Repeating the games

Peeta and Katniss survived the hunger games together, after they went home and their fake love in the arena become real love back home. Nineteen years later their son, Cole Mellark must take his place in the games along side his ex, Everly Martin. In these two there is a surprise that will be sure to rile up the games, Everly looks just like Katniss. Heat rises as Everly and Cole realise these games are special, because the game makers are intent on repeating history. Will the ending be the same, or will Everly and Cole prove that the game makers, have no say in how their fate plays out?


2. Let me spend it with you

They gave our families a chance to come and say goodbye, of course my mother didn't come. My mother and I had never been close, she hated me because I had been the reason my dad died. When I was fifteen there had been a fire in our house, I had gotten trapped in my room and my father had come back to save me. I never stopped blaming myself for his death and my mother hadn't either, she also hadn't forgiven me. The day after my father's funeral I had left Cole, I needed to be there for my mother even if she did wish that I had taken my dad' place. Tears welled in my eyes as I though of the day after my dad's funeral, Cole had tried to make me stay, had begged me to but I couldn't. I loved him too much to give him only half of myself and I needed to focus on my mother. That didn't mean I hadn't cried, or that I had ever stopped loving him. Now at least one of us was going to die and I had never told him, he thought I didn't care.

"Listen to me buddy, I grew up knowing the rules of the hunger games so don't try and make up some crap about me not being able to see her! Now I am going in there and I expect you to let us have some privacy or I swear you won't have this job much longer." I heard Cole's voice threaten who I excepted must have been a peace keeper. My pulse quickened as the door opened and Cole walked in. he strode over to me with large steps and the door slammed shut. 

"Cole-" His name barely made it past my lips before mouth crushed mine. There was fury and passion in his kiss, a desperation I had never known Cole to show. I wrapped my arms around his neck as his fingers bit into my hips. Our lips broke away and then met again, never did they pull away for more than a moment.

"I am so angry with you!" Cole growled against my lips. He lifted me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist, supporting myself. Cole walked forward until my back hit the wall. He tore his lips away from my lips and trailed them down to my neck. 

"You seem it too." I said, my sarcasm marred by my breathy tone. Cole's lips nipped at my neck, his tongue lapped at it and his lips pressed against it. I had no idea how we got into this situation. We were over, yet he had still charged in here and practically attacked me. I pushed Cole back, he lowered me so that I was back on my feat again and I moved around and away from him. Cole grabbed my wrist, stopping me from moving any further away from him.

"Don't Ever, don't push me away again. I let you push me away for the past three years but I won't let you any more. We will probably die in these games, and if we do I want to spend whatever time I have left with you Ever, please let me spend it with you." Tears welled in my eyes again. How was I supposed to refuse him when he said it like that? I couldn't, and what would be the point anyway? If we were going to die I didn't want to go without him knowing how I felt about him. To answer his question I leaned forward and brushed my lips against his because I knew what I wanted. Whatever time I had left, I wanted to spend it with him as well. It was the one victory I could count on. 

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