Love in LA

Ann Payne moves from London to LA, because of her parents divorce and her dad's wish to start on a fresh. She had never in her life expected to meet Seth Macfarlane, the charming creator of Family Guy and American Dad.


5. Private tour

The next morning, I woke up by the sound of my phone ringing. I stumbled out of my bed over to my desk and grapped my phone, who could that be, at this time in morning. 
"Hallo?" I said in sleepy voice 
"Hi, it's Seth, did I wake you?"
"Oh, Hi Seth, no I was awake" 
"I was just wondering, if you would like to come with me at work. I can give a private tour of the Family Guy studios?" 
"Ehm, yeah. That sounds great!" 
"Okay, I have to meet a work 10 am, so I can pick you up 9:30 am, then?" 
"Sure, I'll see you then!" I answered, this was a one in a million opportunity. 

I rushed over to my closet and found some cloths, I felt comfortable in, went out on the bath room, to straighten my hair and put make-up on. It was 8:45 so I had to hurry a bit. 
I went downstairs, to get some breakfast. My dad was sitting in the kitchen, "Are you going somewhere?" as he saw, how much, I had done out for myself. "Yeah, Seth called me and asked, if I would like to see, the Family Guy and American Dad studios?" 
"You could just have said, that you would like to go and see it, then we could have went?" 
"Yeah, the problem is just, that is closed for the public" I said as, I found some cornflakes. 
"Oh, okay and Seth is the creator of the tv-shows, so"
"Exactly!" I said as I poured milk on my cornflakes 
"Very well, then. I'll just be home working. I have a free day tomorrow, so we can go sightseeing, if you want to?" 
"Sure, I would love to do that!" I said, while eating corn flakes.

When I looked at my phone, again just to check the clock, it was quarter past 9, the time flew by so quickly. 
When I was done eating breakfast, I went upstairs again, to brush my teeth and check, that everything was okay. Before going out to take my shoes, I found my sandals, which I really loved. Double checked my pockets, to make sure that I had my phone, if anything should happen. 

As I stepped outside, the sun was shining heavily, so I put my sun glasses on. I felt like a real celebrity, now. Who am I kidding, I thought as I walked out to the road, to wait for Seth. Then I realised, that Seth maybe covered up, for asking me about my number, yesterday by saying, that maybe he needed help later. He wasn't stupid, I'm sure, he could get all the pretty girls, just by looking at them.

He haven't asked about my age yet, did he assume, that I was over 18, what would he do, if I actually was 18? I didn't seem to worry him a bit, he was so relaxed about all this. 

I really liked being around Seth, he is really funny and then still a down to earth guy. He seems to be gentleman, I feel safe around him, he makes me relax, which scares me a bit. As I stood there talking to myself, in my head of cause, I haven't noticed that he was reversing his car, and two seconds later or it seemed like two seconds, we stopped the car in front of me, I opened the car door and sat me inside and put my seatbelt on. "Morning!" He said as I made myself comfortable. "Morning!" I answered back. Then he stepped on the speeder and drove towards LA. I was excited to see how, the traffic was in LA, the traffic wasn't bad at all. Suddenly out of nowhere, "How old are you actually?" Seth asked as we stopped for a red light. "I'm 21" 
"I thought, you were younger" he said and smiled as the light went from red to green. 
That surprised me, I didn't think I looked younger, I would have said older, but I guess it was a compliment.

"I have some paperwork and a meeting, it takes about two hours, so if you want, you can walk around the Fox studios?" 
" Super, I can meet you outside the family guy studio 12 pm, then we can get some lunch and after that I can give you that private tour?" 
"That's a deal!" I said
Seth laughed and turned left, stopped in front of a high gate, where the Fox logo was on. The gate opened as soon as the guard, saw it was Seth and had said good morning. The guard looked at me, I could feel myself becoming smaller as his eyes stared straight into mine. 

"Here we are!' Seth said as he parked his car. I took my seat belt of and opened the door, Fox studios seemed massive. 

"If you get any trouble or anybody asks who you are, just say they can call me or you can call me" 

I nod and took a look around. "I'll see you later then!" Seth said before he walked inside a building. 

I walked up from the road, we came from and towards the guard house. He stepped outside as soon as he saw me. "Lovely weather today" I said 
he seemed surprised to hear my British accent. "Yes, it is"
"Have you worked here in long time" I asked 
"Yes, 30 years nearly" he said proudly
"Wow, I can imagine it must be a exciting job, with all the celebrities" 
"It is" he answered, he didn't seem so scary as before.
"I haven't seen you around with Seth before haven't I?" 
I laughed "No, I just moved from London to LA with my dad, we are Seth's new neighbours" 
"Oh, welcome to LA then" 
"Thank you!"
"I'm John Stewart" he said as he reached out for a hand shake. 
"Ann Payne!" I answered and shaked his hand

"So is there some studios that are worth taking a look at?" I asked
"All of them" John said and laughed. 
"They are all worth visiting" 
"Okay, it was nice meeting you, John" 
"You too, Ann" 

I walked down the road, I came from, and past Seth' car. I think I saw Seth, in one of the windows on first floor, but I wasn't sure. 

As I went further in the maze of studios, I became worried, what if I couldn't find my way back to Seth' car again. Then I found my favourite tv-show with real humans. My favourite was of cause American Dad and Family Guy. I had found the Modern Family studio, it didn't seem like there was anybody there, I opened the door into the studio and took a look inside, some lights were on, but it was mostly dark. 

