drunk and getting impatient for her arrival. 

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