Repeating the games

Peeta and Katniss survived the hunger games together, after they went home and their fake love in the arena become real love back home. Nineteen years later their son, Cole Mellark must take his place in the games along side his ex, Everly Martin. In these two there is a surprise that will be sure to rile up the games, Everly looks just like Katniss. Heat rises as Everly and Cole realise these games are special, because the game makers are intent on repeating history. Will the ending be the same, or will Everly and Cole prove that the game makers, have no say in how their fate plays out?


3. Train journey

Since no-one came to visit either me or Cole we left for the train as soon as possible, it was a sight to behold. I had never seen so much food in my life, this was enough to feed all the nation. At least it looked like it was. I bitter feeling filled me, this was like giving us one last meal before we died, it was as good as promising something that you knew would never happen. I felt Cole's hand on my shoulder and turned around to face him, I could see in his eyes that he got the same idea. Oh well, if this was going to be my end, I was going to go out in my own style. Looking around the room I spotted a table filled with alcohol, perfect! I needed to be at least partially drunk if I was going to talk with my mentors. I knew who they would be, Katniss and Peeta Mellark, Cole and Primrose's mum and dad. They had won the hunger games twenty years ago, I assumed they would be joined by their mentor, Haymith. I couldn't remember his last name. Cole shook his head and sighed but let me be, he knew I needed to be left alone right now, and I loved him for that.

"Everly, Cole how are you two?" Peeta asked as he walked into the room with a toddler latch to his side. Cole's newest little sister, Reagan. I didn't mean to be rude, or sarcastic but it just kind of slipped out. 

"Pretty good, considering we are being sent off to our deaths. At least there is alcohol." The words passed my lips without my permission, I like Peeta and I didn't want to insult him. Cole shot me a glare but I ignored him, pouring myself a glass of vodka and coke. A laugh came from behind Peeta, my head shot up because I didn't recognise the voice to be Katniss. An old man appeared when Peeta stepped aside, I assumed he was Haymitch. He had long blonde hair and looked around fifty, he took the surfer dude look way to seriously. 

"I like this kid, mind pouring me one of those?" He asked and I shrugged. I think I liked him too, he seemed cool and fun loving. Finally, someone who would take the edge off of all this, I loved Cole but he was so serious and focused, it wasn't helping at all.

"Everly, come one. You look tired and it has been an exhausting day, lets go to bed." Cole said as he eyed the window. Translation: he wanted to talk to me. However, it was getting dark out and I was tired, I hated when he was right, which was often. I grumbled something about Cole being bossy and used to getting his way and everyone laughed, even little Reagan. I smiled at her as I passed and Peeta smiled at me, I returned his smile because I knew I was being rude. The hallway was long but elegant, the colour scheme was obviously a silvery grey. When I came to the room that had a note saying my name on the door I went inside, I was just in time to see Cole pulling his shirt off. Not a bad sight at all. His muscles on his back rippled and my breath caught in my throat, Cole had always been strong and muscular but I had never know how amazing he looked. Cole flopped down onto the bed and looked up at me, he stretched his arms out to me in an invitation. A felt a smile curve my lips as I walked towards him and lay down in his arms, I rested my head against his chest and cuddled into his side.

"I'm scared Cole. I'm not a fighter, I have no way of getting out of this alive." I whispered and for once, I wasn't blocking any emotion from getting into my voice. Cole pulled me tighter against him and pressed his lips to my hair, his hand stroked up and down my arm. 

"Ever, you have every chance of winning this. I've seen you hunt remember, you are amazing. You don't have to be a killer, you just have to be a survivor and you are. I promise you, it will be ok." Cole said as he forced me to look into his eyes and I believed him. I would be ok, WE would be ok. I didn't know how, but if there was one thing I knew, both Cole and I were going to survive this, because I wasn't losing him this time. I had pushed him away, and now I was pulling him back. 




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