Repeating the games

Peeta and Katniss survived the hunger games together, after they went home and their fake love in the arena become real love back home. Nineteen years later their son, Cole Mellark must take his place in the games along side his ex, Everly Martin. In these two there is a surprise that will be sure to rile up the games, Everly looks just like Katniss. Heat rises as Everly and Cole realise these games are special, because the game makers are intent on repeating history. Will the ending be the same, or will Everly and Cole prove that the game makers, have no say in how their fate plays out?


1. The reaping

No-one ever knows how long we have on this earth, for some of us we understand our time will be short. I was one of those people. 

My name is Everly Martin, I was just nineteen when I was chosen, chosen to die. Some saw it as a blessing, they were delusional. Being chosen was my worst nightmare, it was hell and it was torture because it was the end. Now that I think about it I was really the one who chose, but if I hadn't then she would have.

It was the day of the reaping and my mother had dressed me in a dress, usually I avoided them but we were supposed to dress up. First we lined up for them to take blood samples with finger pricks, believe it or not that was the worst part of the reaping. I wasn't good with blood, though that might seem odd for a huntress. Once they had a sample of our blood we were told to line up, older girls at the back on the left and older boys at the back on the right. The younger girls stood in front of the older girls and the younger boys stood in front of the older boys. Finally a woman from the capitol appeared on stage, she was dressed in a little pink hat and dress, her hair was pure white and her face was as well. Honestly she looked like a circus performer, I think I might have instantly liked her. A deadly silence fell all around, people were looking at each other as if to say goodbye even though they didn't know who it would be, they didn't really know which of them would seen be dead. The ceremony was the same as it always was, some inspirational talk and then a quick video, finally two bowls with boys and girls names in them appeared. It was time. 

"Now then, as usual we will choose lady's first." The woman called out, I think I saw people visible stiffen and tense. My heart picked up speed for a reason I wasn't totally sure of, maybe I was scared, scared that it would be me or scared that it would be someone I knew and loved. In the end it was both. "Primrose Mellark." The woman on stage called out and everything went into slow motion. Heads turned to look at the little who stood two rows in front of me, her face was a billboard for fear and shock. I could almost feel everything she was feeling. One of my worst fears was that someone I knew and cared about would be picked, and now it had come true. I both knew and cared for Primrose, she was the little sister of Cole Mellark, who had once been my boyfriend until I had been forced to leave him. Primrose was only twelve years old, they couldn't do this to her, to her family! It was only when a still scared looking Primrose was escorted to the stage that time snapped back to the right time. I couldn't let them take her. I pushed and ran until I was just behind her, the peacekeepers grabbed me and attempted to drag me back, no! 

"NO, please stop. I'll take her place, please I volunteer!" I yelled, everyone stopped to stare at me. Now I knew why my heart was pounding so fast, I was afraid. The peacekeepers released Primrose and she flew into my arms, I wrapped mine around her and buried my face in her hair. She was ok, she was ok. I had to keep repeating that to myself. Finally the peacekeepers took Primrose back to where she had recently been standing. I got to my feet and began to walk slowly up to the stage, when someone offered to help me up onto the stage I acted like they weren't even there. It was pathetic really, they chose people to die and then tried to be friendly to them, too little too late. If they wanted games then they could wait until I was in the arena. When I stood facing the crowed on the stage everyone started clapping, all except two. Primrose had tears falling from her eyes and her brother didn't look like he was too far off from that happening to him as well.

"Well, a volunteer from district twelve, we don't get those often, in fact we haven't had one in around twenty years. Tell us your name dear." The clown woman said and I bit back a smile. I liked her, she didn't try and congratulate me because she understood, this wasn't something to celebrate but something to mourn. 

"Everly Martin." I replied. My voice was surprisingly quiet, just louder than the whisper but the microphone made sure I was heard by everyone. There was that deadly silence again. 

"Well Everly, welcome to the hunger games. And now for the boys, Cole Mellark!" The woman shouted and I got that same sense of fear again, only it wasn't for me this time. No, not Cole. This had to bee some sort of sick joke, this couldn't be happening. Unlike his sister, Cole didn't wait to come up, he practically marched up there. His eyes glowing with what I though was rage, was he angry at me? What had I done? Nothing, I had done nothing. "Well you two, shake hands." The woman said, I reached out tentatively and Cole surged his hand forward and gripped my hand in a steel tight grip. Eventually I was able to break away, and rubbed my hand. This was going to be interesting. "Well then, happy hunger games everyone, and let the odds be ever in your favour."





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