Love in LA

Ann Payne moves from London to LA, because of her parents divorce and her dad's wish to start on a fresh. She had never in her life expected to meet Seth Macfarlane, the charming creator of Family Guy and American Dad.


6. US magazine and the birthday present

Making the frontpage

The next morning, I woke up by the sound of the somebody talking outside. I looked out of the curtains, but I couldn't see anybody out there. Because I now was awake, and I knew that I couldn't fall asleep again, I took cloths on and went out on my bath room and put make-up on as usually. 

I wondered, what my dad had brought me in present. I didn't have any particularly wishes. So I was quiet excited. I walked downstairs, it was a beautiful weather outside today, my dad was sitting in the kitchen, drinking tea. 

"Good morning, sleeping beauty!" He said as soon as he saw me.
"Good morning!" I answered, as I walked over to the cabinet and grabbed some toast, opened the fridge and took the jam. My dad walked over to me and hug me
"Happy birthday, honey!" 
"Thank you, dad!" 

This day had to spend with some swimming and trying to contact my friends in England. I missed my friends like hell, luckily all of them was coming to visit me, when I come back to England for Christmas and New Year's Eve. 

Maybe, I could try and contact my sister, June over Skype, so I could hear her voice and "see" her, I thought as I ate my breakfast. 

"I have two presents for you, honey!" My dad said and walked out for the kitchen and upstairs on his office, he came down with two envelopes. What on earth, could that be.

He placed them in front of me and looked at me
"Well, open them!" He said
"Okay, okay!" I answered and pushed the plate with toast away 

I opened the first envelope, and pulled the paper out and read the text
Gift card to driving license

"What!" I yelled
"Can you use it?" 
"Can I. Of cause, I can use it!" I said
"Thank you, so much dad!"

"Open the next one" he said and smiled
I took the other envelope and opened it
You always wanted a dog, so now you can choose one, from one of the shelters in LA!

I could not believe it, I had never imagined this.
"OMG, thank you so much dad!" I run over to him and hug him

"Your welcome, sweet heart!" 
"We can drive out to one of shelters tomorrow and look on a dog!" He said
"Really?" I said
"Of cause" 

"I have purchased bowls, toys and dog food. The only things we need is a leash, a dog collar and of cause the dog!" He said as I washed my plate.

"So how have you planed to spend your day?" My dad asked as I took some tea
"Swimming and relaxing. Try and see if can contact June and some of my friends" I answered
"Sounds good!" He said 

Then the door bell rang, my dad walked out to open. Who could that be?

"Mr. Ian Payne?" I heard a man say
"Yes" my dad answered
"I got a delivery for you. Sign under here please" 
"Thank you, have a good day, sir!" 
"Thank you!" My dad said and closed the door.
Moments later, my dad came into the kitchen with a cake
"No birthday without a cake!" He said and smiled 
Oh god, dad.
"Are we supposed to eat all this cake for ourselves?" I asked and looked at my dad. My dad just looked shortly at me, and then down on the floor.

"Oh, god, dad! Who have you invited?" I nearly screamed

SETH, SETH, SETH, SETH! a voice in my head said

"I mind accidentally invited, Seth" he said and looked ashamed
"Really, you just accidentally invited him?" I said sarcastic
"Sorry, I didn't know, that you didn't want him to come" 
I sighed
"Dad, it's okay" I said and tried to be calm
"We don't have anyone else to invite, right" I said and smiled, he smiled back. 
"So it's okay, that I invited him?" He asked 
"It's okay!" I said and laughed 

"Can we drive downtown, I would like to get the new US magazine?"
"Sure, lets go!" 
"Now, okay!" I said and walked out to the front door and opened it. 

We walked out to our BMV x3, it looked brand new, I don't think my dad had drived in it yet. I haven't heard or seen Seth since yesterday. Was he at work?

The drive to downtown LA was short and I soon spotted a magazine shop. Were I hopefully could find US Magazine, so I could read the latest gossip about the celebrities. 

My dad parked and I opened the door and walked over to the magazine shop, I had my sunglasses on. Now that I lived in LA, I had to look like, someone who lived in LA. 

I found US Magazine after a while, I was about to take it, then I saw something, that caught my eye. 
I read the headline:

Macfarlane's new girl

There was a picture with me and Seth, where we walked out of the gate from Fox Studios, where Seth stil had his arm around me.

I could not breath. There had been a paparazzi there somewhere, possibly behind a car or inside a car.  "Shit!" was the only thing I could say, as I took the magazine.

I put it on the desk and paid for it, the woman behind the desk looked weird at me. Could she recognise me? 

