A Dream Becoming A Reality

Okay, so this is a One Direction strory/fanfic. I am also writing this on my wattpad account. So you might see it on there. My wattpad account is: meganhoran8 .
Ummm, I don't really know what to write here to say what it is about because I am just writing a chapter after a chapter. I really have no plan. This is also my first fanfic that I am actually going to finish writing. HOPE YOU LIKE IT! <3 (: btw, Courtney is my bestfriend. Like in real life. lol. Just letting you know it isn't some random chick with Harry. (:

Sorry if its bad, this is my first ever fanfic that I have taken seriously. <3

-Megan (:


1. Tickets

 Courtney and Megan are best friends. They met through One Direction and they have been friends for 4 years now. All through High School they were friends, even if they lived thousands of miles away from each other. They always talked about going to college together at UNC. As soon as they got to North Carolina and met in person for the first time, they found out One Direction was coming to North Carolina on their next tour. Courtney and Megan HAD to get tickets. They went online and bought two front row tickets as soon asthey found out. The concert was in about a month. A week later the tickets came in the mail. Little did they know that they were gonna get backstage passes along with front row tickets! 

~Courtney's POV~

"Oh my gosh, MEGAN! I CAN'T BELIEVE WE GOT BACKSTAGE PASSES!" I screamed as soon as we opened the package with the tickets in it. "I CAN'T EITHER! THAT MEANS WE ARE GOING TO MEET THE BOYS! A DREAM COME TRUE!" Megan screamed back. 

~Megan's POV~ 

I can not wait to go to the concert now! Courtney and I get to meet the boys! This is a dream come true! That is so going to be the best night of my life, and I'm sure Courtney could say they same. 

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