Love in LA

Ann Payne moves from London to LA, because of her parents divorce and her dad's wish to start on a fresh. She had never in her life expected to meet Seth Macfarlane, the charming creator of Family Guy and American Dad.


3. Meeting our new neighbour

Later that day, we got mail, so I walked outside to the mailbox. I was struggling to get it open, I nearly gave up. I heard someone behind, but I thought it was my dad. "Need a hand with that?" A man answered, I stopped and stood still and turned around. It was the strange celebrity form the other side of the road, with the same sunglasses on "I think so!" I answered, he walked past me and opend the mailbox so easily, that it irritated me. "Thanks!" I said. "I'm Seth Macfarlane!" He said smiling and he reached out for a handshake, I shaked his hand. "Nice meeting you Seth, I'm Ann Payne!"  I said while shaking his hand. "So where are you from, you don't seem to be American?" He asked "We're from England!" I answered and looked at him. "That's far away" he said and laughed. "Yeah, it is" I took our mail "Do you want a cup of coffee or something?" I asked "Ehm, I don't want to bother you if you're busy" he look down on the ground and swiped his hand through his hair. " You're not. It's the least, I can do. When you helped me with the mailbox, I insist" 
" Okay, then" he said and smiled. I walked past him and secretly smiled. He was actually really good looking. 

I opened the door, and closed it after Seth walked in. "Beautiful house!" He said as he looked around.
"Thanks, I love it too!" I said as I walked into the kitchen, I heard Seth followed me. "Two sec. I'll just find my dad, he would love to say to hi to you, have a seat"  As I found the coffee and turned around, Seth had sat down on one of our dinning chairs, and had taken the sunglasses off. He looked at me and smiled. He had this gorgeous, charming, brown eyes. I walked into the my dads office, where I knew he would be. "Dad, our neighbour from the other side of the road, stopped by to say hallo. He's sitting in the kitchen, waiting for you. He would like to meet you" 

"Okay, I'll be right down!" He answered. I walked downstairs, Seth hadn't moved a bit since, since I left the kitchen. "Why did you move here?" Seth asked, as I was making coffee. "Ehm, my dad wanted to move from our old house, because my parents got divorced. I guess there was too many memories in the house and he just wanted to start a new life somewhere else"  "I'm sorry to hear that" he said in a sad voice. "It's okay, it was better that way" I said and turned around. 

My dad came into the kitchen in the same moment, Seth stood up, he was really polite. They said hallo to each other and dad sat down towards Seth. The coffee were finished, and I walked over to the table, with a cup. "Here you go" I said and sat the cup in front of Seth. "Thank you!" He answered and gave me another cute smile. I took a seat next to my dad. "So what do you do for a living, Seth?" My dad asked curiously. "I have my own tv-shows, Family Guy and American Dad and some other spin offs" he answered and took a sip of the coffee. "Isn't that one of the tv-shows you used to watch back home, Ann?"  Seth looked surprised at me. "Yes, I used to watch American Dad" "It's a really good show, Seth, love it to bits!" 

I said embarrassed and looked down at the table. "I'm glad to hear that, then I know I have at least one English fan!" He blinked and took another sip of his coffee. I laughed, a little innocent laugh. "So do any of you play tennis, I have a tennis course, that you can borrow, if would like to play some tennis, sometime?"  "I don't play, unfortunately, I have a knee injury, so I can't play anything, where you have to run"  My dad said 

"Oh, okay. What about you, Ann?" Seth asked exited. "I played tennis a few times, but I'm not really good at it. I don't hit the ball very often" I answered and was embarrassed, on how unsporty I really was. 

"I can teach you, if you want to?"  He said shortly after, I bet he already knew, he could say that, before I had answered. "Sure, that would be awesome!"  I said in a way too exited way. "What about later this afternoon, 3:00 pm?" "That's a deal!" I said and smiled. "Great, I have to go now, I have some work to do, thanks for the coffee!" my dad looked at me, I knew that look. He had always complained about, how shy I was and he send me this look every time, he mention it. "Nice to meet you, Ian!" Seth said as he stood up. "You too Seth. Hope you'll come over for coffee soon again!" My dad answered and walked out of the kitchen. Seth took his cup and walked over to the sink. "I'll walk you out to door" I said as he turned around. 

I opened the door and Seth stepped outside. "I'll see you later, then" he said and smiled then he took his sunglasses on. "Bye" I said as he walked towards the road. 
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