I nearly ran out of the shop and jumped into the car. "Is there something wrong?" My dad asked and looked at me

"Look!" I said and gave him the US Magazine

"That's you!" He said loudly
"I know!" I said and looked ashamed 

"That was not supposed to happen!" I said and took the US magazine out of his hands

"Well it did, and that will happen again for sure. Especially when you hang out with Seth" he said

"Either you stop seeing Seth, and this will be only picture of you two together. Or you continue seeing him and there will be taken more pictures of you and him, it's your choice" he said, as he started the car and drived out of the parking space

I sighed, I didn't want to stop seeing Seth, I loved him. Even though, we wasn't more than friends

We didn't talk on the way home, my dad was angry. I guess, he feared that these paparazzi's would begin to hang out outside our house. 

What I feared the most, was what my dad would say to Seth, when he come over later this day.

It's been both a good and bad day so far, the paparazzi thing, got my dad to see red. 

I kinda understood, why so many celebrities hate paparazzi's. They stalk you, keep an eye on you all the time, the only place, where they can feel safe, is in their own homes. 

I needed to talk to my sister, as soon as we came home, I went upstairs on my room and opened my computer. 

I called June over Skype

Please answer, I need to talk with you, I thought as I nervous looked at the screen.

She answered, thank god!
"Happy birthday!" She yelled
"Thank you!" I answered
"What's up?" She said with a smile
I showed the cover of the magazine and pointed at me and Seth
She looked surprised "OMG, that's you! You're on the cover on a magazine!" She yelled
"Shout at mum, would you, I want to show this to her" I said 
I heard her shout at our mum
I could her my sister' door open and footsteps.

"Ann, has something, that she wants to show you" June said and pointed at the screen!"
"Hi, mum!" I said as I saw my mum beside my sister
"Hi honey, happy birthday!" 
"Thanks mum"
"What did you want to show me?" She asked 
"Something, please don't freak out mum, okay. Dad kind of freaked out, when he saw it!" I said
"I won't, I promise" my mum said
I showed the cover of US magazine and pointed at me and Seth again
Oh god, she didn't say anything. That wasn't a good sign.
"That's... That's... You!" She stumbled out
"Yes" I answered
"Is that the same man, that's on the other picture, you send to June"
"Yes, it's Seth. Our neighbour''
"Are you two dating?" She asked and look straight in the webcam 
"No we're not dating. We are just good friends"
"Why does he have his arm around you, then"
"I don't know, mum!" 

"So I showed you it, and dad didn't take it very well. I think he's afraid, that the paparazzi's a going to hang out, outside our house."
" I think, he mind say something to Seth, when Seth is coming over later" I explained 
I sighed
"You know, ehm. But don't say anything to dad, okay. I think, I like Seth" I said and looked at their face expression

"I knew it!" My sister yelled
"Shh, dad mind hear you" I said
"Mum?" I said and looked at her
"Honey, you know what happens, if you two take it further" my mum said
"I know, and I can live with that" 
"You can't control who you fall in love with and love has no age" she said
"I also know that, thank you mum!" 
"How old is he?" June asked 
"39" I said 
"Wow!" She said
"Omg, you two. It could have been worse. I could have been 18 years old, okay. I'm 22, okay. 
"17 years age difference, that's quiet a lot, don't you think?" my mum asked
"I don't know, mum. I don't even know, if he likes me, the way that I like him"
Oh, honey" my mumy started
"I'll see you soon, okay.
"Bye!" I said and pressed the red button (end call) 

I regret, that I had told them about my feelings for Seth, and I didn't even know, how dad would take it, he likes Seth, I know that. But I'm not so sure, when I think about Seth as my boyfriend. I had a feeling that my dad, would have hard to accept it.

I opened the US magazine, and found the article with me and Seth.

Lunch lovers
Seth Mcfarlane was seen holding his arm around a mysterious British girl. They went on a lunch date on a small café. - They were really enjoying each others company and Seth couldn't keep his eyes of her, they didn't sense anybody around them. They were completly caught up in each other - an anonymous source told us

Could this be Seth new girl? This mysterious British girl, haven't been spotted with Seth before. We dont know who she is, but she's certainly not a celebrity. Maybe Seth Macfarlane meet her on one of his many nights out in LA. But one thing is for sure, they certainly look cute together"

I shook my head and closed the magazine.

"What time is it" I said and looked at my phone, 2 pm. 
I put my bikini on, and took my towel. I had no idea, when Seth will come. But hopefully, I could finish swimming and take a sun bath, before he came.
I walked past my dad' office, I could hear him, talking on the phone, and down the stairs, walked through the kitchen and opened the door out to the pool.

