Dumb 1D Fan Fiction Moments *please read

Okay, so I've read A LOT of One Direction fan fictions on this site, and on many others, and I just wanted to say something about the dumb moments in them. Please read. It is the only thing that will save your story and make it unique.


1. #1 Louis and carrots

Okay, so here is the DUMBEST moments that are in almost every single story on this site and it just annoys the hell out of me:

#1: Louis and Carrots...

Okay, so anyone who has never watched the 1D video diaries during X Factor, go watch them. But for you who already have, you probably remember Louis mentioning his love for women who eat carrots. Now, being specific, he didn't exactly say that HE loved carrots, but he loved girls who ate them.

I'm not saying that he doesn't like carrots, but I'm sure he doesn't have a BAG of carrots with him wherever he goes. I'm also sure that he doesn't constantly eat them and offer them to people when they announce that they're hungry. It's extremely annoying in that in every single fan fiction, he is always seen with or talking about carrots.

" Louis was in the corner eating carrots."

" Louis offered me a carrot."

Like, COME ON! Who the hell is obsessed with carrots? Be serious.



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