Ali's Deadline.

A normal girl named Ali. Routinely staring at a blank sheet of paper in her typewriter. Little did she know that the adventure she longed to write was closer than she thought.


1. Routine


It was a cold, crisp and frosty December morning when Ali was sat at her typewriter drinking an enormous coffee from her dark green mug. She wasn’t expecting an exciting, fun-filled day of adventure. Just another day of sitting in front of a blank piece of paper, hoping that she would finally be able to hurdle her writers block. So, as you can imagine, the last thing this 19 year old girl expected to happen was a rock to come flying through her window (luckily the window had been opened to increase the air circulation in her tiny apartment).

“What the?” she muttered, picking up the stone and turning it in her hand before a second narrowly missed her head. “Oi!” she shouted out of the window, sticking her pale face outside and glaring through her glasses at the empty street. After deciding that her friends had been right about her ‘dodgy’ neighbourhood, Ali turned, closing the window and picked up the two small rocks. Or at least what she thought to be rocks. For upon closer examination of their smooth spherical shape, she realised that they looked more like eggs that rocks, and decided they must be pebbles from the easily accessible river bank. And so she threw them into the bin without a second thought.

Other than that, her day lived up to her mundane expectations; She got up a couple of times to make herself some soup; it started to drizzle miserably; she started to question whether or not the paper she had slotted in her typewriter was the correct tone of white; and finally, after what felt like an eternity of boredom, she went to bed.

It wasn’t until 1:00am that something else unusual happened to Ali and her apartment. After waking from an anxiety dream about her deadline, she arose from her bed and dragged herself into the kitchen for a glass of water. She then took the said glass of water into her office and drank it whilst sat in her desk chair. That was when she noticed it; The noise.

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