A Dream Becoming A Reality

Okay, so this is a One Direction strory/fanfic. I am also writing this on my wattpad account. So you might see it on there. My wattpad account is: meganhoran8 .
Ummm, I don't really know what to write here to say what it is about because I am just writing a chapter after a chapter. I really have no plan. This is also my first fanfic that I am actually going to finish writing. HOPE YOU LIKE IT! <3 (: btw, Courtney is my bestfriend. Like in real life. lol. Just letting you know it isn't some random chick with Harry. (:

Sorry if its bad, this is my first ever fanfic that I have taken seriously. <3

-Megan (:


7. Shocked


~Niall's POV~ 

I woke up, Megan was still sleeping. Well I guess I could get up and see if the other boys are awake yet. 

I got up slowly trying not to wake Megan up. As I did she just turned over. I tiptoed out of the room and shut the door quietly. I walked down stairs and Harry was sitting there drinking tea. 

"Hey man, wheres everyone else?" I asked him. 

"There still sleeping. What are you and Megan doing today?"

"I don't know, I haven't talked to her about it yet. What about you and Courtney?"

"I was going to ask her if she wanted to go out to dinner and then come back her and watch a movie. Or maybe go to the movie theatre." He said.

"Oh well have fun. Glad you and Courtney are getting along good!"

And that was it, I went back to my room. Megan was now awake. We just laid in bed in silence for a while. 

~Harry's POV~ 

What am I going to do? I need to take Courtney somewhere special. Maybe I should go for a walk. Get some fresh air and think. 

I had sweatpants and a jumper on alreday so I just went for a walk. I walked to the park and just thought, for awhile. 

~Courtney's POV~ 

I walked down stairs looking for Harry, because he was gone when I woke up. I got to the kitchen and saw Zayn sitting there alone. 

"Hey. What's up?"

"Nothing just thinking." He replied.

"Thinking about what?" I asked confused. 

"Nothing, really its nothing." 

That was it. He walked off. Ummm, okay? Zayn has been acting weird. He has never acted like this before. I got some breakfast. But I couldn't get Zayn outta my head. Something was bothering him. And I needed to find out what it was. 

After I finished my breakfast I decided to go talk to Zayn. 

I got outside his door and took a deep breath. I knocked. 

Zayn opened the door and looked surprised.

"Courtney? What are you doing here?"

"Somethings bothering you Zayn. Talk to me please?"

"Fine, come in." He said and walked over to his bed.

He sat down and I sat down across from him. 

"So what's up? Spill it."

"I've just been thinking about so much. The tour, Perrie. I don't know. Everything is moving way to fast." He said and looked down. 

"What about the tour and Perrie?" I asked. I was really confused at this point. Him and Perrie were perfect. 

"Well, we have to leave North Carolina next week. I love Perrie but I think I like someone else. And I can't tell them."

"So tell me. You know you can trust me."

Zayn looked at me then down at his lap. Then he looked up at me and inched closer. Before I knew it Zayn had his lips on mine. We were kissing. I soon backed away and just looked at him. In shock. 




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