I walked further in, and found Mitchell and Cameron's "house" I looked like a real house, and I was amazed on how long it must have taken to build it.

"Excuse me, what are you doing here?" A woman's voice asked
I jumped, what a scare I got there. 
"Sorry, I didn't think anybody was here" I said, as I walked towards the woman
"Your not supposed to be here" 
"I came here with Seth" 
"Seth Macfarlane?" She asked and looked suspicious 
"Yes, he invited me to come and see the Family Guy studios" 
"So why aren't you with him?" 
 "He had a meeting and some paperwork to do"
"He don't usually take his girlfriends with him, when he's working" 
"We're not dating" I said 
"Oh, well"
I took my phone in pockets and looked at my phone, the time went so fast
"If you don't believe me, you can walk with me, back to his car. I'm going to meet him in 5 minutes" I said as I walked past her. 

I could hear her, mumbling something. It was clear, that she didn't believe me.
She followed me, I could hear her annoying stilettos. 
Selfish Hollywood woman, I thought as I tried to figure out, the way back to his car. 

I found it, thank god. As I saw his car parked up the road, I didn't feel nervous anymore.

I stopped in front of his car, and looked at the door, that he had walked through earlier this day.

"Is he coming or not?" She said angry 
"Of cause, just a matter of time" I answered back and rolled my eyes of her. Who did she think, she were

As I looked back at the door, it opened and Seth came out with a big smile on his face.
"Hi" he said as he walked towards me
"Who's that?" He said and looked at the woman
"Just a woman, who didn't believe, that I came here with you" 
"Oh, well. Ann is here with me!" he said and pulled his arm around me and looked at the woman
She didn't know what to answer, I laughed inside. 
"Ehm, She walked around in a studio. Normally we don't allow that" she said confident 
"Well, normally I don't take people with me on work. But Ann is an exception,
If you have a problem then go and contact Ben, I'm sure he understands and won't make a big problem out of this!" 
Her mouth opened, as she was about to answer back, with a smart answer, but then she turned around and walked away, with her stupid Hollywood attitude.

Seth laughed as she disappeared around the corner. 
"Well, that was ehm weird!" He said and looked at me and pulled his arm back
"Thanks for standing up for me!" I said 
"No problem"

"Are you hungry?" He asked and smiled
"Good, I know this place, just around the corner. There's usually no paparazzi's"
"Oh, yeah the paparazzi's" 
"Those annoying people, who don't have a life" he said and rolled his eyes
I laughed
"Shall we?" He said in a British accent
We walked through the gate, said hallo to John and walked down the street and around the corner, there was a little café. 

"I know it isn't anything fancy, but they make some really good food" 
" It's perfect!" I said as we walked inside. There was a few people sitting around, but they didn't look up as we found a table in the middle of the café. 

None of them seemed to recognise Seth. Which was a good sign, I have to admit that, I was nervous about hitting the frontpage on a magazine. 

When we had ordered our lunch, we sat talking about my life back in England and my family.

"Do you have any siblings?" Seth asked 
"I have a little sister!' 
"Me too, mine is really annoying sometimes" he said laughing
"I know how you feel. My sister always had a interest, in who I was dating. Which was really annoying, it stopped when my parents separated and she moved with my mum."
"Im sorry to hear that" he said 
"It's okay, it was better that way and I wouldn't had moved to LA if they hadn't separated" 
"And then you wouldn't have meet me!" He said and smiled

"So what do you exactly help your dad with?" He asked curiously
"My dad is a date trader, so I help him with investments and so" 
"So you like to work within the Business marked?" 
"Yes, I gratuated from a Business college in England, a few months ago" I said 
"Aha, a fine British Business college in Britain" he said in a British accent.
I laughed, he was actually really funny. He could differently become a comedian, if he wanted to. 

The time flew by, when we both had finished our lunch, we went back to the studio again. Seth gave me that private tour he had promised. I said hallo to many of the actors, like Mike Henry, Seth Green and Mila Kunis. They were all very polite and asked about my life and what I thought about Hollywood so far. 

I really had a great day, thanks to Seth. I couldn't thank him enough for doing this. 

We went home again after a long, but amazing day. The drive home seemed short and before we know of it, we hold outside my house. 

"Thank you, for such a amazing day, Seth!"
"Your welcome, it was the least, I could do" 
I opened the door and steppede outside. The wind was warm, but still breezy. 

I stuck my head through the open window in the car.
"Bye, and again thank you for an incredible day!"
"Sure, I'll see you around!" He said and blinked 

He didn't drive, before I opened the door and steppede inside and waved at him, he waved back and drove over to his gate. 

I closed the door and leant against it. What a unforgettable day
I was in my own world, and I haven't noticed my dad was staring at me.
"Are you okay?" He asked 
"What!?" I looked over at him
"Oh, yeah. Yeah I'm fine!"I said 

"We can't go sightseeing tomorrow, unfortunately some work came up" my dad said as I walked past him
"Oh, okay"
"Maybe it's better that way. I mean when it's your birthday tomorrow"
"Sure!" I said as I walked up the stairs. 

I changed to my bikini and walked downstairs and out to the pool. I spent the rest of the day swimming and trying to get a tan. 

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