I throw my towel on one of the sun chairs and made a head dive, into the pool. This made me relax, I started to swim from the other side of the pool to the other, I swimmed like that for an hour, then I took a break to sunbathing, when it got too hot, to lay on the sun chair, I took another round of swimming. 

I decided that was enough for this day, and went inside. I heard my dad talking in the living room, I thought he was talking on the phone. So I walked into the living room.

"Hey, dad, we need some new..." 
In the sofa, next to my dad, Seth was sitting, he looked at me with big eyes and his mouth opened a bit! I pulled the towel around me, then Seth laughed and so did my dad
I could feel myself blush.
"Very funny!" I said as I walked out of the living room. 
I could still hear them laugh as I walked up stairs.

I took a bath, dried my hair, put my favourite dress on and some make-up. I stayed in my room and went on facebook, I could not look Seth into the eyes now. Jesus Christ, that was so embarrassing!
I chatted with my friend, Susan. We had a webcam on, I missed her advice on love
Then someone knocked on my door.

"Yes?" I said
I thought it was my dad, so didn't look when the door opened 
"Do I disturb?" Seth said and looked at me
I looked over at the door, then back on the computer screen and then at door again. 
"What, no" I said and tried to look as calm as possible.
"Can I come in?" He said a looked over on my bed
"Sure!" I said and stood up
He closed the door and walked towards me, and hug me
"Happy birthday!" He said and sat down my bed. 
"Thank you, Seth!" I said and sat down next to him. 

"How's your day so far?" He asked
"Ehm, good!" I said
"Great, but it gets better believe me" he said and smiled 
I laughed
"Is that webcam on?" Seth asked on looked at my laptop, the small lamp, beside the webcam was turned on
"Fuck" I ran over and slammed the screen down.
I think, I heard Susan laugh, she had seen everything. I took the US Magazine with me 
"Sorry" I said and sat next to Seth again 
"It's fine'!" He said laughing

"Have you seen this?" I asked and gave him the US magazine 
"Oh, no!"
"I'm so sorry!" He said 
"I thought for once, that I could be left alone with a girl, without anybody making us a couple"
"It's okay. It's Hollywood" I said 
"Are you sure?" He said and placed the magazine between us
"My dad had a talk with you, didn't he?" I asked and looked him directly in the eyes
"Yeah, we did. I understand, his concern. But still, I mean it could have been a lot worse!" 

I had first now seen what Seth was wearing, he was wearing a black tuxedo with a black tie.
God, he looked smoking hot!

"Something wrong?" He said and looked down at his tuxedo
"Ehm, no. No everything is fine" I said and stood up.

"Wanna go downstairs?" I felt like my dad stood outside the door, listening to what we had said
"Sure" he said and stood up.
"You look beautiful, tonight, Ann!"
"Thank you!" I said and blushed again
"After you, Miss Payne!" Seth said, blinked and bowed

We went downstairs, I didn't feel comfortable, about Seth walking behind me. He made me so nervous.
I was about to walk into the kitchen as Seth grabbed my arm
"This way" he said and smiled we walked outside in the garden. There was lanterns in the trees and in the pool. 

"Sit down" he said and helped me down on a bench
I looked confused around for my dad, where was he?
My dad came out of the same the door, that we just walked through and sat next to me, where was Seth now?
"What going on, dad?" I said 
"Wait and see!" He said excited
Then two spotlights light up, and in the end of the garden, Seth was sitting behind a white piano.
I smiled, what was this.
"What is it?" I said and smiled 
"A private concert" my dad whispered
Then Seth started to play, How To Save A Life by The Fray. It sounded so beautiful, and then he played and sang The Way You Look Tonight by Frank Sinatra.

We clapped and stood up, Seth walked towards.
"That was so beautiful, Seth" I said as he stopped next me 
"It was the least, I could do. When it's your birthday, you have to be celebrated with manners" he said and smiled. 
"Let's go inside" he said and pulled his arm around me, I could feel my dad eyes, looking at Seth' arm.

We went into the living room and sat down on the sofa. My dad came in with champagne and three champagne glasses
"I can't believe you two, managed to arrange this, behind my back" 
"It's really too much, I mean when it's just us three" I said and took a sip of my champagne
Did they hide something, they looked around the room, and both of them didn't want to make any eye contact with me

"So how is it going with work, Ian?" Seth asked and leaned back in sofa
"Very good, there's a lot of money, in that industry at the moment" my dad answered and look shortly at me

Then the door bell rang,
"Go out and open!" My dad said and looked at me
I stood up and walked out of the living room, could it be another present, I thought as I walked towards the door. 

