Love in LA

Ann Payne moves from London to LA, because of her parents divorce and her dad's wish to start on a fresh. She had never in her life expected to meet Seth Macfarlane, the charming creator of Family Guy and American Dad.


4. Tennis practice

Tennis practice 

As the clock was close to the arrangement I made with Seth , I walked over the road, my dad had insist to come with me and he had a close friend with him, his beloved camera. Which I hated, my dad had to take pictures of all the things me and my sister does, no matter if it's horseback riding, soccer, tennis, swimming, I can mention a lot more sport activities. But I'm really not in the mood for that now. As me made our way over the road we stopped outside the gate and rang the door bell. "Come in!" I could hear Seth say. Could he see us from the house, or was there a camera somewhere. Didn't matter, we walked up the driveway, as we made the top, I saw his silver Aston Martin, parked in front of a garage door. It was a really beautiful house, it must have cost a fortune. 

We were now meters from the main door, Seth opened the door, just as we were three steps from it. Seriously, did he have cameras everywhere. "Come in and welcome to my house" he said as we stepped inside, he was wearing sports cloths, I was wearing a loose t- shirt and a pair of Everlast joggin pants. We walked into the living room, where there was some big panorama windows, there was such a good view from here. " Wauw, there's such a beautiful view from here" I said amazed. "Thanks" Seth answered. A mijauv from behind, made us all turn around, "That's my cat. Chester. He likes visitors" Seth said and laughed. Chester came towards me and leant against my leg, l kneeled down and pet him, which he seemed to enjoy a lot. "Do you like cats, Ann?" Seth asked. "I'm more of a dog person, but I like cats as well!" 

"Me too!" Seth said, "I can't make time for a dog, it need human contact more than a cat does. And when I'm not much home, I thought a cat would be better than nothing" 
"Yeah, it's better than nothing!" I said. 
"So shall we begin?" Seth asked and looked at me
"Sure!" I said, we walked out of the terrase door and down to the tennis course. I had forgot how big a tennis course really was, and I started to regret that, I had said yes to this. 

"Just before you begin, let me take a picture of you, Ann!" My dad said
"Dad... No..!"  I began
"Seth come over here and join the picture princess!" My dad said exited
Why did my dad have to be so embarrassing, when there was other people around. Seth walked over to  me and put his arm around me, his touch gave me goosebumps. "Smil!" My dad shouted, I smiled or I tried to smile. This was so embarrasing, of cause Seth was used to be taken pictures of. All celebrities are used to it, they never looked stupid on pictures, they always had the perfect smile. 

"Perfect, now you can play tennis!" My dad said and sat down on a bench, Seth walked over to get some rackets and tennis balls, he gave me a racket and walked down on the other side of the net "Okay, I'll start serv, try to hit the ball" he said and laughed. He hit the ball in first try, I managed to hit back and it went like that for a while, until I hit the ball, which accidentally hit Seth in the groin. Which of cause made him fall down on the ground. I ran over to him and kneeled down beside him "omg, omg! I'm so sorry, Seth!" "It's... Okay"  he said between the pain attacks, which I had caused. We got him up, and we nearly had to lift him back to the house. We put him in the sofa, and found some ice, that he could put on. 

I couldn't believe, that I just done this. I had never been so embarrassed in my whole life, hit a celebrity in the groin with a tennis ball, could now be written on my cv. My dad thinks its funny, he laughed when I looked at him, not sure what Seth thinks about it. So I'm sitting here in a sofa opposite Seth, who lying in a pain rush. "I'm so sorry, that's why I shouldn't play tennis"

"It's fine, could have been worse!" Seth said has he sat up, still in pain. It has to hurt for some days, with that speed the ball hit him with. "Do you need anything to drink or?" I asked and look worried at him. "I would love to have some of your coffee again, and some pain killers"  he said and smiled. "Sure, I'll make some right away, where do keep the pain killers?" As said as I stood up. "In the kitchen, in the cabinet next to the fridge" I walked into the kitchen, over to the fridge and found the pain killers in the cabinet. "Where do you keep the coffee?" I shouted. "In the wall cabinet above"  he shouted back. Where was my dad? Did he went home, leaving me alone with Seth. Seriously, I pulled my phone up from my joggin pants, I got a text. -Went home, had some work to finish. Be nice to Seth, and try not to hit him in the groin again! ;-)- 

Thanks for leaving me in this embarrasing moment.I thought as I put coffee in the coffee machine. I took two pain killers and went into the living room, gave them to Seth and walked into the kitchen again. It felt like hundreds years, before the coffee, could finish. I managed to find a cup, without asking Seth. I poured coffee in the cup and went into the living room, this time I sat next to Seth. "Here you go!" "Thanks!" He said and looked shortly at me, before taking a sip. He had taken the pain killers, hopefully they helped. "Do you need anything else or I'll go home, my dad needs some help with work" I said or lied, this was way too awkvard. "Na, I'm good. Thanks for the help!" "Your welcome, it was the least, I could when I injurired you" I answered. He laughed. "So, I'll guess I'll see you around" I said as I walked towards the door. "Sure, bye!" He said. As I opened the door, he shouted on me, I walked back "Yes?" I said looking at him " Would you mind leaving your number, if I need some help later" he said and looked uncomfortable for asking. "Sure, where do you have some paper and a pencil?" "Over there" he said and pointed on a small table. I walked over to the table, wrote my number down and walked over to him and gave him the paper "Thanks again!" He said as I gave him the paper. I smiled and walked over to the door again.

This day had been unbelievable, I later emailed my sister, I decided to tell about my day, as well as sending the picture with Seth and me. My sister replied my email later, that night. She thought it was funny as well, and she will send the picture to rest of my family. I miss her so badly, I used to talk to her every day. Now I can only email her, it was my birthday in a few days. Then I'll be 21, people think its weird, that I wanted to move to LA with my dad, when I'm that old. But as well as he needed a fresh start to, so did I. Plus, I do some work for him as well, I'm supposed to get my own place, in a year a so. Which will be good, and hopefully I can get a job somewhere, when that time comes. 

When I lay in my bed, that night. The only thing, that I could think of was Seth. Then I realised that I constantly thought of him, I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with Seth Macfarlane.

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