I opened the door

"Happy Birthday!" Everybody yelled, outside stood everybody from the Family Guy and American Dad cast

"OMG" I yelled 

"Come in" I said and opened the door further. 
When all of them was inside and had said hallo and a personal happy birthday, I nearly ran into the living room.

"You guys!" I said and looked at them both
They smiled "Seth told me, how everybody at his work really liked you, and wanted to get to know you better. So Seth made a suggestion, that they could all come to your birthday, when you can't have your family here" 

"What a great idea!" I said and went over to hug them both
"I can't thank you enough, for doing this" I said as I had hug them both.
"There's no need to thank us" Seth said and stood up walked over to me, "lets get this party started!" He said and emptied his champagne glass, I walked after him

Music was sat on and people stood in small groups, Seth followed me around as the night went by and we got more drunk

I went over and turned the music off

"Can I get everybody's attention, please?" I shouted 
They all looked at me, it was the first time, I had to held a speech.
" I just want to say thank you to everybody of you for turning up today, and make this birthday unforgettable. It means a lot, now that my family can't come.

I have a special thank you for a close friend of mine. Seth, I know I have said thank you so many times. But what you have done for me and my dad already can't be thanked my a simple thank you. When Seth and I first meet, was the day after we moved into our house. I went outside to collect our mail, but I couldn't get the mailbox open, then a voice said "need a help with that?" I turned around and Seth stood there with his sunglasses. He walked past me and opened the mailbox so easy, that I actually got really irritated. Everybody laughed, I looked at Seth, he seemed to enjoy my little speech. 
"Thank you for your attention!" I said. Everybody clapped and I turned the music on again.

I went outside and sat down in the bench and looked at the stars. It was warm, this night had been so incredibly. My life had changed a lot, since I moved here, which was weird in a way. My thoughts where back in England, what were my family doing right know, what was my sister doing. 

I kinda felt bad for my sister, when I just ended the call with her

I looked over at piano and imagined Seth sitting there still playing for me.

"Hey you, what you doing out here?" I looked at Seth as he sat down next to me.
"Just having some fresh air" I answered and looked at him as he found a cigaret
"Do you mind?" He said and looked me and then the cigaret. 
"No, not all" I said 
He lit the cigarette
"You know it's not healthy for you, right?" I said and looked at him
"Yeah, I know. I'm trying to stop" he looked down on the ground, he inhaled as much he could and then he throw the cigarette on the ground and trapped on it.

He then turned, so he looked straight at me.
"The speech you gave was quiet good" you could clearly hear, that he some alcohol 
"Thanks" I was a kind of dizzy, I knew I had too much alcohol too.
Seth pulled closer to me, and took my hand.

"You know, I knew you were special, when I first meet you" 
"You have that personality, that makes me want to get to know you better" he continued 
"If I kissed you right now, Ann"
"Would that bring us any closer?" I could feel his breath, mixed with a champagne and smoke. 

Seth looked directly in my eyes, he bite his lower lip and pulled some of my hair away from my face, then he kissed me.

My heart beat faster and faster, as our kiss got more passionately, he let his hand up and down my thigh. It felt like I couldn't breath, his touch was incredible. 

We stopped as somebody called my name
Our heads leant against each other and we laughed and smiled. 

"Come on!" I said and pulled him with me 
We walked inside holding hands. People looked at us, I guess they had seen us kiss, or they just thought we were the drunk friends holding hands. 

"Ann, you have to cut the cake" my dad said as we made our way through the people that had gathered around the table where the cake stood.

I took the knife, that lay next to the cake and made the cut, I felt quiet hard. I was drunk after Seth' kiss and of cause all the champagne

I took a piece of cake to Seth and myself and we walked into the living room. We sat talking, people came by to say good night and thank you for a wonderful night. 

When the clock hit 2 am the last guest went home and left us.  
"Do you want me to stay?" Seth asked as we cuddled in the sofa
"If you want to?" I said and looked up at him
"I'll always want to stay with you" he said and kissed me on the forehead 

"You two lovebirds better go to bed, we got a big day tomorrow" my dad said as he walked by the living room and upstairs, clearly not satisfied with us.
"Lets go to bed" I said and stood up
We walked upstairs and into my room. I throw myself on the bed and made space for Seth.
"Don't you want that dress of" he said with a cheeky smile and took his tie and tuxedo of
"Naah, I can just sleep with it on" I said 
"Fair enough, your also too drunk to do anything" he said and lay down next to me.

I smiled before I closed my eyes. This was the best birthday present ever!
I feel asleep in his arms and to his snoring

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